[3.20] Gryph's Cremation Decimation - An Immortal* Boss Killer+Simulacrum Farmer

Alright, here we are in 3.20 and, honestly, not too much has changed:
Curses are stronger if you self cast or trigger (from weapon) them. This is the only major change to the baseline build.

If you're here because you watched THIS VIDEO, then here's a rundown of how poison works on this (high budget)
Original Sin Poison Variant

My Gear

-Basically, we're taking advantage of Original Sin to convert our Fire damage to Chaos damage, which allows it to poison.

-Divergent Herald of Agony+15% chance to poison on gloves gets us to 100% chance to poison.

This means that we can use an actual offensive aura (Malevolence) to help scale our damage more. Additionally, we can invest into Damage Over Time Multiplier to further scale our damage. This is on top of the generic corpse life and elemental damage scaling we could use before.
The best part of this method of scaling? We can still invest into insane defenses since we do not need extremely expensive gear slots for the Crit Variant and can use all the defensive pieces still.

So...yeah....She be tanky.

If you don't have Mageblood, then you'll probably need to keep using Purity of Elements instead.

If you don't have Original Sin...you could try Volkuur's Guidance for Fire Poison.

Viridi's Veil for Helmet becomes a lot more appealing in this setup for the +2 gems for Unearth. Or get double corrupted gloves.

3.20 Poison Variant Uber Bosses Compilation

The Below Videos are from prior to 3.20:
Showcase Compilation - Click Me!

Showcase of Crit Version - Expensive

Crit Version Showcase with crafting guides for Helmet+Gloves

Animate Guardian Tech+Feared+29-30 Waves Simulacrum

One of the members of my Discord put this video together of his character running Simulacrum waves 28-30:
Thanks Dmillz!

Path of Building

This is my POB for Poison version in 3.20 w/ Original Sin:
My POBs are not intended to be used as guides themselves, but rather reference points for you to utilize for comparing/pob settings/etc...
Level 98 w/ Melding of the Flesh:

This is an early peak at the build prior to melding of the flesh or cluster jewels:

This is the uber endgame POB that's worth a few mirrors probably...still has room for improvement.
The Crit Edition:

- Welcome to immortality. This build can tank all but the deadliest mechanics in the game and extreme degens that you aren't immune to already. Sirus Die Beam? Easy. Getting double teamed by Kosis and Omniphobia in wave 30 Simulacrum? CHILD'S PLAY! Could probably do Maven Memory game and Sirus Meteor if you really wanted to push a button for guard skill/frost shield, but that's excessive.

- And we have DPS. Immortal and DPS?! INSANE! We reach upwards of 30 million DPS in ideal situations (boss standing still with dying sun etc...) but basically each corpse we detonate can reach upwards of 1 million damage per explosion. (For Reference, the Uber Elder fight in the compilation video was at around 500k damage per explosion)

- Build scales very well. Every upgrade you make is impactful in a noticeable way and has a very high ceiling.

- Outside of the Phantasmal Cremation, cost of entry is not that high for a tanky build to clear "normal" endgame. Guardians/Elderslayers, for example, can be cleared easily without the use of a Phantasmal Unearth.

- Immune to Elemental Ailments. Thanks POE! :D

- Overall, the build cleverly utilizes some niche mechanics to deliver immensely satisfying gameplay.

Alas, we cannot have the cake and eat it too. As powerful as the build is, there are downsides:

- First and foremost, this is NOT a clearspeed build. If you are very proactive and get into the rhythm of dropping a geyser on a pack and moving on, then it'll feel fun and engaging for mapping. That said, it's not a zoom zoom mapper by any means and you're pushing a lot of buttons. I would say, B- tier mapper down to C tier if you're lazy with buttons.

