0.10.4c Patch Notes

Version 0.10.4c
  • Fixed an instance crash related to Conduit.

This crash (which manifested in many situations) was quite common and we're very pleased to have fixed it. This patch also fixes some small problems on the website and continues the war against in-game spam.

0.10.5 is still planned to be deployed on Monday, NZ time (Sunday for America).
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Thank god Chris.
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I believe that the Conduit bug hit me a few times. Good to see the fix! Nice work!
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thx for the spam fighting..
Things with "increased" and "decreased" in the tooltip are additive ... where as "More" or "Less" are multiplicative ...


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:-( i thought this will be the patch with the new skills
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Sad and happy at the same time, GGG why you do this!?!
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Was hella hoping for something awesome for something labeled as a "patch." This coulda been done as a simple hotfix/restart haha.
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What about 10.5 Patch notes? o.o PLEASE?
>> Allow Home and End keys to quickly travel through the Stash!!!
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