[3.14] Luna's Ultimate Guide to Blazing Salvo Miner |All Content Viable| Low Investment Boss Melting


In 3.12, Heist League, GGG released a new skill, Blazing Salvo, that I immediately thought would be great as a mine build. I have been an advocate of off-meta mine builds (Glacial Cascade mines from 3.8 Blight League to 3.11 Harvest League) for quite a while and after seeing the overwhelming number of Toxic Rain players at the start of this league, as well as the lack of miners because of the Ball Lightning nerfs, I figured it was time to start sharing my expertise on this unique and interesting build.

-Strong league starter
-Can (in theory) run any map mods
-Melts any boss in seconds with little investment
-Low starting budget, but can be invested in to improve both clear speed and boss damage
-Surprisingly tanky with blind from Sabo ascendancy and damage reduction from Berserk, and regen from Vitality and Sabo ascendency

-Clear speed isn't incredible, though it is still fast (can't use explode chest)
-Low Life build, so no panic life flasks
-Can struggle with no regen and less recovery rate maps (still runnable though, just need to take them slow)
-Mine playstyle can take some time to get used to
-No Blazing Salvo MTX yet (GGG please)

PoB with leveling skill trees:

I use the community fork for PoB available here if you don't have it:

New for 3.14


As an update for 3.15, Chainbreaker may no longer work for the build, but I need to be able to test with it to see. I'll update again a little after league launch on whether or not it will still work (leaning towards probably not worth it). Vitality also took a bit of a hit, it should still be good enough as a recovery mechanism with the in-built Sabo regen though. Additionally, the new 15% spell block essence mod is pretty insane and may be enough to creep out Prism Guardian. Also, crafting guides are dead, because so is harvest. I'll update them with lower-tier options and high-budget new harvest crafting once I figure it out.

Thanks for all your support on the build and good luck with next league launch!



We can use a ton of strong, underutilized mechanics to boost our damage astronomically with this build.
1. Blazing Salvo - Lends itself very well to the mine playstyle, when targeted far away, projectiles spread out over a large area for add clear, but when targeted close, they can all hit a single target, even with very little aoe scaling
2. Flame wall - Adds flat fire damage to any projectile that passes through any part of it
3. Frost shield - Adds a protective shield around us and flat crit chance, enough to rival the extremely powerful Hatred Watcher's Eye or Bottled Faith for the cost of a single socket. Enough crit chance that we can cap our crit chance without Bottled Faith or a diamond flask
4. Snakepit - Due to the unique properties of Blazing Salvo, Snakepit is one of the best damage upgrades for our build. Snakepit in the left ring slot allows our spell projectiles to fork. Because of this, if any of our Blazing Salvo projectiles directly impact an enemy, they will explode, doing full damage, but then will also fork into two additional projectiles that can land close enough to overlap their explosions on the same enemy. That means that one ring can effectively TRIPLE our damage (although this makes calculating our exact damage significantly harder)
5. Chainbreaker - Lategame, we spec into using Chainbreaker, a passive granted by the Lethal Pride timeless jewel with Akoya. This turns our mana regen into rage regen (which is fine because we run an enduring mana flask anyways) but we lose rage every time we hit (Fun fact: mines don't count as you hitting, so you never lose rage). This means that we can use Berserk for a large amount of movement speed and damage reduction, even better, the Divergent alternate quality for Berserk is MORE spell damage. With Enhance, we can get this to almost 50%, an insane damage boost. You do need some mana regen investment though. The 70% enchantment on boots is a good start and is easy to access, but ideally we want our non-Snakepit ring to have an essence crafted mana regen mod as well, which will allow us to keep berserk up almost permanently.
6. Low Life - Using Shavrone's Wrappings, we can reserve almost our entire life pool with additional auras as well as granting us the ability to use Pain Attunement for a free 30% more spell damage.
7. Crit - Crit is the most powerful scalar in the game and, starting in the Shadow region and using mines, we get excellent access crit, we can get up to 100% crit chance and almost 600% crit mult

Gem Links


Blazing Salvo (Divergent preferably) - Blastchain Mine Support - Minefield Support - Charged Mines Support - Trap and Mine Damage Support - Elemental Focus Support (Awakened when you can)
In order of importance
If you have more than a 4-link and don't have Snakepit, I recommend using Fork Support as your 5th/6th gem. The build really thrives on the fork interaction and this will increase your damage by far more than any other support.

