[3.18] Wallach's Siege Ballista Hierophant (Enjoy Consistent Character Balance)

Wallach wrote:
None of the above about Cast on Critical Strike is true; the socket ordering is only relevant when the supported attack has more than one linked spell, or there are multiple Cast on Critical Strike setups across other pieces of gear, and the gem has to decide which spell to cast on any given critical strike. For our purposes the socket ordering does not matter at all.

If you look at my Scourge character (WallachScourge), I moved Frenzy to the very last link and it still works as you'd expect.

I stand corrected!
Corzanth wrote:
Datrogh wrote:
Corzanth wrote:

Just be careful for frenzy, though: it needs to be socketed before Frost Bomb in the link order.

Hi! Could you elaborate on that please? I've never used Cast on Crit before, so I'm confused what problems socketing the attack after the spell could cause?

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The first skill gem in the link order is the one that enables the Cast on Crit -- every other skill gem afterwards is going to be unusable and instead triggered on crit, so the order is important. This is why you can't just benchcraft two blues on Iron Commander, because they'll always be at the top. It doesn't matter what the skill gem order is, as long as Frenzy comes before Frost Bomb and Sniper's Mark.

On a six-link, it'd look something like this:


Read the description of CoC.

Attack skill triggers spell. Frenzy (Attack) triggers Frost Bomb (and Snipers Mark) (both Spells).

There is a order (which you showed), for which skill gets triggered first. There are other builds where the order is important, but not in this build.
You can have 2 blue sockets at top.
Frost Bomb/Snipers Mark can be socketed before Frenzy.

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That's on me. Reading comprehension is apparently not my forte. Due apologies for spreading misinformation on the matter!
For anyone that is still poor like me... it seems like a 6L Briskwrap is a good and cheap choice (to replace Tabula) for the time being. They are about 18/20 chaos and give a good DPS boost. I'll be using it until i have saved up enough to buy a good chest.
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Corzanth wrote:

Just be careful for frenzy, though: it needs to be socketed before Frost Bomb in the link order.

What happens if this is not the case? I benched on my 2 blue sockets so they're both right at the start and wasn't sure if I needed to redo it by hand

E: didn't see the other replies until after I posted this
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Thanks for this, I'm really enjoying this build. Had a really smooth league start and the transitioning from EA to SB is really easy because EA was already strong. I'm playing a Determination/Defiance Banner setup instead of Hatred because i didn't feel like needing the damage but the defense. Also playing with Frost Bomb coc on a 4l and Self Cast Snipers MArk because it feels good enough to not need to invest in another 6l. The Money went into this hehe

I was never so early at tier 16 and even killed Searing Exarch, Eater of World yesterday and Shaper today.
This League was made for this build haha

Oh also, my Gloves aren't final yet. I put the "Projectiles pierce an additional target" and it feels a bit smoother but might be my imagination, 10 instead of 9 pierces shouldn't be taht big of a deal. But I focused on Blight and those tend to cramp up in bulks bigger than 10 so who knows.
Corzanth wrote:
manofthelaw3 wrote:
Just a heads up for everyone, you can get frost exposure AND intimidate/other mods on the gloves with eldritch influences.

I keep frost bomb for mobs that heal but its not in a 6 link in my hyrri's ire

You can't get eldritch implicits if you run Hunter gloves, though, can you?

As it's already been said, no you can't. But just like an earlier post, I had 14 ballistas last league and never got a set of hunter gloves. Looks like this will be the perfect spot to try and get some of the new implicits you mentioned. There is also a mod to increase damage per 100 DEX.
I was so iffy with my league starter, but I'm glad I stuck with this. The single target is very good and I'm still on a 5 link. Thanks for the detailed guide.
Moridin79 wrote:
I was so iffy with my league starter, but I'm glad I stuck with this. The single target is very good and I'm still on a 5 link. Thanks for the detailed guide.

agreed. You only need 4-5 of the core uniques and you are good to go. I'm doing low reds with quite terrible gear and have no problems at all.
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I needed a break from my other character so I impulse started this one last night. Kind of stuck on Act 9-10. Am I just dumb? Regular/Magic/Rare mobs are fine. It's some bosses. Some of the act bosses will go down to 50% health exactly and just stay there. No matter what. Links are a little off right now since I had to step away and was working on moving some things around.
I'll be upgrading a few things as soon as I get back. Everything was super smooth until around Act 9 and I started getting stuck on bosses. Even tried Siege Ballista with Fractal Thoughts. Did damage, but same thing. Went back to EA. Might just have to grab gear and finish it out. Herald of Ash?

Probably just gonna upgrade everything as soon as I get back on and slap on a cheap anointment.
Probably Aspect of the Lynx or Uptmost Swiftness. Thoughts?

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