[3.21 Update] - [Supreme Decadence / Petrified Blood / Replica Soul Tether] Pathfinder Toxic Rain

What are your thoughts on Progenesis flask? It looks good in theory, but giving up a flask slot for it feels bad. "The balance of terror" jewel? Allows to drop ballistas that get oneshotted and put something else like vaal caustic arrow for additional damage on something like uber bosses.
With the evolution of Master Surgeon to prevent the flask from stopping at full life, do you recommend any changes to the build for 3.21?

Edit: I've been playing this build, or a poor approximation anyway, for a few about 8 months and been very happy with it. Thank you for sharing with us.
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Very interesting build,maybe try it this league.Can I ask a question,have u defeated all uber boss with this build this league? With the strong survive ability,I think the character can act as a boss killer.

You can beat all Ubers, but not enough power to farm an Uber.
It may be useful for farming content below it, digesting challenges, etc. (because there is not much content that you are not good at).
This is more of a concept build than a strong build.

It is enough to switch the Tree upward. The change in ascendancy did not bring much benefit.
Regarding the defensive part, is the combo decadence, petrified and replica enough to tank? Or is flask recovery important too? What do you think about adding the recoup nodes + ghost dance to the combo? Would you say, this is better than bloodnotch + immutable force?
is this build still workable?
spajjons wrote:
is this build still workable?

With a few changes it still works.

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