Arcanist Brand - Wave of Conviction - Flame Wall - Combustion Support
Keep them in this order so that the brand procs WoC, then Flame Wall. Use this for bosses and anything tanky.

Berserk (preferably Divergent) - Enhance Support (preferably level 4)
You don't need Berserk until you spec into chainbreaker, you don't need Enhance until you have Divergent Berserk.

Flame Dash - Second Wind Support

Steelskin - Cast when Damage Taken Support
You can keep Steelskin on walk until you swap to Berserk. Level Cast when Damage Taken as far as you feel comfortable taking that amount of damage (I recommend around 10) and make sure Steelskin can be triggered by it (level 15 if CWDT is 10).

Single Socket Gems

Prism Guardian Gems - Anger - Zealotry - Dicipline

Summon Skitterbots
Herald of Ash
Frost Shield (preferably Divergent)
Vaal Righteous Fire
Don't use normal RF, just the Vaal version for extra boss damage

You could also use a Portal gem if you want to drop something like Vaal RF



Once you leave twilight strand, pick up Stormblast Mine from Nessa, use whatever supports you can until after Merveil, then you can pick up Blazing Salvo. Use it with Swift Assembly and Blastchain Mine. ID wands and scepters early looking for +1 fire spell skill gems. Grab Flame Dash, Flame Wall, Combustion, Steelskin, and Vitality when you can as well. Drop Flame Wall directly on bosses for a significant damage boost. You can use Arcane Surge on Flame Dash, keeping it low enough level to proc when you Flame Dash exactly once for a nice buff until you get your cluster jewel.

Once you get to act 2, you can pick up Skitterbots and Herald of Ash. Reserve what you can manage with your mana. Also pick up Trap and Mine Damage and Elemental Focus, level them for later. Grab Wave of Conviction and keep it at level 1, it will still have the same debuff at level 1 and won't kill you with reflect.

In act 3, do the Siosa library quest to grab Charged Mines, Anger (not offered to shadow normally in act 3), and Second Wind if you want it. From normal vendors you can grab Zealotry and Dicipline to level for later

Try to get a 4 link by act 4 so you can swap Swift Assembly out for Minefield and Charged Mines. I don't recommend using Minefield without Charged Mines because of how slow it makes your throwing speed and how hard it locks you in place. Besides that, grab Frost shield when you can, it's nice prep for bosses and can help you be a little tankier when it's hard to move.

When you get to act 6, you can pick up the rest of your gems.

If you can get an early 5/6-link before you can get a Snakepit, I highly recommend swapping Elemental Focus or Trap and Mine support for Fork support. The build really thrives off of the fork interaction and it will really help with early damage.

As far as gear goes, focus on life, capping resists, move speed on boots and getting enough strength to keep leveling your gems. Bases don't really matter.

You can swap to Low Life once you get to maps if you have the money for a Shav's. If not, try to grab a Tremor Rod and continue as a life build for a while. I recommend trying to get to at least 4k ES before swapping.

Bandits, Ascendancy, Pantheon


Kill all bandits

Ascendancy order
Born in Shadows -> Pyromaniac -> Bomb Specialist -> Explosives Expert

Lunaris for clearing, Solaris for bosses

Abberath for annoying degen ground, Garukhan for zooming



Gear shown is an example of what I am currently using. Stuff this espensive is NOT necessary to make the build do all content.

As long as you focus on the things I've shown, you should be fine.
Things I have listed as 'Upgrades' are things that are relatively easy to acquire, but may be a little expensive (probably because of harvest crafting)
Cash Dump Upgrades are things that are almost definitely irrelevant and over the top, but if you want to min-max the build farther than where I have, that's where you go. These upgrades could cost upwards of 100 exalt (especially because a lot of them involve corrupting already expensive items)


Crafted Rare Hubris Circlet:

Focus on getting high ES and capping resists early

-9 enemy fire resistance
+1 Blazing Salvo Projectile Helmet Enchant
Flat fire damage on a double-influenced helmet (can drop this if you want to be tankier with a 3rd es prefix)

