[3.20]⚡ZaPwner's Crackling Lance Occultist⚡48M Pinacle Boss DPS

Welcome everyone to one of the highest value and well-rounded builds out there: The Crackling Lance Occultist.

This build clears all content under 20div with the ability to farm juiced maps with delirium for ~35 div/exalts.

The build was first created in 3.14 and it still is one of the most powerful off-meta builds.

Current status is 44M DPS with 29K armour and 10K ES at level 98 after min-maxing.

At a Glance

+ Boss Melter
+ Ultra-fast clear
+ Budget Friendly
+ Very decent survivability
+ Can be a league starter that turns into an end game monster
+ Can do maps with ANY affixes

Recommended PoB: https://pastebin.com/uTH0z5EK

Key Unique Items:

And for leveling and early league:



3.20 Updates

After looking over the changelog the build received a "balance" in damage, meaning he will do less damage to mobs (due to ring curses not having the increase effect) but more damage to bosses (due to the 66% curse mitigation removal).

This means that 100% Delirium juiced maps will be much less attractive (probably the default 60% will be the go-to option anyways).

The Lightning Conduit nerf is going to take away a bit of DPS but this was used for bosses anyways (where we're getting dmg buff)

Pinnacle Boss DPS jumped from 40M to 48M.

3.19 league updates

1.Leveling and progression

Leveling and progression Overview Summary

The build relies on the occultist's ability to blow-up cursed creeps, so during leveling the top priority is to get Mark of Submission , socket it with Conductivity and use the Profane Bloom ascendancy to zap through the maps.

As far as ascedancy nodes go, the order should be as follows:

Profane Bloom - for the kaboom feature

Vile Bastion - for the "no stun" feat

Malediction - for the extra curse perk

Forbidden Power - for the end-game part

The build eventually needs to move to crackling lance, which involves going Low Life.
This translates to "everything stuns/shocks/freezes yoy".
You will receive all ailments as if you had 1 hp, which will be very frustraing.

Ways of mittigating this:

Stun - solved by Vile Bastion

Freeze - solved by Brine King Pantheon with Cannot be frozen improvement

Chill - solved by Brine King Pantheon with 50% reduced effect of chill

Bleed - solved by Ralakesh Pantheon

Shock - either sacrifice DPS by using Purity of Elements instead of Zealotry or get some shock-immune boots.

Once all the mandatory prerequisites for Low Life are ready transition is possible.

The most desired stat for this build is Cast Speed for both it's mobility and intensity ramp-up. Since the transition will be done before having the best cast-speed possible, the initial setup wil use Lightning Penetration instead of Spell Echo to avoid being a sitting duck.

After this the game becomes a min-maxing farm-fest.

The investments relevant thresholds are 5 Divs , 12 divs, 20 divs, 30 divs and upwards.

With 30 div investment all content is accessible, including 60%-80% delirious maps.

Acts 1 - 4

For the 6 gems to be leveld in secondary gear, I propose the following:

Arcane Surge

Arcane Cloak

Concentrated effect



Crackling Lance

I recommend Stormblast mine setup with Wave of Conviction on totem and Lightning Conduit.
Go with double wand setup, and aim for added lightning damage to spells on both (there is a vendor recipe, look it up).
If you find a +1 to All Lightning Spell Gems wand, keep that.

Stormblast mine <-> Added lightning damage support <-> Controlled destruction support

Orb of storms <-> Added lightning damage support <-> Controlled destruction support

Wave of conviction <-> Spell Totem Support <-> Added lightning damage support

Herald of Thunder Wrath Flame Dash

Lightning Conduit <-> Added lightning damage support <-> Elemental focus support

Conductivtiy socketed in Mark of Submission else have it on slef cast.

As far as tree goes, start towards the left, picking the small "spell damage" nodes, get "Lightning Walker" and "Heart and Soul".

Proceed upwards from Lightning Walker and get "Cruel Preparation".

Proceed left from Lighting Walker and get "Crackling Speed" and invest in the Lightning Mastery "Lightning damage from non-critical strikes is lucky".

Proceed further left, decide if you want to take "Elemental Overload" (low crit chance, I personally took it but it barley procs), proceed until you get "Storm Weaver" and "Purity of Flesh"

Take the Profane Bloom ascendancy, and purchase from trade Mark of Submission with your first 5 chaos (if you don't get the drop yourself).

Acts 5 - 10


Move to an Arc - Unleash support setup paired with Lightning conduit and Stormblast mine setup.

