Eckalina | SC | FARMBUILD [Amazing dps and IQ/IR] | Dual Spark | Low Life Mode - RF |

After many char (4 level 70+ in sc and hc - 6 at level 60)
I was boring to drop nothing and rage about this RNG

So i decided to go on a build who can make me rich and enjoy drop drop drop and discover the pleasure to use scroll wisdom !!!!!

Objective of this build

- Doing the more dps you can with the more IQ IR possible
- Limit the survivability to the minimum ( but still safe enough to run HL maps alone when you get shavrone)
- Get a char who can play in party or alone
- Don't feed the greedy people on this trade chat
- Dont be a victim of the SC economy (..........)
- Cheap build who perform without stuff (Ofc he grow like hell with GG stuff)

- DROP DROP DROP for drop shit for other char (on my own) and make some currency

- Dat dps ....
- Safe (Only when you will got/buy shavronne)
- Insane IQ IR on HL map
- Not laggy
- Beast in party , Beast alone
- Force RNG to be on your side !

- Avoid chaos until you dont have shavrone
- Not recommended for a 1rst char
- Can be a pain in merciless Act2 (Chaos chaos chaos)
- Some math to do with righteous fire



Levelling 1-31 (Pimp mode)

If you can't buy some unique for this fast levelling i recommend to levelling with a basic freezing pulse build

Gear recommended for fast levelling this

Use Physical dps gear
QUIL RAIN IS really op for levelling

The only GEM you need is split arrow and clarity

Adjust stuff if you need more mana etc
Try to levelling your endgame gem without use them (Just let them on free stuff slots ;) )

Levelling 31 to 62 (Switch to totem)

You can switch to totem and begin to enjoy

Spell totem - spark - fork - fast cast

Just follow the endgame build in your favor and feeling
Take defensives nodes before jump in merciless
Dont focus on totem tooltip dps (Get some upgrade if you feel lack in dps)

Rush this as fast as you can

Levelling 62 - 75 (@docks farming)

You are in docks Merciless now

Farm and sell stuff you don't need
Focus on IQ/IR here and drop the most you can
Capitalize a lot of map and currency
Once you have the money Buy a shavronne and some small upgrade an jump into maps

Try to reach min 4k es


I advice to get shavronne before jump in map
Else you can still farm but don't expect to Xp (you will get one shot by all chaos damage over there)

When you get shavronne you will have anyway lot of dps without dps stuff
SO focus on es and climb map normally

Prepare RF

This is the way i use before let RF perma activated

Check the build here


The end game passives

Build over there !!!!!


Normal => 1 skill point
Cruel => 4% cast speed
Merciless = > 1 skill point

Don't go low life until Act 3 merciless
And begin to farm when you reach this
Don't use Righteous fire until you get the Appropriate gear (Look Righteous fire section)
I recommend to not use righteous fire before Level 80

Play the way you like
You dont really need to copy paste the build if you can't understand him
Get some node you need and feel better with

You will have 17 refund so feel free to waste some node if you need somes nodes if you have some trouble (I think about dex strengh mana etc ...)

Passiv Recap (Only passives)

+104 to Strength
+54 to Dexterity
+360 to Intelligence

30% increased Effect of Buffs on You

8% increased maximum Life
1% of Life Regenerated per Second
Life Regeneration applies to Energy Shield instead of Life

+20 to maximum Mana
24% increased maximum Mana
60% increased Mana Regeneration Rate

+60% to Fire Resistance
+60% to Cold Resistance
+75% to Lightning Resistance
+16% to Chaos Resistance
+5% to maximum Fire Resistance
+5% to maximum Cold Resistance
+5% to maximum Lightning Resistanc

161% increased maximum Energy Shield
35% increased Energy Shield Cooldown Recovery

161% spell
290% crit chance
160% crit multiplier
5% chance to chock on hit
36% increased Cast Speed