Cash Dump Upgrades:
Maven's Orb both bases before using the Woke orb
Corrupt for something that's useful (depends on what you have socketed there mostly)


Surprisingly strong for both damage and ES, but lacks in resists

Body Armour

Shavrone's Wrappings, allows us to reserve our life and use Pain Attunement without instantly dying to Chaos damage, pretty much impossible to go Low Life without it:

You can use a 5-link for a while until you have enough money to upgrade to a 6 link

Cash Dump Upgrades:
Corrupt or double corrupt for a better implicit:
+1 to level of socketed gems
+2 to level of socketed aoe gems
+2 to level of socketed projectile gems


Crafted Rare Fingerless Silk Gloves:

Focus on high ES and resistances

+1 max frenzy charge
Culling Strike

Cash Dump Upgrades:
Find a way to get Unnerve on hit (hunter influence)
Craft the same gloves with Sorcerer Gloves (higher es but no implicit) and corrupt for +1 to max frenzy charges


Machina mitts: These gloves are really nice alternative, I have used these for the last 3 leagues, but when I heard about Harvest returning, I figured I might be able to break out of this crutch of an item and get some more damage. If you use them, you can drop vitaliry for Aspect of the Spider, although you need to use an extra passive to pick up Ghost Reaver to turn the leech into ES leech. Also allows you to run no regen maps more easily, since leech isn't regen.
In general, slightly higher recovery, but lower damage, if you want an upgrade for these, look for corrupted +1 frenzy ones, they shouldn't be that much more expensive


Crafted Rare Sorcerer Boots:

Focus on high ES, movement speed and resistances

70% mana regen enchant for chainbreaker
Cannot be Frozen craft

Cash Dump Upgrades:
Synthisized implicit, look for anything useful since we don't need an influenced mod here:
Energy Shield (any kind is good)
Movement Speed
Quality of socketed Strength gems (good if you can put Divergent Berserk there)
Onslaught (entirely for the movement speed, we can't use any other aspect of the buff and don't proc it normally)


Sin Trek:
Solid alternative to rare boots, nice flat ES and some extra dex is always appreciated. No resists though, so make sure to cap them elsewhere.


Prism Guardian

Not much can be better than this, allows you to run 3 total auras on your life and juices them up significantly with extra levels. Note that the Blood Magic on the shield ISN'T the support version, so it doesn't include the 200% inc mana multiplier that the gem does. Without this shield you have to drop at LEAST one aura from your life and you'll have to shuffle them around to get them to fit.

Cash Dump Upgrades:
Corrupted or Double corrupted for:
+1 to level of socketed gems
+2 to level of socketed aoe gems
+2 to level of socketed aura gems


Crafted Rare Wand or Sceptre

Focus on decent spell/fire damage, +1 level of fire/all spell skill gems, and crit if you can afford it, ideally an open suffix to craft mine throwing speed as well

Tier 1 mods
Fire damage as extra Chaos Damage
Enchant, either elemental damage from quality from Harvest or Heist ones for increased effect of fire/caster/crit/speed mods


Chayula's Presence:

Not really much of an option here, Chayula's converts life into ES, makes us stun immune and has a nice chunk of chaos res:

Tempering catalysts (increases amount of life converter to es)

Budget Option: Efficient Explosives - Sepia, Teal, Violet
Ideal Option: Tranquility - Gold, Gold, Azure



One of the number one damage upgrades for the build, put it in your left ring slot and melt bosses.

Imbued Catalysts (increased spell damage)

Cash Dump Upgrades:
Corrupted implicit:
Flat fire damage
Increased effect of Anger
Increased effect of Dicipline

Other ring: Crafted Rare, Opal ring ideally:

Focus on ES, resistances, and strength if you need it

Assassin's mark on hit (only works on out WoC because of the wording change in 3.12, but you shouldn't need it for add clearing anyways)
Essence crafted mana regen for chainbreaker
% increased Energy Shield (crusader influence, needs to be double influenced for this)


Crafted Rare Crystal Belt:

Focus on high ES, resistances, and Strength if you need it

Tempering Catalysts
Essence craft for mine throwing speed or elemental pen during flask