Start looking for a decent shield to transition to a wand + shield setup instead of the double wand.
From act 7 onwards double wand setup will be too squishy.

The general play stile is to use Arc to nuke groups of mobs, and if something survives, use Lightning Conduit (since they will be shocked). For Bosses Stormblast Mine can be used to build up dps during their animation phases.

Wave of Conviction - Spell Totem Support will serve for both exposure to lightning while also serving as a body for mobs to hit. This is 3rd priority in terms of 4L setups.

This gem setup will be used until red maps, because for it's REALLY comfortable and efficient AND because the transition to Crackling Lance requires some prerequites.
A variation that can be done here is to replace the Controlled Destruction Support in the setup with Lightning Penetration Support and picking the "Elemental Overload" Keystone. I personally chose to keep Controlled Destruction Support with the goal of leveling it for Crackling Lance, but by the time I transition I purchsed an Awakened Controlled destruction.

Stormblast mine <-> Added lightning damage support <-> Controlled destruction support

Orb of storms <-> Added lightning damage support <-> Controlled destruction support

Herald of Thunder + Wrath Flame Dash

Wave of conviction <-> Spell Totem Support <-> Added lightning damage support / Elemental Weakness <-> Multiple Totems Support as 3rd priority for 4L

Lightning Conduit <-> Added lightning damage support <-> Elemental focus support <-> Controlled Destruction as 2nd priority for 4L

Arc <-> Unleash support <-> Controlled Destruction support <-> Added Lightning Damage Support <-> Lightning Penetration Support as 1st priority for 4L/5L

Take the Vile Bastion ascendancy, and start looking for a decent ES shield starting from Act 6 since the dual wand wielding will become squishy very fast.

1st priority will be to get the "+1 number of seals" "Caster Mastery", and the closest one is from "Mental Rapidity". Once you get to enough tree points you can take the caster mastery from "Arcane Sanctuary".

Tree wise proceed in the south by taking "Divine Judgement", "Devotion", "Holy Dominion", "Discipline and Training", "Sanctity".

Proceed in the north by taking "Unnatural calm","Hearth of Thunder" with the "Lightning Mastery" "Non-projectile chain skills chain +1 number of times", "Static Blows" with the "Lightning Mastery" "+15% to maximum effect of Shock".

Mapping, from white to red - 0.5 div investment

For the mapping part remain with the Arc - Unleash until you meet the prerequisites to move to Crackling Lance .

The build will have hybrid life + ES as HP and low mana (due to reservations) but since we are running an Unleash setup, mana issues shouldn't occur.

Buy your 6L Vall Regalia, and use either a life essence or a energy shield essence to craft it into something useful enough to keep you alive.
Focus on building chaos resist from the dropped items, and remember that you will most likely keep the gloves, rings and amulet when switching to Crackling Lance

As for the wand, an Opal Wand base with T1 added lightning damage to spells and some other prefix such as +1 to all lightning spell skills gems or %Increased Spell Damage/Lightning Damage will suffice.

Skills should be:

Arc <-> Unleash support <-> Controlled Destruction support <-> Added Lightning Damage Support <-> Lightning Penetration Support <-> Elemental Penetration OR Innervate

Lightning Conduit <-> Added lightning damage support <-> Elemental focus support <-> Controlled Destruction

Wave of conviction <-> Spell Totem Support <-> Elemental Weakness <-> Multiple Totems Support

Herald of Thunder + Wrath + Clarity (keep a low level in Clarity , since on transition you will use level 9-10)

Arcane cloak <-> Arcane Surge <-> Flame Dash

Shield Charge + Stormblast Mine <-> Orb of Storms <-> Added lightning damage support

Conductivity in Mark of Submission

Arcane cloak is used only to trigger Arcane Surge, since due to the low mana pool it won't provide any other real benefit.

Orb of Storms and Stromblast Mine aren't exactly mandatory, but at the end of the day you don't have anything else for the other 3 slots.

Shield Charge will be your main mobility skill. Use shield charge whenever safe, and if you need to quickly get out use your Flame Dash

The fights will be mostly Arc folowed by Lightning Conduit ,and on big mobs / bosses you also place the Wave of conviction Totem.