GEAR || Links || Objective
Gear and link

Wand => Max spell damage + cast speed + crit + crit multiplier
Raise zombie - Minion life - Minion speed

Shield => Spell damage + ES
Rejuvenation totem - reduced mana - fast cast

Helm => ES + IQ + IR + resist
Reduced mana - Purity - Clarity - Haste(Only if you have a large mana pool)

Glove => (2 ways here full dps (maligaro's) or IQ+IR
Blood magic - reduced mana - discipline - vitality

Boots => Mouvement speed + IQ + IR (Wondertrap is the perfect fit and it cost 1 chaos ....)
reduced mana - faster casting - frostwall - conductivity


ONLY when you will have enough es regen to sustain Rightous fire

2nd Offhand + shield

Wand => (+2 fire gem +1 gem)
Righteous Fire

Shield => UNIQUE Springleaf plank kite shield
Rejuvenation totem - reduced mana - fast cast

Finally the Chest
Soul mantle
30% more dps than other chest
Low es (mean less survivability and RF near inpossible to sustain)
One shot by chaos
(Grab ci and this point vanish but you Lose all benefit of the build)
Irritating curse on you

Yellow ES chest
Best ES Possible
Can be cheap or not
One shot by chaos
(Grab ci and this point vanish but you Lose all benefit of the build)

Good ES
Fit perfectly for the build
+ 10% spell damage

4L >>> Spark - spell totem - fork - faster casting

5L >>> Spark - spell totem - fork - faster casting - item quantity

6L >>> Spark - spell totem - fork - faster casting - item quantity - item rarity

Lack of dps ? Use lighning penetration

Gear Objective

Keep in mind the objectiv of this build is to reach a decent amount of IQ IR

Priority to focus (Except IQ/IR):
Spell damage
Crit chance and multiplier
Cast speed


Shavronne (If you get this chest you will not afraid about chaos and get spell damage and decent es)
Wondertrap ( 100% IR on low life ) CHEAP 1 or 2 chaos
Andvarius * 2 (You get enough all resist to don't care about malus + 180% IR if you get lucky enough )
Perandus blazon (Only one belt with IQ)
Springleaf shield (Will replace the energy shield recovery for RF)


Used only for righteous fire
If by any reason you reach "1" life you will need it to activate RF

Run run run and clear fast

Stop righteous fire !

For mana trouble

The way to play this Build

Cast clarity (Regen mana incoming)
Cast Purity (All resist buff)
Cast vitality (Regen life for energy shield)
Cast discipline (More es)

With this 2 aura (On blood magic) you going on low life mode and get
+30% spell power
+100% IR on wondertrap

Cast righteous fire when you can sustain it
and get + 87% spell power (96% if you got +3 wand)

Make 2 Spark totems
cast conductivity
Run around and refresh totem when needed

See loot and have smile :)

Zombies (for shield meat)

Frost wall (Avoid some things)

HIGH Es regen when you are in rightous fire
Switch to 2nd Wand/shield
Put rejuvenation totem
Switch back to dps shield/wand when you have recovery your es

ALL about Righteous Fire

Let's Talk about Righteous fire

Before read this go check This page

Righteous fire need some things to work

- You need to get more than 1hp (Ci user can't get him)
- You need to be in low life mode (<=35%) for Apply the Spell power bonus
- Max Resist fire possible
- High ES Stuff

-HUGE DPS increase

- Es recovery will not work (Real pain)
For compensate this
Switch to the 2nd set of weapon/shield i mention in GEAR and put rejuvenation totem until es recovery done

- You need to understand all mechanics before using this

Formula to Calculate Es needed

HP*(100 - Max Fire resist)/100 = Damage/s
We will take damage/s
and the objectiv is to Get more regeneration on ES than damage/s to sustain

Let's take a "high HP amount" For Prevent of hp on stuff and strengh and let's calculate

800 hp
Max fire resist = 84 (75+ 4 (purity) + 5 (elemental adaptation)

800*(100-84)/100 = 128 damage/s (can be less or more depend on hp)

Level 18 vitality = 1.40% life regeneration + 0.42% (From innerbuff on vitality) + 1% from passive = 2.82%/s

Now let's calculate the ES necessary for sustain


(dmg per second)*100/(regeneration per sec) = Es needed for sustain

Now our example

128*100/2.82 = 4539 es needed

Now with this item (you will replace for a better amy when you reach 4539 es)

(Take the one with less life possible !)


