3.13.1d Hotfix

ty now left fix harvest
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been crazy since hotfix. on steam client. it is lagging me out and making me update 3 different times now. has there been 3 hotfixs?
TY guys, since your last stupid hotfix corpse targeting is not working anymore. Pretty clever if you play a minion build ...
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DrCola wrote:
Wow.. so that's why I had been crashing? I had it on a trigger weapon.

Good morning, Reklastovets.
But it is no longer good because when the client was turned on today, it was updated
and I was glad, wow, something was corrected, but I remember how they were correcting it was right, I tried to enter the highout 10 times in a Russian client and in English it was the same ... it doesn't let the game crash !!!!! GGG, you need to check your updates not on us, but first on the test server. Question? when will you fix it ?????

Thank you very much for your prompt
solution to my problem, I hope everything will continue to work like clockwork.

But this problem appeared after updating this on a note =)

Deleting three folders where pictures are stored.
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stil no fix on maven on ps4 no pop after the first one
game is still desinc..
I stopped even noticing it because I unsocketed WoC and frostbomb to do reflect maps...but yeah this makes sense.

Good jorb, hava cookie
Just got all my jun crafts unveiled...2 years later! Thanks Gravicius!
Do you guys plan on implementing a Cast on Crash Support skill gem? please...
This is crazy: one build works, next one broken, next one works, this one broken.

Can enter town, try to go anywhere else, crash. Ugh, I think I am giving up now...

So sad...
On Steam, it requires to download the patch and reinstall every time you open the client.

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