- It's actually worse than a 2-button build. You spam some Unearth, lay down some geysers, often you have to cast Unearth again to get the 3rd one down because the first 1-2 are consuming all your corpses AND THEN you spam Unearth at the feet of the Big Bad to kill it. This is particularly annoying with bosses that run around a lot (Maven+Sirus, for example). Corpse Pact cast speed DOES help a lot with this though--Just takes some practice.

- Cost of the main Phantasmal Gems (Cremation+Unearth) is a bit high. This is mainly due to their scarcity. They will basically cost 8-10x the cost of a Prime Regrading Lens each.

- Degens can be problematic if you're not paying attention/immune to them. Generally will be fine thanks to high max resists for cold/lightning dots. We are immune to ignites, take no extra damage from bleeds (pantheon), and should get corrupted blood immunity from a jewel. All that really leaves is burning ground, which can be conditionally dealt with via pantheon as well.

- You might find yourself unlearning boss mechanics and your skills as a player may wither due to "getting rusty" because you can ignore so many mechanics.

The Concept

Above all else, you NEED these two items for the build to even function. (Ashes of the Stars quality *can* be substituted with level 4 enhance or Dialla's chest, but getting the amulet is obviously a huge upgrade)
Okay, so why?
Phantasmal Cremation Quality gives a "2% chance to explode a nearby corpse when firing projectiles per 1% quality" and we manage to reach upwards of 50% quality by combining the gem with the new Ashes of the Stars amulet for a 100% chance to explode corpses.

What this actually translates to:
Cremation linked with GMP Fires 8 projectiles per second per geyser. Every time a projectile is FIRED a nearby corpse is detonated for 4% of the corpses life as fire damage=we explode 24 corpses per second. 30/s with Dying Sun active.

We then spam unearth at the feet of the thing we want to die while our geysers are active. This will cause nice overlapping explosions for massive damage as we scale corpse life with Phantasmal Unearth:

We scale the level and quality of this gem to eventually achieve level 95 corpses for insane damage when detonated (upwards of 1 million damage per explosion as you minmax).

That's really it. It doesn't take a lot of opportunity cost to scale the damage in this way, leaving a TON of room for scaling our defenses with tree and gear to make ourselves nigh unkillable.


So the defenses work like this:
We go CI for Chaos Immunity and Synergy with our Shield:

Aegis Recovers ES based on our Armour, so of course we want to scale that up:

We take Mistress of Sacrifice Ascendancy and Bone Offering to be capped (or close to capped) on Attack and Spell block WITHOUT using Glancing Blows.

AND THEN if you want to go GIGATANKY we can take advantage of the +5% Max Cold Res on Aegis and combine it with Melding of the Flesh:

You can take it a few steps further and add in Purity of Ice and/or +2% Max Cold Res implicit gloves to get to 90% max resists. Purity of Ice is probably overkill to be honest as we already make use of Incandescent Heart which converts 25% of elemental damage taken from hits into chaos damage (which we are immune to thanks to Chaos Innoculation).

And to kinda top it all off we have Plaguebringer causing enemies to deal 10% reduced damage and Punishment Curse that Debilitates enemies which hit you for another 10% less damage taken.


Required Items

For the build to function, you *need* Phantasmal Cremation and Ashes of the Stars. Try to get as high %Quality and Reservation rolls on the amulet as possible.

As mentioned in the Defenses section, Aegis Aurora is the lynchpin of our defenses--providing ES recovery on block, +5% Max Cold Res, and a healthy amount of armor+energy shield.

Incandescent Heart provides for us up to 20% more damage from the Elemental as Extra Chaos mod, huge amounts of elemental mitigation, as well as nice armor+energy shield. Technically, not needed to play the build, but it is BiS and relatively inexpensive.


You want to get the enchantment with "Unearth Spawns corpses with +5 Level" on a Hubris base (ideally). Craft with Dense fossils for high ES.

If you are trying to fit in Purity of Ice, you will want to hit it with Eldritch Ichors until you get Mana Reservation Efficiency. Use Grands for 9%.