128*100/3.82 = 3350 es needed

This is the tool for calculate your exact es needed for keep sustain
Better will be es more you will regenerate

Tips N tricks :

Tips :
- Use a dispell burning flask for stop righteous fire
- If you got some trouble with mana take a mana flask or 2 (Pick dispell frozen and chilled)
- If you have only 4 Bracket stash (you will have trouble :p)
- If you play in groups i recommend "The spider Effect" for see the difference between your spark and Mobs spark
- Don't use lowlife until you reach dock Merciless (Except if you have known the Mechanics of the game)

Stuff Tips
- Buy "wondertrap" as fast as you can ( 4 link them in RRGB )
Wondertrap is level 9 and is really the core of this build (You will not use before you going into low life mode)
Dont use lowlife if you don't feel safe :)

Advice on current SC economy :
- Never buy mid game gear (Drop it yourself)
- First thing to buy is shavronne !!!!!
- Capitalize your currency for only "End Game Stuff"
- People going mad for get exalted (Dont follow them)
- THIS SITE is your bible to search stuff you wanna buy

On what i Must use Chance orbs ?
See all unique here and the item base

Woot :
Current record on unique
Solo : 7 in less than 1 hour
Groups : 4 on a map

About Drop rates (From Poe Wiki)

Drop Rate

There is a penalty to the chance of currency items (scrolls, orbs, etc.) dropping in areas with a monster level more than two levels lower than your character level. For each additional level that you have compared to the area's monster level+2, the chance of a currency item drop is reduced by 2.5%.
So if you are level 30 in a level 20 area, you will see 20% less currency item drops on average:
A level 30 character in a level 28 area will see no penalty.
Currency item drops are not increased or decreased in this way when fighting in areas above your level.
For the purposes of this penalty, your level is never considered to be higher than 68.[1][2] Therefore a level 75 character receives no penalty in a level 66 area.
There are two modifiers that affect drop rates in the game, increased item rarity, and increased item quantity.
There are three potential sources of these modifiers:
the player (skills, passives, gear etc.)
monsters (such as bosses and champions)

Party bonuses

Modifiers from the player stack additively with each other, and are subject to diminishing returns. Modifiers from the party bonus and monsters stack additively with each other, and are not subject to diminishing returns. The total player bonus stacks multiplicatively with the total party & monster bonus.

Increased Item Rarity

Increased Item Rarity % modifiers increase the chances of an item being magic, rare, or unique. For example with a total of +100% increased item rarity, you'd get twice as many magic items, twice as many rares and twice as many uniques from normal enemies.
This modifier has no effect on the number or type of currency items, scrolls, or gems that drop.
When in a party, only the modifier from the player who lands the killing blow on an enemy is counted.
If one of your minions gets a kill, the minion's IIR is added to yours and the total is used.
Magic, rare, and unique monsters have an Increased item rarity modifier for drops.
Increased Item Quantity

This modifier increases the average number of items that drop from monsters and chests. It does not affect the type, quality, or rarity of item dropped, only the chance that something will drop. There is no cap on the usefulness of this modifier, as monsters can drop more than one item at a time.
The base chance for an item to drop from a normal monster is 16%. This varies between monster types, and special monsters have higher drop chances.
When in a party, each player in the party after the first gives the equivalent of +50% item quantity modifier on drops.

