Content Update 3.18.0 -- Path of Exile: Sentinel

no balance change to dead skills and Ascendancy classes kinda dissapointing replaying the same omni meta and loop shit
Lily best PoE streamer.

Also best change this league is that we can make Lazy mapping configurations.
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People cry about meta, just play some other build if you are so bored :P
We got extra end-game content, this is really awesome.

Personally league mechanic looks a bit questionable, but that is almost every league.

3.15 was a joke. 3.19 was a disaster. Archnemesis/Ruthless/Crucible(Archnemesis 4.0?) - worst ideas. Ruthless is a joke, a waste of resources. PoE2(exilecon version) was super disappointing.

Can't wait for PoE 2. I'm skipping this league ![/quote]

Dude you didnt even try the game in 3.17. so tell me, how do you know if something isboring without even trying it?[/quote]

I dont know where you looked at but I did :P

I could not level past 90 this league out of boredom :P

That is why i think I'm done until PoE 2 :D[/quote]

Sounds like youre a little lazy?
Awesome post/reveal! Keep it up! I can't wait. Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
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I see so many pointless tears, but my spiders will dance through this league with glee.
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It's incredible all the content you give us every 3 months.. You are the only one.
Thank you GGG !
Time to have a good time again
You guys are on the right track with no balance changes/new skills so I can come back in 50 years for the release of poe2 and play zizaran's 3.15 ED/Contagion Trickster. Thank you GGG :)
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ty ggg

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