Your goal through the maps is to get ready for transitioning, and that will imply the following:
- Prism Guardian 0.5 - 1 div
- 6L Ivory Tower 3 - 4 div
- Decently rolled Crown of the Inward Eye 0.5 div
- Chaos Resist (over 50% on gloves + ring + amulet).
- Shock-immunity either via boots or Purity of Elements (replace Zealotry)
- Upgrade Brine king for no-freeze
- "Decent" cast-speed wand
- Str requirements for Determination

Other goals:
- Get "Phantasmal Crackling Lance" gems - you will want to level and corrupt them, since you want the cast speed. 21/20 Phantasmal crackling lance is the goal.
- Finish your ascendancies
- Upgrade the pahteon gods that you will be using: Brine King and Ralakesh
- Get Lavianga's Spirit and the flasks that will be used after transition (Quicksilver, Granite, Silver and Sulphur)

Mapping - The transition to Crackling Lance - 5 div investment

You can transition once you have the prerequisites below:
- Prism Guardian 0.5 - 1 div
- 6L Ivory Tower 3 - 4 div
- Crown of the Inward Eye 0.5 div
- 50%+ chaos resist
- Shock-immune boots (can be crafted using deafening essence of torment + Lesser Searing "avoid being shocked" + Lesser Eater "avoid elemental ailments")
- Upgraded Brine king for no-freeze
- "Decent" cast-speed wand

Alternatively you can sacrifice DPS for elemental ailment immunity by using Purity of Elements instead of Zealotry .

The tree you will move to will be the Low Life Crackling Lance tree (PoB: https://pastebin.com/qRDQqYvc ).

Since you won't have amazing cast speed, we don't use Spell Echo yet. We will jump to Awakened Spell Echo directly.

Gem setup:

Crackling Lance <-> Intensify Support <-> Controlled destruction support <-> Faster Casting support <-> Concentrated Effect Support <-> Lightning Penetration Support

Lightning Conduit <-> Added lightning damage support <-> Elemental focus support <-> Spell Totem Support

Wrath + Discipline + Zealotry - in Prism Guardian

Conductivity - in Mark of Submission

Arcane cloak <-> Arcane Surge <-> Flame Dash

Shield Charge + Sigil of Power + Clarity <-> Arrogance Support

Determination + Wave of conviction <-> Spell Totem Support <-> Elemental Weakness

Clarity with Arrogance Support are used to reserve more life in order to increase Energy Shield since you are running an Ivory Tower.
Use Arrogance Support<->Clarity to maximize your reserved life.

Map clearing should be very fast, since 1-2 casts of Crackling Lance should kill large stack of mobs at once.
During maps you will prefer the area of effect of Crackling Lance rather than the damage from the Intensity.
VS Bosses and tough mobs (EG: Essence or some weird Archnemessis mobs ) the fight should have the following steps:
- Sigil of Power
- Aracane Cloak
- Lavianga's Spirit
- Zap away (and flame dash away in case it comes too close)

Your next objectives will be:
- Get a "Good" Profane Wand (a good wand is when you hit 2 good modifiers and craft the 3rd. Details in the Gear section ) 1 div
- Get awakened gems (the cheap ones) and level 21/20 gems 4 div (keep in mind you will discard Lightning Penetration Support in the next step).
- Get your resists capped (including chaos resists)
- Get your Thread of Hope to be able to optimize the tree.
- Secure a very decently rolled Crown of The Inward Eye with the Crackling Lance has 16% increased cast speed enchant - 2 div

On top of the old 5 div investment, we end up with 12 div investment thus far.

Mapping - starting to tackle end game content - 12 div investment

Gem setup remains the same as previously, just some of the gems become awakened

PoB: https://pastebin.com/qRDQqYvc

By now you should be able to do all content, except Maven and Uber Elder (at least it won't be comfortable to do it).

Do whatever farming strategy you want.

Your next objectives are:
- Awakened Spell Echo Support - 5 div
- double aura Watcher's Eye - 3 div
- Conductivity on hit ring - 0.5 div
- Elemental weakness on hit ring - 0.5 div

Total new investment: 9 div

Mapping - full pinacle content - 21 div investment


With the Awakened Spell Echo Support gem and the curse-on-hit rings the gem setup can now be the final setup.

Crackling Lance <-> Intensify Support <-> Awakened Controlled destruction support <-> Faster Casting support <-> Concentrated Effect Support <-> Awakened Spell Echo Support

Lightning Conduit <-> Added lightning damage support <-> Elemental focus support <-> Spell Totem Support

Wrath + Discipline + Zealotry - in Prism Guardian

Arcane cloak <-> Arcane Surge <-> Flame Dash

Shield Charge + Sigil of Power + Clarity <-> Arrogance Support

Determination + Wave of conviction <-> Spell Totem Support <-> Multiple totems support

PoB: https://pastebin.com/GnVwDrex

Wave of conviction only has the role of applying exposure.