Forum User Tips n Tricks

Completed 9 ChallengesAfura wrote:
FatalTrust wrote:

RNG , 40IIQ - 210IIR not great but... 6 shit Unique's in over 150 Docks runs STILL looking for a Shavron. lvl 76 now, its not gonna happen.

Unfortunately this build WILL require it to progress through maps to continue lvling. 14 hours yesterday, 1 Uni (junk). Today 6 hours so far 1 Uni (Blackgleam) more junk. The only currency I seam to be building up is Chroms....

I've other builds that I can farm maps with (Shitty IIQ/IIR) but at least I can do maps with those chars. Great build but unless you have currency or amazing luck like Ecka you'll be stuck farming docks for an eternity to get your Shavron. But as I said great build tho, clears very quickly.

Don't forget this calculate here guys (1+iiq)x(1+iir) = your Magic find value.

If you have a lot of iir but only a little bit of iiq, so you will may have some problems to find uniques. I hear always saying rich peoples in the game, that they are focusing more on iiq than on ir, cause the more items drop, the bigger is the chance to get a unique or a orb. Some people even don't care about iir.

Imagine you you have 30 iiq and 270 iir. (1+30%)x(1+270%)= 4,81

And now you increase your iiq on 50 and reduce your iir on 240. (1+50%)x(1+240%)= 5,1

You can see that the second calculate give you more magic find.

But I know your problem FatalTrust, I have also been doing a lot of dock runs the last days and I have found only 1 unique :/ . I had 26% iiq and 271 iir. Maps are the same, no uniques for me :/. Im trying now to increase my iiq, I want to have 100, that should be a good value I think. Maybe that will really change something for me :) , I will keep you up to date when I have my 100 iiq :D

deentemp wrote:
I recomand this passive point build when u hit maps for RF (lvl 80+)

1. 30% more resist from elemental resist with shields -alowing you to wear the hp regen shield or even IIQ/IIR items with no resist . and RF dmg -is reduced by 30%.

2. The nulification passive at shadow arrea ( 10% more elemental resist + and doing that u a get a extra 36% more ES wich is verry important doing high lvl maps.

3. After u got high resist gear with huge ES - drop the +30 % more resist points with shields and get the 5x 8% more energy shield nodes bellow Inner force.

for RF builds ES regen /second is the most important stat in game , then comes the dmg and the rest.

Be resist capped - get high ES and youre fine.

PS: if you cannot drop the REsist points neither, then drop the 4 points into Storm cast and get the ES.

0rochi wrote:

i finally got RF working but vulnerability, - max resists maps are still irritating... for those maps i just use springleaf instead of my normal spirit shield lol.

anyway let me do my final analysis on comparison between good 6l ES chest vs soul mantle vs shavs when it comes to a iir/iiq build (now that i've tested out all 3 extensively):

good 6l es chest :

wont die, but boring n lacklustre dps in comparison to the other 2

soul mantle :

very nice dps from 3 totems or 2 totems n self cast, lack of es on chest doesnt really matter much if u go CI. curse stacks can be irritating but honestly with 3 totems or totems+some minions as meat shield i could get up to 7-9 curses on me n still not die since i dont get hit.
cheap n effective, but has the lowest survivability of the 3.
p.s : note that a 5l soul =6l n 6l soul = 7l since u dont need to waste a link for spell totem. i'll still try to get a 6l soul but not to keen to try atm after my miserable luck with 6l-ing shavs.

shav wrappings :

high dps but must run RF. pointless without RF. it's still pretty hard to say which has higher dps, soul mantle or shavs, but shavs is definately safer since u wont end up with curse stacks.

conclusion :

if u're on a budget or just care about clearing speed, get soul mantle. if u absolutely do not want to die, stick with shavs.