Vital for this build as previously mentioned.

For anoints, I like Charisma for the extra aura effect and reservation efficiency.


For rings, Unset rings are ideal. Get one with +2 level of socketed gems for a level 21 purity of ice to get it to +5% max cold res. Or +3 on a level 20 gem.

For other stats, you want to look for:
Any missing resists
Energy Shield.


If you can afford it, get a fractured +1 to Phys spells or +1 to all spells sceptre. You can craft onto it from there, looking for these types of mods:
- +1 to Physical or All Spells (For boosting Unearth)
- %Increased Fire Damage/Elemental Damage
- Unveiled Trigger mod or open suffix for the bench craft
- Fire as Extra Chaos Damage (Bench Craft option)

Spell damage modifiers DO NOT work on Cremation Explosions as the explosions are not "spell" damage. So getting big spell damage on your weapon is pretty pointless. Don't do it.


+5(really 6) Hands of the High Templar are the highest level boost for Unearth you can get currently.
That said, the new implicits from the Eldritch mod pool have made me reconsider what is BiS for gloves:

+2% Max Cold Resistance is for those who are utilizing the Melding of the Flesh unique jewel as it then reads "+2% Max Ele Res"
Furthermore, getting Fire Exposure on hit means we can drop all other sources of exposure.
All of that and you still get +5 to Unearth.
Crafting These Gloves

So the goal here is to craft the suffixes:
"+1 to level of socketed Strength Gems" to boost Empower
and "+1 to level of socketed Dexterity Gems" to boost Unearth and Enhance.
+1 Int Gems is useless! You don't need/want it.
And once you've gotten those we'll add:
"+2 to level of Socketed AoE OR Projectile Gems"
Finishing off with bench crafting "+1 to level of socketed AoE (or Projectile Gems)"

This is what results in a total of +5 to Unearth.
Step 1: Preparing Your Base

First thing's first: we gotta make a base.
You can start it one of two ways:
1) Buy a base with +1% max Cold Res (Grand)
2) Buy a base with Fractured mod that you want:
A res, ES, Dex, etc...
If you go with method 2, you will need to spam either Grand or Exceptional Eldritch Embers until you hit +1% to max cold res.
Once you've gotten your desired base, hit it with a Grand or Exceptional Eldritch Ichor for a random second implicit. This will be overwritten eventually.

The goal is to use these to raise the tier of your Exarch Implicit to tier 5 for +2% max cold res.

If you drop a tier the first try, I would hit it one more time. If it goes down AGAIN, it's probably(market depending...do your research) more cost effective to roll Embers to get back to T3 Max Cold Res.

Once you've gotten your desired Searing Exarch implicit, you can spam Greater(-12%), Grand(-13%), or Exceptional(-14%) Eldritch Ichors until you get the "Inflict Fire Exposure on Hit" modifier.

And just like THAT the base is ready for crafting!

Step 2, Fossil Crafting

This next step is probably the most expensive part of this process. You will need:
4 socket resonators socketed with:
Faceted Fossil
Corroded Fossil
Dense Fossil
Pristine Fossil

This is a look at the odds from https://www.craftofexile.com/en/:

Note: If you are crafting on a fractured suffix base, the odds go down to something like 1:26.

You can also use low item level (ilvl 2) gloves for a 1 in 2 chance to hit it. You will just lose the ES from the base.

Now that you've gotten +1 Str and +1 Dex, do you have an open suffix? If no, go to the next step. If yes, craft "Can have up to 3 crafted modifiers" to fill that suffix and move on to the next step.

Step 3, Unveiling

Now that you've got +1 Str and +1 Dex with either the multimod or another random suffix, craft "Suffixes Cannot be Changed" for 2 Exalts at the crafting bench.

You can now either Aisling or use a Veiled Chaos Orb. I would recommend the Veiled Chaos orb as they are cheap by comparison and can roll you a good extra prefix like life.