A cheap way to get rid of this need is to get Lesser "Inflict Lightning exposure on hit" Eater of the Worlds modifier on your gloves and get the Exposure you inflict applies at least -18% to the affected resistance.

The final objectives are:
- +1 to all socketed gems Corrupted 6L Ivory Tower - 5 div (assuming you are doing the temple runs, details in the Gear section)
- "Very Good Wand" - 2 div base + 2-6 div investment in essences + 2-6 div investmnet in metacrafting(details in the Gear section)
- Well rolled shock avoidance Corrupted Thread of Hope - 2 div
- Shock Avodiance Corrupted Intuitive Leap - 2 div
- Eldrich currency for Greater Shock Avoidance Searing Exarch Implicit - 1 div
- Dominus Militant Faith - 1 div

The two Unique jewels with shock avoidance will result in ~45% shock avoidance, leaving only 55% shock avoidance to be done on the boots, which can be achieved via the Eldrich implicits.

Mapping - start of min-maxing - 40 div investment


POB: https://pastebin.com/cqs4Tari

From this point out you should be able to do anything except uber pinnacle bosses.
If you are careful with the map mods you won't die either.

2. Build overview and Gems Setup

Brine King

Kill all

End Game PoB

Gem Setup

Crackling Lance <-> Intensify Support <-> Awakened Controlled destruction support <-> Faster Casting support <-> Concentrated Effect Support <-> Awakened Spell Echo Support

Lightning Conduit <-> Added lightning damage support <-> Elemental focus support <-> Spell Totem Support

Wrath + Discipline + Zealotry - in Prism Guardian

Arcane cloak <-> Arcane Surge <-> Flame Dash

Shield Charge + Sigil of Power,Clarity <-> Arrogance Support

Determination + Wave of conviction <-> Spell Totem Support <-> Multiple totems support

Conductivity on hit ring

Elemental weakness on hit ring

Gear Showcase


Tree Jewels

3. Mapping and Mechanics

Map affixes


- Elemental Reflect
This can be mitigated by taking Yugul Pantheon and "60% Reduced Reflected Elemental Damage Taken".
This will hit your DPS and your surivability against Bleed and Corrupted Blood so it's just safer to avoid.


These affixes can make the map hard, so avoid having more than 2 on hard maps (EG: 80% delirious) OR avoid them totally if you want to go "No Death" mode.

- Reduced aura effects from skills
It affects both damage and ES pool.

- Cannot Regenerate Life Mana and ES / Reduced ES regeneration
This will affect your ES Leech rate which in turn affects your tankiness. When running maps with this modifier avoid being sorrounded by mobs since your leech rate won't be enough to stand still.

- All hits from enemies can Ignite
You are Low Life so Ignites will be devastating. I dided alot of times because I was ignited and I couldn't hit anything to leech since everything died.

- Cannot Leech from monsters
Same as regeneration, it will affect your tankiness

- Cannot Leech from monsters
Same as regeneration, it will affect your tankiness

- -% Maximum Player Resistances
I don't think any build enjoys this one. You become paper with this modifier, however due to your long range you can still manage most maps.

- Cursed with Elemental Weakness
The build will be suffix-starved, so there's a good chance the resistances will not be overcapped by much, so this curse will have the same effect as - max resistances.

- Cursed with Temporal Chains
Probably the least problematic from the list. Elemental Weakness affects your cast-speed so you will be more of a sitting duck as well. If paired with a Temporal Bubble or other slowing effect you will barely move, which will make you vulnerable.

- Unique Bosses are Possesed
This is quite situational, placing in "Problematic" just to showcase in case someone wants to go "Not Die" moed. Having Bosses that do Chaos damage with "Cutthroat's Grip" paired with some damage boosting map affixes will kill you very fast (EG: Master of the Blade from Strand).


These affixes make things harder, but if they are under 4 they can be ignored.

All damage increase / life/resistance increase for mobs affixes are part of the Nuisance group, but it's worth while listing some of the more "exotic ones" for this build.

- Reduced effect of your curses
- Ironically the next tier,"Hexproof", is a no-issue since your curses affect hexproof monsters.

- Chance for monsters to avoid elemental ailments
- One of the big boosters of the build is the shock effect, especially since you are also running Lightning Conduit agains the tougher mobs.