TOOLS by ThePlash


Completed 21 ChallengesThePlash wrote:
It's still in testing, but it's pretty much accurate. Some values, such as tooltip DPS, could vary from the in-game equivalent, because PoE handles roundings in a weird way i couldn't catch still. Differences tho should be way less than 1% of the real value (something around 5-10 over 2000 dps in my particular case), and that was enough for me xD

Here's the link:

To edit it, make a copy or download an Excel version (not tested) and start fiddling xD

It should be straightforward to use, but just in case:
- Blue fields are data you must enter. Gear and Passives bonuses have been separated for easier referencing when trying different setups. All values must be entered as they are in-game, so an hypotetical "Increase Max Life by 85%" should be entered as "85" not "0.85"
- Green fields are calculations. You should not change them manually in any way. You can check them if you are curious ;)
- Yellow fields are those that you would be looking for.
- Grey fields should not be entered, because they have no direct impact on any of the relevant stats.

Some notes for correct usage:
- "Total ES" is the sum of all the ES values from items that show it, so: chest, helm, shield, boots and gloves. Nothing else.
- "Shield ES" is there for the shields passives. You must input the amount of ES of your shield. You must still sum the amount of ES of your shield for the "Total ES" value tho. It's sort of like "X total ES, of which Y is from my shield". Has no effect if you didn't take the Shield passives, of course.
- Bonus to max ES, both absolute or %, from chest, helm, shield, boots and gloves are already baked into the total ES for that item, so they should be ignored. Bonuses from rings, amulet, waist and weapon, instead, must be considered.
- "Inner Force %" is the total % of bonus to buffs, it should be 18 or 0 in almost every case.
- "Bonus Def. from Shields %" is the amount of bonus defences from equipped shields, from the shields passives.
- "Pain Attunement %" should be either 30 or 0, if you have PA or not.

I included the most common gems that i think the majority of you are using, but it would be easy adding some more (like Added X Dmg and so on) if the need arises.

All the relevant Auras should be there already.

For summing up your passives bonuses, as exilepro is still at the previous patch, I'm using the android app from Google Store. Link is in this thread

I'd like for you to try it it and let me know what you think, or any bug/discrepancy you find, or any feature you'd like added ;)

Again, it's not a stable release, just an alpha version that needs testing. It was correct for all the scenarios i could put up, but there could still be some bugs (especially when roundings occur) so take its values with "a grain of salt"


P.S. my first finding using this tool is that Vitality Aura contribution to ES regen is way lower than what i thought and i'd be able to ditch it and all those mana passives i have xD


Feel free to ask questions
and enjoy the loot :)


ps: sorry for this poor english i'm french :)
Eckalina Old Low life rf spark build

Ecky INS
Last edited by Ecka on Jun 9, 2013 5:13:10 PM

User Feedback on the build :


This build is really good, I have witnessed it in person and I must say High DPS and Brilliant drops. 3 uniques in 3 maps so far and hoping for more!

hoofart wrote:
Little feedback on lvling as Ecka asked me to write about my experience.

I'm only lvl 58 atm, still could be useful for some ppl to read about my journey.

Before I decided to give this build a try, I had a 70+ summoner, which was ok but I wasn't entirely happy with it.

Before you get into this build, let's be sure that one thing is pretty clear: this is a farming build, as Ecka said it a million times, so if you're aiming to get to lvl 100 asap, you are at the wrong place. The reason I;m saying this because even I had a romantic idea about this build in my head, with all the shiny loots and insane dps but forgot about the cost. And the cost is survivability.
I'm not saying you're gonna die in every 2 minutes, but definitely will be squishier than a regular character.

If you still think this is what you need, here is what I've been experiencing so far.