Cash Dump Upgrade:
T1 life mod (to convert with Chayula's, somehow our best 3rd prefix on an uninfluenced belt, but remove/add life Harvest crafts are expensive)


Bated Breath: Surprisingly good belt, but doesn't have strength or resists, can be corrupted cheaply for something like increased effect of Discipline or Anger


Cluster Jewel:
We want one trap and mine medium cluster, 5 passives or less
Get Arcane Pyrotechnics and Guerilla Tactics
Place in top left cluster jewel socket

Timeless Jewel:
Lethal Pride

Look for any jewel with Akoya, this lets us use chainbreaker to generate rage and use Berserk
Place in cluster jewel socket near CI so that it hits a bunch of extra notables (great source of strength)
I recommend either getting the boot enchant or the essence ring mod to make better use out of this, ideally both to keep it at almost 100% uptime

Cash dump Upgrade: divine/trade for one with better notable buffs, look for chance to deal double damage, increased fire damage, and strength if you need it

Energy from Within:
Place it in jewel socket under Melding to convert that entire wheel to massive increased ES
Look for a useful corrupted implicit if you want

Other Jewels:
Look for ES, mine throwing speed and any relevant crit multi mods
At least one jewel should have a immune to Corrupted Blood implicit (this lets us drop another magic flask for a unique, even though mines don't directly hit, meaning we don't get affected by most sources of Corrupted Blood, it can still cause a lot of unwanted deaths, especially with the arcanist brand, etc)

Watcher's eye:

We use a lot of different auras, so there's a lot of different mods we can use
Look for things that are relevant for the auras you use, even just one good mod can be fine, if you have the money, look for 2, or even 3 useful mods


Atziri's Promise

Great for damage, look for max elemental as extra chaos damage

Dying Sun

Extra projectiles, also great for damage, look for decent aoe and any amount of reduced charges so you can have 2 uses per flask

Quicksilver Flask

Any decent prefix, movement speed suffix to really zoom

Diamond/Sulfur Flask

Either one works only need this until we get Cannot be Frozen on boots

Enduring Mana Flask

Must have Enduring prefix, look for Warding suffix, needing this makes us not like the instant life and mana flasks sextant, but you can still run it, it's just a pain

Rumi's Concoction

Great damage mitigation once you can drop the Diamond/Sulfur flask

Crafting Guide


These crafting guides detail how to craft the same items I am currently using on the build, if you're looking to craft something different, you're probably on your own. If you're looking for lower-tier gear I recommend fossil crafting because it's cheap and effective for getting the build going. Warning: These items are highly min-maxed and require a lot of expensive harvest crafting. (each item can cost upward of 20-30 exalt to craft, more if you're unlucky)


1. Buy/enchant ilvl 85+ Hubris Circlet for Blazing Salvo fires 1 additional projectile
1.5. Spam perfect fossils for 30 quality or wait till the end and hillock craft 28% quality
2. Influence the helmet for either Hunter or Warlord and search for either t1 flat fire damage to spells or -9 fire res (depending on influence), I recommend spamming scorching fossils, but it can also be done with alts
2.5. If you aren't going to Maven's orb the helmet, make sure you only have one influenced mod, if you are going to, you can have 2
3. Buy trash woke fodder base with the other influenced mod and NO OTHER INFLUENCED MODS
3.5. (optional) Maven orb both items until you hit elevated flat fire and elevated -12 fire res
4. Awakener orb your trash base onto your Hubris Circlet
5. Remove all irrelevant mods, if you hit extra influenced mods with no tags, this can be difficult, especially if you maven orbed your woke bases
6. Aug defence, then remove/add defence for t1 flat es (alternatively you could keep t1 %es, but you'll have a little less total es)
7. Craft on %es from the bench (you could aug lucky defence, but there's a bunch of hybrid es mods that you'll probably hit AND you need to high-roll pretty hard to get more than 74% es even if you do hit %es, so this is not recommended)
8. Aug lightning and cold, then remove/add until t1 res for both (specifically don't go for fire, there's a bunch of other fire suffixes to deal with, if you really need fire res specifically on this item, use a resistance swap craft at the end)
9. Divine till perfect (use harvest divines, they're a lot easier)