- Monsters have chance to supress spell damage
- You are doing spell damage, so...


I will break the Mechanics in Sustain, Defensive and Offensive mechanics.


First challenge will be to max out our resistance since the build is suffix starved (this comes from the STR requirements for lvl 21 Determination).

The build will only need to sustain mana since the build will consume mana at a high rate.
We don't want to mitigate this via spells cost reduction since we also want to make use of the benefits of "Arcane Capacitor" tree node, "Forbidden Power" ascendancy node and Sigil of Power.
From your tree you need to take either "Thrill Killer" OR "Mind Drinker".
These nodes will provide mana sustain during mapping.

A problem you will encounter in the early stages of the build will be that you don't have enough mana to kill pinnacle bosses.
However, this can be mitigated by using 2-3 Lavianga's Spirit just for the boss fight.


The build relies alot on the paradigm "The best defence is a good offense".
The build kills mobs from FAR FAR away.
If you are getting sorrounded by mobs and killed constantly, that means that you over-juiced the map for your current DPS.
Generally, if you see you are not popping group of white mobs from 1-2 casts, the map might be too difficult for your current status of the build.
If you cannot zap them fast, then you will probably not be able to finish the map in 6 portals.
So fast clear from far away is the "zero" layer of defense for the build.

Make sure to get your Chaos Resistance as high as possible (strongly recommended to be 75%) since Chaos Damage will be mittigated by a ~1.8k mana pool without leech potential which is also used for spell casting.
If you find yourself dying on the maps, check if you died while having ES and 0 mana. That means you are in a Chaos Damage scenario.
In such cases avoid using Arcane Cloak to keep your "HP" pool high and even use your Lavianga's Spirit to mitigate mana loss during spell casting.
Always make sure your mana is almost full!. Don't get surprised by a white mob 1 shotting you because it deals chaos damage and you 10 mana left !.

The first layer of defense will be the ES, which we will increase via both ES items and Life affixes on items / tree.

Ivory Tower provides an amazing mechanism that gives ES according to reserved life in increments of 100 reserved life. This means that Life reservation equal ES.
Maximize your Life reservation by using Arrogance Support and Clarity.
There is a vendor recipe which allows you to decrease the level of a Gem by 1 by selling the Gem + 1 Orb Of Scouring.
Use this mechanism to adjust your level of Arrogance Support and Clarity in order to maximize your life reservation.
I also recommend keeping several different leveled Clarity in your stashes.

The 2nd layer of defense represents the mobility and range of the build.

Crackling Lance can kill mobs offscreen, make sure you make use of this.
If you get surrounded, since the attack isn't omnidirectional, you will have a hard time, and you will usually die.
Use your mobility to escape the sorround, have all the mobs grouped on only one direction, and zapp them.
Save your Flame Dash charges for escapes and use Shield Charge for general movement.
Mobility is closely related to Cast Speed, so consider Cast Speed as a 2nd layer defense mechanism.

The 3rd layer of defense represents Leech, Blind, and Arcane Cloak.

ES Leech provides resilience in situations where the build is vulnerable: when sorrounded and at close range.
Taking "Ghost Reaver" together with "Ethereal Feast" tree nodes will allow facetanking almost all content.
If you are having the tree near "Ghost Reaver" you can also take "One with evil" which will mitigate affix starvation of the build, so you can consider that part of the tree the "more tanky" variant.

Blind provided by "Disorienting Display" from the cluster jewel also addresses the sorround issues.
Your ressilience will be greatly increased by this Notable, so make sure when you take the Cluster Jewel that you are getting this suffix.

Arcane Cloak is mainly an Offensive mechanism, but the extra 1k HP never hurts.

It is also worth noting that your Spell Totems provide a small body which can take some of the agro. Not that important, but sometimes it's useful.


The main challenges will be building the instensity stacks and triggering "Elemental Overload".
Both of these challenges are mitigated by a very high Cast Speed, so again, invest in Cast Speed.

Due to running Controlled Destruction you will have a hard time crit-ing and thus triggering "Elemental Overload".
So the challenge is to get that crit ASAP.
Crit chance is improved through Power Charges which are generated by spending mana paired with "Forbidden Power" ascendancy node.
The 2nd source of Crit is the boots enchant "Increased Critical strike chance if you haven't crit recently" (I use other enchant in PoB).
The 3rd source of Crit is from your wand.
Another source can be Temple gloves "Increased critical chance vs shocked enemies".