Early lvls: as the guide says: buy some twink gear, just try to get to lvl 31 no matter how. It took me way more than 3 hours, a good idea is to team up as much as possible. As a general guide, look at the highest lvl of mobs in the act that you are in, add about 3 more lvls on top of that and that's what you're aiming at before you move onto the next chapter. An example: if Act 1 normal's highest lvl area- at the final boss- let's say lvl 15, you want to be 18 before you finish the chapter. This can be used on any difficulties, however don;t take it as your bible.
Parties that always easy to find for farming XP:
ACT1 The Ledge
ACT2 Fellshrine Ruins
ACT3 The Docks

Always look for parties with the most ppl, preferably 5/6, more player means more xp for you.
Once you got to the lvl you are happy with, try to look for specific parties who aim for doing certain quests. Going solo could be tempting, but it slows you down and also means less xp.

Follow the passive build recommendation written by Ecka, however once you almost finished Cruel, start getting those ES nodes, otherwise you're gonna be in serious trouble just like I was once got into Merciless. My biggest mistake was to focus too much on totem tooltip dps and ignored the Es nodes, so learn from my mistake.
I wouldn;t actually recommend going solo at all during the lvling process, it's really easy to find a party at almost any time of the day. Other ppl grabbing your loot could be annoying, but think about where you're heading, and don;t bother about that lvl 20 yellow 2H axe someone ninja'd from you.

As I said, I'm only 58 at the moment, just started act 2 on Merci, planning to do some XP farming in Fellshrine till 62-63, finish the act then move on to act 3.
No point using blood magic until you start farming the docks, just get to about 2K Es, aquire a 5L chest and let the fun begin. To be honest, I'm really looking forward to it, especially because it seems so close now.

In summary, so far I'm enjoying the build, it helped me a lot once I understood and accepted it's flaws and strengths. Trying to write a bit more once I get into farming docks and see how the gear improves.

06mnnpov wrote:
Just a feedback on this build. Yes this is a pure farmiing build, currently on 79% IIQ/171% IIR, level 74. Since respeccing to this I can do a Merciless Docks run in under 4 minutes tops, ledge run under 2 minutes.

My damage isn't as much as Ecka has, I have approx. 1084dps with the ice spear power charges. I've found 5 uniques in a day and have made more money in the past few days than I have getting to 70.

Downfall is that you see nothing when you are doing maps as you are low HP.

All-in-all props to Ecka :)

Here is my set-up
I have 15% Spark which is BTW amazing. Hopefully getting Soul Mantle for a 3rd totem :)


Completed 13 ChallengesSynchro69 wrote:
Hello guys, just my feedback on the build as requested from Ecka.

I was in the same boat as Ecka. I have around 6-7 characters around level 70-80. Couple of them on Hardcore. In every spec you reach a point where you either gotta be extremly lucky with drops (including currency) or have friends which play with you to share loot between eachother. Well that wasn't the case for me. I play solo from time to time my Gf
plays with me, but we didn't had any luck whatsoever.

I was looking for farming spec and I was heading 99% for summoner with heavy stacking specters and IIR/IIQ gear, but then again I was really worried I won't enjoy the spec. My very first character in Poe as dual totem ice spear. I knew I will like the build from Ecka as soon as I saw it.

Anyway enough BS let's get on with the feedback on the actual build.First thing first as stated from Ecka this is not newbie friendly build and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who doesn't know a thing about PoE. Running around with 100hp low resist (in my case due to bad gear) is not fun for new player. Also this is no go in Hardcore for obvious reasons so I won't even go there. However if you have an idea how things work in the game and your RNG God forget you since long time then this is the spec for you.

The beauty of the spec is that you can play totally self found as at some point you won't have enough town portals to get the loot.Almost all other specs reach a point where they tell you that a good thing will be if you have 50 exalted for godlike gear, well guess what you don't need a single orb to start this one.