Optionally block a mod via crafting bench to increase chances. Don't do this if you multimodded to fill your suffix. Unveil.

This may take a few tries, but odds are fairly decent to hit EITHER +2 AoE or +2 Projectiles. If you fail to hit it, recraft suffixes cannot be changed and try again. If you also happen to fill prefixes with a veiled chaos orb, you will have to "reforge a rare, keeping all suffixes" via Harvest or use an Eldritch Annul (Searing Exarch Dominant) to try again.

After that's done, bench craft the other +1 gem mod and you're done! If you used a fractured base then you'll be full up on mods. If you have a free prefix you can always Harvest Augment/Leo Slam/Eldritch Exalt and see what happens.


For basic necessities, get you a pair of decent Sin Treks for MS+Dex+ES.
When you are looking to improve on that you can get some nice ES Sorc Boots and roll increased effect of Bone Offering with Eldritch Embers for some extra block chance.

Body Armour

Incandescent Heart. It's got damage, armour, ES, and elemental mitigation. It's all we need. You *could* get a grasping mail with 100% increased global defenses with some implicits or something. But it's probably not worth the effort.


These 3 are the core ones for me, other two slots are flexible to what you want. Just make sure you get the "gain charges when hit by an enemy" mod and craft the "Used when charges reach full" enchant from your crafting bench on them.

Gems and Links

Main 6-link setup: Phantasmal Cremation is required

Awakened GMP would be ideal for dps.
Anamolous GMP can be used to bring mana costs down.
Level 5 Awakened Fire Pen gives chance to inflict Exposure on hit. I would recommend getting this, or exposure on hit on gloves.

4L Phantasmal Unearth:

Phantasmal Unearth is not REQUIRED for the build to function but will skyrocket your damage once you've obtained it. Awakened GMP can be used for convenience. Basically, sometimes you'll cast Unearth and Bone Offering Triggers, consuming 5(all) of the spawned corpses. Woke GMP would still leave you with one corpse to cast Cremation onto. It's an expensive way to solve a minor annoyance, but worth mentioning.

3 link weapon:

Bone Offering because we are Necromancer. Divergent is great as it benefits from the Ashes of the Stars' quality boost for some extra block chance.
Divergent Purifying Flame - same deal, benefits from Ashes to cause enemies on consecrated ground to take increased damage. Linked to combustion to apply that debuff.

If you do not have a source of exposure, use Wave of Conviction instead of Divergent Purifying Flame.


Anomalous Purity of Elements benefits from our amulet to provide a little bit extra all elemental resistances. Base quality is fine though.

Tempest Shield can be Divergent if you need extra spell block, but is expensive.

Determination/Discipline are self explanitory.

3L/Sockets in Shield:

Defiance Banner can go anywhere. Shield charge+Faster attacks together is the important part here.


If you are struggling for sockets, you can drop the CWDT link and just put Molten Shell on left click.

In Unset ring with +2 Socketed gems or other source of +2 levels. Purity of Ice:

Only need to use this if you are trying to MAX out your Melding of the Flesh Resistances to 90% +2 gems brings it to level 23 for +5% max cold res baseline.

For the last two, find a socket for Flame Dash somewhere.

And if you do not have a curse on hit ring, you can always self cast a curse. I chose punishment as is debilitates enemies when the hit (they get slowed and deal 10% less damage) as well as being a monstrous damage boost once enemies are on low life (50% life or less). Self casting curses feels instant because of Corpse Pact Ascendnacy as well as being able to gain Doom for 30% increased effect. Again, just find a slot for it.

Looking to be filled. Might be a place to add random info that doesn't have a specific place to go.

Why do you use Hypothermia Support? I don't see how we chill enemies?
Thanks to the Corpse Pact ascendancy node, we chill and shock everything:

Calculating Corpse Life

Video Explanation
When calculating the corpse life of our Unearth corpses there are three things to consider:

Level of the Corpse
% Increased Corpse Life.
Area Level of the Zone you're in.