Arcane Cloak is a big damage booster because it's used to trigger a high level Arcane Surge.
You will have level 1 Arcane Surge due to "Arcane Capacitor" tree node, however against bigger mobs you will want the higher level one (from my tests, it seems the highest arcane surge remains).
Arcane Cloak will also provide lightning damage which scales really well with the build.

Sigil of Power provides significant added lightning damage, with the drawback that you need to sit on it.

Lightning Conduit provides a significant damage boost, and it's very effective against mob clearing when paired with Shocks you inflict spreads to other enemies Searing Exarch implicit.
You will want to place the Lightning Conduit totem both when fighting bosses and when the mobs start sorrounding you to aid you with your clear.

You will want to reach 65% Shock on bosses.
This is achievable by using the Elemental Mastery "Increased effect of non-damaging ailments" as well as Notables such as "Overshock".
What you will want to see during your boss encounters is the boss is having 65% Shock, which disappears due to Lightning Conduit then is reapplied.
Sometimes the Shock Effect comes in steps (EG: 40% then 65%). This is ok, as long as it goes over 50%.
If you see that shock never goes above 40% vs Bosses then give up the "+15% maximum effect of shock" Mastery and switch it to "Increases and Reductions to Maximum Mana also apply to Shock Effect at 30% of their value" in order to have guaranteed 50% shock vs bosses until you are able to ramp-up your damage / shock effect in other ways.

Considering that the build excels in DPS, the only time you will need an extra boost will be vs bosses, that's why I recommend to have your Bottled Faith Enkindled to 70%.
Avoid using it for mobs which are easy to kill, save it for someone worthy of it.

4. Gear showcase , crafting and affixes

At a Glance Gear

Gear crafting

As a general rule I recommend purchasing the gear from the market rather than crafting it.

For the Ivory Tower you will get the most benefit from +1 to Level of Socketed Gems followed by +2 to Level of Socketed AoE Gems .

If you run temples use the following approach:
- purchase a decently rolled Ivory Tower (they are cheap even at league start)
- raise it to 20% quality
- 6 socket it
- chromatic spam it until you get 6 blue sockets
- Double corrupt it in temple
- If you hit a good double corrupt (meaning at least 1 of the gems modifiers) use the crafting bench to 6 link it (1500 vaals + 1500 fusings are usually ~4 div)

Use the same apporach for Prism Guardian


The modifiers you want on your wand are as following (ordering by impact):
- Added Lightning Damage To Spells
- Cast Speed
- Increased Spell Damage
- +1 to Level of All Spell Skill Gems / +1 To Level Of All Lighting Spell Skill Gems
- Chance to do double damage (bench craft)
- Increased Critical Strike Chance for Spells (very low priority)

Decent Wand (for transition)
For the Wand you will first want to make your transition wand.
For that, take a Profane Wand base and do the following:
- purchase/find start base (iLvl 74+)
- spam Shrieking Essence of Misery (cast speed) until you hit either T1-T3 Added Lightning Damage to Spells, T1-T4 Increased Spell Damage or a +1 to gems modifier and make sure you have an open prefix
- Craft the modifier

Alternatively you can search for a Profane Wand with the Temple Prefix + another good Affix and craft a 3rd one. What is important is to make sure you have at least T1 Benchcrafted cast speed.

Good wands

For the top Profane Wand crafting you will want a Fractured Profane Wand wand with either T1-T2 Increased Spell Damage, T1 Added Lightning Damage to Spells or +1 to Level of All Spell Skill/Lightning Spell Skill Gems. The best base is T1 Increased Spell Damage since it has the lowest possible roll, followed by +1 to Level of All Spell Skill/Lightning Skill Gems. For a God Level Wand you need to have the +1 to all skill gems if you want the crafting to be WAY cheaper or T1 Increased Spell Damage if you want the ABSOLUTE BEST POSSIBLE WAND.