I am currently level 65 nothing high, but the potential of this build is huge and it will only
keep improving. I saw few guys suggested shock passives. This is not how the spec works. The
stacking from crit,casting and spell damage will give you more DPS than shock stacking. Also STOP LOOKING AT THE TOOLTIP dps. The tooltip does not take in consideration a lot of the stuff which are going on with a spell. Sure it gives you an idea, but nothing more. I entered docks merciless with 500 dps on tooltip and that was more than enough for that place. I have cleaver
25k tooltip DPS which can't drop even 10% of the loot that this witch is dropping atm.
Today in about 6 hours of farming I got 5 legendarys and two of them should sell pretty well (fingers crossed)

Final words from me.I didn't post my gear because is no where near finished. Follow what Ecka said in first post and you can't go wrong. Also I want to give him a big credit for the spec and also to say thank you for being so helpful in game as well with all my questions.

TL;DR Don't be lazy and read the post.

deentemp wrote:

Hi, thanks for talking with me , i recomand this build to anyone who wants to enjoy the game solo or not , the farming on this is just out of this world.

Today i did some maps in group with some olds friends , in 6 maps we had 5 uniques , im at 130% quantity.

Stay tunned for more cool updates, and at 3000 dps (totem) with 600~ crit multiplier and ~ 40 crit chance i dont think you need any static blow, the white just vanish in 1-2 hits while the magic mobs die fast using 1 fire trap and few casts from the totem.

Completed 13 ChallengesSynchro69 wrote:
Today is fucking christmas for me. When i was starting to lose hope

Dropped in docks.

laburnum wrote:
evantide2 wrote:
You'd probably be better off farming Piety or Gravicus in that case. Piety has boss level drops and Gravicus is a pretty short run in a fairly open zone with no chaos damage.



@Atnodi : Your fucking totem rape all shit on map, we have no time to dps... and how the fuck we can see ground with all those items haha. dude your build is fucking awesome

Special thanks

@Barge - Most of the Theory crafting
@Grimlocke_ - Show me the way
@Hoofart - Levelling tips,Support me !

Eckalina Old Low life rf spark build

Ecky INS
Last edited by Ecka on May 11, 2013 2:05:36 PM
Could you make youtube video showing the spec in action please? That would be great, thanks.
IGN: Mahakali
Sure i will do one in 2 week :)
the build just tested since 1 week

Need more tweek on it and i will do this
Eckalina Old Low life rf spark build

Ecky INS
Last edited by Ecka on Apr 13, 2013 10:25:40 AM
Just wondering why would you spam ice spear?
Do you actually get power charges for casting it yourself even if it does not do damage but still crits? If so that is OP as hell.
Just wondering why would you spam ice spear?
Do you actually get power charges for casting it yourself even if it does not do damage but still crits? If so that is OP as hell.

edit: Power charge on critical is not anymore on the build
Eckalina Old Low life rf spark build

Ecky INS
Last edited by Ecka on Apr 14, 2013 11:53:40 PM
Hey I was wondering how you did your passives as you leveled up. Did you go straight for duel totems, then fill out damage nodes?4
I levelled with quill rain until 31 (No passiv :) )
Just twink my start for rush it

when you got dual totem anyway it's free
Eckalina Old Low life rf spark build

Ecky INS
Amazing build just the way I like it, but can I ask you something.How much DPS you have with 1 spark totem only ? Can you tell me tooltip DPS please, so I will count x3 on that totem because 3 projectile and other totem for x3 too and shock stacking of course.And BTW can we use this build with righteous fire for more spell damage ? Like Invalesco's RF PA build ?
Atm with crappy stuff and only level 17 gems and lvl 71 ( 1700 dps on totem tooltips )

I do some theory crafting and i will be able with God gear and all 20% gems level 20
reach near 5-7kdps on tooltip (Maybe more i need to see when i will reach this one <= This without RF ;))

But in fact spark totem with only 1k dps blast like hell
You can see dominion 3k dps totem in youtube rape mob instant

and this build have way more dps

for RF need some work on it

This build is not finish and i think they will be way more things to do on it

ps: i hope you understand my "basic" english , this is not my native langage :)
Eckalina Old Low life rf spark build

Ecky INS
Last edited by Ecka on Apr 14, 2013 11:54:21 PM

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