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War_Sauce wrote:
Where are your power charges coming from on the god build? I'm not seeing the source of the power charges anywhere in the PoB.

Power charges are from Assassin's Mark.
I die constantly and do not get to L90
I reached 77 of 117 maps but i constantly die in maps > L12 to L16

Any ideas to improve my build (have i overseen some fundamentals?):

regards and thx in advance
Played this build for Archnemesis league. I really enjoyed it last league, and this league has been insane for me. I have got to level 100, never have before. I have also hit 40/40, never have before. Got a pretty insane wand. Then, I decided to farm a hunterhunter, and also achieved that. It is indeed a fun build once you get geared for it.

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Hey guys.
Havent played this game for like 6 years. Can u help me pls.

Im lacking dmg. Even blue pack of monsters on t10 map taking their time to die.

Here s my POB https://poe.ninja/pob/5Vi

I know that i need more lvl's but its hard to lvlup with taht dmg, ive made a mistake by trasitioning that early.

What to buy? i have 200+c for now.

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Just wanted to stop by and say this is my absolute favorite build that I've ever played, and combined with an awesome league and actually learning how to craft, this is the most fun I've ever had in poe!
Stream is live for 3.18, we're pushing for UBER BOSSES!

how is aegis aurora any better than a generic recover es shaper shield when we are not stacking a legitimate amount of armor at all? even the literal god pob only has about 8k without granite flask up.

More relevant question for this league because the shield is roughly 1/5 the price of headhunter at the moment
For the life of me, I don't understand why it didn't work out. I collected everything exactly as you have in POB, (without some options, like enchantment on the helmet), and there is not enough damage even on t11 cards... Before that, I ran t16 with little effort, now nothing comes out. I don't really know how to play this game and don't understand much, and therefore I don't understand why the build has become weaker, although I did everything as it was in the phase where the items for the first transition were described

https://pastebin.com/hmfT7P5x - my build
First of all, thanks for the post.
I am enjoying the build so far!

I tried the uber exarch and didn't even get to his 2nd phase (
Any upgrade idea?

Thanks in advance,

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