The way to craft your wand is as follows:
- purchase start base (or horticraft it if you are SSF) ~ 2 div
- Fossil it to 30% quality
- Spam "Deafning Essence of Woe" or "Deafning Essence of Torment" depending on your start base (For fractured gem modifier "Essence of WoE" is prefferred since T1 Lightning Damage to Spells is much more desirable)
- Once you reach the desired result, stop

Good Wand ~ 2 div
- Stop when you end up with 3 desirable modifiers from your essence spam (EG: Fractured Lightning Damage to Spells,Spell Damage from "Essence of Woe",Cast Speed from the roll)
- benchcraft the next best affix (EG: Double damage chance )
- exalt slam to get to 5 affixes + benchcraft

Very Good Wand ~ 20 div
- Stop when you hit perfect prefixes ( T1 Lightning Damage to Spells T1 Increased Spell Power +1 to Level All Lightning / Spell Skill Gems )
- If you also hit T1-T3 Cast Speed you are good enough, stop here, hopefully you have an open suffix to craft Double Damage
- If you didn't hit Cast Speed and don't have an open suffix, anull and hope a suffix will be opened and no prefix will be anulled
- Craft Prefixes Cannot be Changed and Veil Orb the Wand. If your veil modifier is the 3rd suffix (meaning once unveild you will have a 6 prefix item) , scour the unveiled modifier from the benchraft and restart this step. Repeat until you hit either "Double Damage" or "Cast Speed" on the unveil. If you hit both, choose Double Damage (since you can re-benchcraft cast speed until perfectly divined).
- Benchcraft the suffix which wasn't unveiled

God Level Wand ~ 80 div
- Stop when you hit perfect prefixes ( T1 Lightning Damage to Spells T1 Increased Spell Power +1 to Level All Lightning / Spell Skill Gems )
- If you have all 3 Suffixes anull in order to get an open suffix (if a prefix is removed instead, redo step 1)
- craft "Prefixes cannot be modified"
- horticraft "Reforge a Rare item with random modifiers, including a Speed modifier"
- repeat until you hit T1-T2 Cast Speed suffix (hopefully alone). If your suffixes fill up, anull. If you loose any prefixes, start from step1.
- craft "Prefixes cannot be modified"
- horticraft "Add a new Caster modifier and remove another random modifier from a non-Influenced item"
- pray for a "T1-T4 Increased Critical Strike Chance For Spells" that doesn't remove the "Cast Speed" suffix
- benchcraft "Chance To Deal Double Damage"

For the god level wand having a 2nd suffix together with Cast Speed will yeald a 33% chance for the ideal outcome (replacing an useless suffix with Crit For Spells) but a 66% chance for a good outcome (not removing the Cast Speed suffix).
You can even choose to stop at "Cast Speed" suffix only, since the "Critical Strike Chance for Spell" is just a very expensive way to make sure you get Elemental Overload with less casts. It's a cherry on top, so don't go overboard trying to get it (I know I spent a TON of divines on trying to craft this using a wand with fractured T1 Spell Damage, and being lucky is the most important thing).

For the God Level Wand you might find it cheaper and less frustrating just buying it from the market.

For everything else you should search for on the market since the focus is on balancing your resistances while also having enough STR to be able to run level 21 Determination .

Gear and affixes to hunt for

Watcher's Eye
Since you are running 5 auras you will have quite a few affixes to choose from.
Here are the most useful ones:
- Lightning Penetration while affected by Wrath - most damage
- Increased lightning damage while affected by Wrath - 2nd most damage but very hard to be well divined
- Increased Cast Speed while affected by Zealotry - good damage boost and adds to mobility
- Consecrated ground causes enemies to take increased damage while affected by Zealotry - very good damage boost, however it will only be useful when using Bottled Faith
- Gain % of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield while affected by Clarity - amazing defensive boost (it adds almost 1k more ES in the build from the recommended PoB)
- %Chance to recover 10% of Mana when you use a Skill while affected by Clarity - this is a very comfortable affix to have, since it will basically allow you to replace Lavianga's Spirit with a Mana Flask on which you can craft some additional defensive mechanism

Amulet and Rings

Aim to have at least +1 to All Lightning Skill Gems on the amulet (ideally you will also have the +1 To All Skill Gems).

Rings should each have a curse on hit as suffix and a resistance OR strength suffix.
As far as prefixes go , Life and ES are the ideal.

Try to always have the option to craft +1 to minimum Frenzy Charges on Amulet and Rings.
In case you manage to get 3 minimum Frenzy Charges from the benchcraft Annoint "Ash, Frost and Storm" on the Amulet, otherwise go with "Discipline of the Slaughter".

5. Q&A

1. Why did I die ?
Did you open a strongbox and didn't run away from it ?
Did you activate Arcane Cloak when a Chaos-damage dealing mob was attacking you ?
Are you running an Elemental Reflect map and received an Increased Damage Taken type of debuff ?
Are you killing the mobs from far away or are you dashing into them ?