1. Buy ilvl 75-80 Fingerless Silk Gloves (ideally already Warlord influenced)
1.5. 30 qual with perfect fossils or wait till the end and Hillock bench it to 28, also optionally search for an enchant (I recommend of spite for chilling enemies defensively)
2. Influence gloves for Warlord, if not already influenced
3. Alt spam for +1 frenzy charge
4. Regal, then remove regaled mod if it's useless
5. Aug defence, remove/add until it's t1 (preferably flat es, but %es is almost as good)
6. Aug caster, remove/add until tier 1
7. Craft on chance to avoid stuns at the bench (this along with the low ilvl blocks every Warlord suffix other than culling and chance to block)
8. Aug influence for a 1/3 at culling (if you miss, craft on prefixes can't be changed and remove influence, then try again from step 7)
9. Aug for resistances, remove/add until t2 (you can't hit t1 on the low ilvl base, but t2 is almost as good)(might want to go for either cold or lightning here since it'll be a bit lower and the extra can be covered by stats from Shav's or Snakepit, if you go for fire like me, it can be difficult to drop the Prism Guardian implicit later)
10. Divine until perfect


1. Buy a base, ilvl 84+, any sceptre or wand will work, but try to get one with a usable implicit, ideally an Opal Wand or maybe Sambar Sceptre for pen, depends on your exact build, you can also look to have either t1 %fire/spell damage or +1 fire/all spell skill gems fractured on
2. Alt/fossil spam for t1 %fire/spell damage or +1 fire/all spell skill gems and fracture it on (make sure to divine it first if it's damage, you can't divine after)
3. Fossil/harvest chaos spam for the other mod
4. Remove all other mods so you have a t1 %fire/spell damage and +1 fire/all spell skill gems weapon
5. Craft on cannot roll attack mods
6. Aug crit, remove/add until t1 chance
7. Aug crit lucky, this will always hit crit multi, hope for a high roll
8. Aug chaos, remove/add until t1 %fire as extra chaos
9. Change craft to mine throwing speed
10. Divine to perfect


1. Buy/synth ilvl 86+ Sorcerer Boots for somethying useful, es, strength gem quality, onslaught, move speed, just to name a few
2. Alt/fossil/harvest chaos spam for t1 move speed
3. Remove other useless mods
4. Aug defence, remove/add until t1, flat is ideal, but %es will work too
5. Craft on Cannot be Frozen
6. Aug resistances you need, remove/add till t1
7. Divine till perfect


1. Buy ilvl 85 Crystal belt
2. Alt/fossil/harvest chaos spam for t1 es
3. Divine, then fracture the t1 es
4. Spam with Deafening Essences of Zeal until you hit t1 strength
5. Annul other mods (optionally, you can leave a prefix, there's really nothing good on uninfluenced belts and if remove/add life is expensive, you probably don't want to dump 30 ex on like 20 extra es)
6. Aug for your last resist and remove/add until t1
7. Craft on more flat es at the bench
8. Quality for defences
9. (optional, if you removed the extra prefix, you can remove/add life until t1, it's not amazing, but it's the best final prefix you can get because of Chayula's)


Warning: This specific ring is stupid hard to craft, you're probably better off not doing the crusader influence and taking the extra pretty much dead prefix, this cost me WAY too much money and I'm only detailing it here for completeness and to show my struggle with finishing this item.

1. Buy ilvl 84+ Shaper or Crusader Opal ring, you can also influence it yourself
2. Buy any ring of the other influence and Awakener orb it onto the Opal ring, mods don't matter
3. Use Deafening Essence of Misery to get %mana regen
4. Remove other useless mods
5. Aug defence and remove/add defence for t1 flat es
6. (skill testing part) Aug defence lucky and hope it hits t1 %es, if not, it'll probably hit evasion, if it does, do it again and REALLY hope it hits t1 %es, if it hits a lower tier, remove add till you hit t1 % and flat es or you kill the flat es, if this happens remove the other defence mods and remove/add again for t1 flat
6.5. (If you somehow hit the t1% es on your first aug, you can craft something onto the prefix (probably flat fire and other element or %damage) if you did this you made a better ring than me, congrats)
7. Aug fire, remove/add till t1 fire res
8. Aug caster, remove/add caster until you hit t1 Assassin's mark (this is a 3.03% chance and will take, on average, 33 remove/adds to hit, I hope you like the TFT discord, because you'll be seeing it a lot)
9. (true gamer time)(optional) If you have the extra evasion prefix, you can try to hit a 1/3 for a defence annul (probably don't do this)
10. Quality for defences and be incredibly glad you're done





Uber Elder:

Uber Atziri:

The Twins:


The Feared:

Awakener Level 9 Sirus:





Can I play this build life based?
Yeah, almost definitely, I personally am not a fan of the playstyle though and swap to Low Life as quickly as possible, there should be some people on poe.ninja that you can look at if you want to.