So, basically, the level of the corpse is noted on the Unearth gem itself when you scroll over it in game. This will take into account all sources of boosted level etc...At gem level 30, Unearth will spawn level 90 Bone Archers.
Combine that with the helmet enchant mentioned earlier and you end up with level 95 Bone Archer corpses.

This gives us the *base* stats of monsters up to level 100. At level 95 a monster has base life of 31,220. We want to then take this number and factor in the 140% of base life multiplier from the Bone Archer stats (x1.4)=43,708 life for a level 95 Bone Archer.

You can then, once again, check the Unearth gem for the increased life value that it's generating:

Take this value (170% in my case) and add another 70% to it from the tree and Corpse Pact Ascendancy(If you're Necro or have the forbidden jewels, otherwise it's 20%) for your total %Increased Corpse Life.

I get 148,607 corpse life in the above example.

From there, you want to go to:
And look up the Area level for the content that you are doing.

So with the above example of 148,607 life, if I were in a level 83 zone (T16 map) then I would multiply by 2.09 for a total of 310,588.
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Good build, the crafting part is very helpfull for the gloves.

Any gem swap for better clear speed?

Aphasi4 wrote:

Good build, the crafting part is very helpfull for the gloves.

Any gem swap for better clear speed?


About the only thing to do for better clear would be to find the rhythm of the build. IE: drop and go. Leave a geyser in a pack and shield charge away. This will help maintain Corpse Pact speed which will feel quite good overall.

Or swap in an obliteration wand?
I love this build, I took Gryphs POB and went with that, if you have a chance can you explain the difference possibly between the two POB?

https://pastebin.com/KYp3A2qU - Was the one I started with
Trust your mind and strengthen your abilities!
Reserved for 3.18, let's see if this survives it. If yes this will be my go to bosskiller for 3.18, dps + tankiness looks insane, can't wait to slap invitations with this left amd right
Drshotgunz wrote:
I love this build, I took Gryphs POB and went with that, if you have a chance can you explain the difference possibly between the two POB?

https://pastebin.com/KYp3A2qU - Was the one I started with

That was my like, day 5-6 of the league character. I was on a 5L and hadn't started minmaxing damage+using Melding of the Flesh yet. This one is a great place to start.

Vennto wrote:
Reserved for 3.18, let's see if this survives it. If yes this will be my go to bosskiller for 3.18, dps + tankiness looks insane, can't wait to slap invitations with this left amd right

Yeah even without the Phantasmal Unearth the damage is pretty decent on a 5L (see Hydra at end of compilation video). Actually insane for invitations.

Hardest part is getting the Cremation in the first few days.
That was my like, day 5-6 of the league character. I was on a 5L and hadn't started minmaxing damage+using Melding of the Flesh yet. This one is a great place to start.

My main issue is I bought the two gems already for well, alot. haha, Im assuming the Melding gems from that build to this one would make a big difference?
Drshotgunz wrote:
That was my like, day 5-6 of the league character. I was on a 5L and hadn't started minmaxing damage+using Melding of the Flesh yet. This one is a great place to start.

My main issue is I bought the two gems already for well, alot. haha, Im assuming the Melding gems from that build to this one would make a big difference?

The melding setup is honestly overkill. If I were to do it again, I would either skip it entirely or just skip trying to fit in Purity of Ice. 82% max res with Incandescent Heart is still insanely tanky (+5% from Aegis, +2% from Gloves). it's effectively 86.5% max res (vs hits) compared to 92.5% if you were to have 90% max resists.

Bottom line, I was plenty tanky enough to do Simulacrums etc...without Melding. Just invest into more ES than 5.7k xD (my earlier build have over 7k). Can still go for DPS without the melding too. Once you've got the gems, the rest of the immediate gear is relatively easy to acquire and you can make incremental upgrades later if you want to.

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