2. My damage is not enough !
How many map modifiers reduce your damage ?
Are you comparing this build with a mirror cost build ?

3. I spent all my currency and still failed to craft the God Tier Wand !
That's why I recommended buying.
You are trying to hit all T1 affixes, aren't you ?
By "all my currency" do you mean 5 div ?

4. Your build sucks! I did a better variation of the build!
Please share PoB, and I will add it to the guide with kudos.
My build doesn't suck, it zapps. You might be running a Power Siphon build by mistake.

5. Awakened Lightning Penetration gives more damage than Faster Casting. Why not use it ?
The ideea is that due to Spell Echo increased cast speed equals more mobility so that's the main reason for it.
Furthemore fastr cast speed means faster ramp-up to 4 intensity stacks where the big damage is dealt!
But I totally understand the desire to Penetrate more, so if it makes you feel good, go 4 it.

6. Why not run Apex Mode ?
All jewel slots are filled with mandatory jewels, so a tree reconfiguration would be required.
The build is centered around cast speed, and with all flasks active it reaches 4 intensity stacks in under 1 second, hence no gain from the faster intensity ramp-up.
The build wants to have 1 intensity while clearing mobs (increased AoE) and 4 intensity while fighting bosses, so no real gain from the intensity sustain.
But if it's important to you to walk around with your Crackling Lance highly Intensified, Apex Mode is indeed an option for build variation.

7. Why not go for Crit and Crit multiplier instead of Controlled Destruction ?
Budget reasons mostly.
There are ton of Crit Centered build out there which require more investment and do way worse than 40M DPS.
Of course if you are swimming in mirrors there is a crit-centered variation of the build, which will look very differently.

Last edited by ZaPwner on Dec 15, 2022, 1:58:25 AM
Last bumped on May 29, 2023, 6:19:49 AM
I will give it a try on my fourth character this league 😅
It sounds pretty good this build
BADMYN wrote:
I will give it a try on my fourth character this league 😅
It sounds pretty good this build

Try it, even if it's mid league the build is cheap and if you enjoy it can become a good option for a league starter.
Unless I'm missing something, MOM shouldn't work here. The wording is specific to life. The MOM effect would only take place once you no longer have ES to take dmg to.
CA_Jukes wrote:
Unless I'm missing something, MOM shouldn't work here. The wording is specific to life. The MOM effect would only take place once you no longer have ES to take dmg to.


Yes, you are right. My bad, I updated the PoB and guide accordingly.

MoM should be used up until we switch to late game gear which makes use of Life reservation.

Thanks for pointing it out.

where do we get power charges from?
sBrief wrote:
where do we get power charges from?

Forbidden Power ascendancy node.
ZaPwner wrote:
sBrief wrote:
where do we get power charges from?

Forbidden Power ascendancy node.

ohh, thank you, pob doesnt have that allocated btw, gonna test the build was getting one shotted yesterday but i think its cus im lvl 84 and have 6,9k ES, thanks for the build!
Updated the PoB.

Have several trees there, seems I forgot to place all skills in all of the trees :).

With 6.9k ES at lvl 84 you shouldn't get one shot that often. Maybe ease on the map mods.

Even at 8.7k ES you have the potential to get one shot if you go with monsters deal X as extra fire + extra lightning + extra cold damage, and you are cursed with elemental weakness.

But with arcane cloak you end up having 12k HP so besides big bad mods, only corpse explosions can 1 shot you.
Messing around with this build after finding it a couple of days ago, I have a couple of notes that ive observed following the PoB / checking some things

Crown of the Inward Eye is very competitive to Mindspiral, being a much larger DPS/ES gain but a Manapool loss, so only worse against strictly chaos damage sources, but at a ~10% overall DPS gain, freeing up the amulet anoint and +370~ES compared to your PoB gear, seemed like a good alternative especially when looking for the cast speed enchant.

It's also worth noting that when you have Arcane Swiftness, you don't need the high-cost Freeze immunity craft on boots, only the cheap 80% chance craft will suffice and you'll reach 100% freeze immunity between the two sources.

I've also opted for a slightly lower DPS from having a Conductivity On Hit ring so I can get more other stats and likely will pair it with an Ele weakness on hit ring in the other slot for more consistency of double cursing.

Void Sphere is also very underrated utility, which I'm opting to run instead of tempest shield in my Trigger wand, might sub tempest shield back in if I get the ele weakness ring sorted.

Cheers for the build guide :)
Last edited by Switchersaw on May 17, 2021, 7:01:11 PM

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