I'm dying a lot, what should I do?
Sort of a complex question, you can try dropping some of the damage prefixes on crafted gear for more ES if you want. It could also be a problem with your playstyle, with mines, it should be very easy to keep very few enemies on your screen, also, don't Flame Dash into packs. I also noticed I stopped dying when I got more damage, when everything is already dead, it can't kill you.

Can/should I use Bottled Faith
Bottled Faith is an incredibly strong flask, but it's actually next to useless on our build, since we already cap our crit chance, the base crit from Bottled Faith actually does next to nothing on bosses.

Can I use Dash instead of Flame Dash
In theory, yeah, you absolutely could, however since you already need to search for so much strength for our red gems, it makes it dificult to get to the 170 dex required for Dash, but if you can get it, go for it

Can I [insert gear change here]
Absolutely, most importantly this is your build, do whatever makes you happy. This guide is purely to show the strength of the build with what I've brainstormed on my own, if you think you can improve it, you probably can.

If you've got any other questions, feel free to write a comment, I'll try to respond as soon as I can.



(4/15/21) Updated for 3.14
(3/3/21)Added boss kill videos (finally), added ring and boot examples, finished crafting guide
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Looks cool, I've been wanting to try BS, but POB?
I was in the discord with the build creator while he was making this post. I have seen this build in action. I have recreated this build myself. It is powerful. Perhaps too powerful. I watched this man put to text the power of gods and high tech ordinance. It nearly overwhlemed us all to see the entire post destroyed with a single misclick, but Blazing Salvo Mines do not care for the trivial issues of man. The wrath of machines and the strength of deities demanded this power be made common to us. It is a gift to mankind from those beyond us. They smiled upon us all when LunaBotOpst steeled himself and forged on to finish his sacred text.

And we are all better for it, and more powerful with the knowledge of it.

9/10 no MTX
Switched over from ele hit mines and this is just so so much better. More survivability and dps is dope. Thanks man. Was losing interest until i tried this.

Where do we get frenzy charges from?
EDIT: AHA, from charged mines :P
Last edited by Zaccariaz on Feb 9, 2021, 2:49:27 PM
what happens when you run out of mana flask against a boss?
zeinzz wrote:
what happens when you run out of mana flask against a boss?

If you're running out of mana flask charges during a boss, you either need to control your flasking better or build more damage. With my current setup, A9 Sirus dies in his final phase before he can even attack (haven't finished my curse ring yet) and, you get flask charges back after every phase of bosses. Even if you have to do 3-4 rounds of dps, you should still have flasks and even if THAT doesn't work, there's still some basic mana regen, so you can slow-roll the boss.
There was a divergent salvo 21/23 in trade a few days back for 4 ex. I should have bought it then as i can't find any since that time :( And gem corrupt room is not being nice at all.

Once again, dope build dude!
Zaccariaz wrote:
There was a divergent salvo 21/23 in trade a few days back for 4 ex. I should have bought it then as i can't find any since that time :( And gem corrupt room is not being nice at all.

Once again, dope build dude!

So, fun fact, unless you manage to get at least 1 extra quality from something, 23% quality and 20 quality Divergent Blazing Salvo are identical because the alternate quality only gains 1% fire as extra chaos ever 4%, so 21/20 and 21/23 are the same and it makes it much easier to get an ideal skill gem.
I'm just trying to find a 21/20 :( 2 have bricked so far in doryanis room. Here is hoping the 3rd one is the charm.. Saving up for a +2 projectile shavs too.

Have you done any of the juicy maven content yet? Sirus is a deathless affair with this build. Just worried about the hidden, the feared and of course maven herself.

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