3.13.1b Hotfix 2

patch broke the game for me cant remain in a map for more than 1 minute. ryzen 1600 , gtx 1070. this is getting silly
I fixed issue with disconnect.
Here is what I did:

1. Uninstalled whole game.
2. Deleted folder where game was installed.
3. Deleted folder in My Documents
4. Downloaded whole game again.
5. Now it's fine - no disconnects yet.
What about the fact that reddit and I have been having extreemly bad FPS issues since 3.13. Noone asked for texture streaming..
Ygidua wrote:
What about all the client crashes and disconnects, low FPS issues introduced with 3.13.1B?

Its impossible to play your game right now. We are not just talking about a few unsharp textures, where you responded immediately, we are talking of a game that doesnt work anymore.

We need texture streaming back, going from 60 FPS to 10 combined with crashes and disconnects is a huge issue and requires your attention more than anything right now.


Tested for about an hour, it's improved but it still hitching and fps drops everywhere but it gets worse with certain textures on groups of mobs it seems.
Why are the streamers playing with no problems but lots if people like me can't play due to constant crashes, are they on a special streamer server?
nienna11 wrote:
Why are the streamers playing with no problems but lots if people like me can't play due to constant crashes, are they on a special streamer server?

It's not true. Streamers also have crashes. Watch MBX.
Can we get a banwave soon? Ex prices are almost at standard prices, will be by monday. Please?

Also please update system requirements to include a SSD. It's just not feasible anymore to play this game without an ssd and breaking your balls trying to remain reverse compatible with the old shit is taking precious resources away from more pressing issues, in my opinion.
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hey ggg well done on the loading idea but there's another problem that needs attention

i open the game and press log in the graphics are fine seems everything's good, till the loading screen pops up so i wait like 45-60 seconds for this texture bullshit to load waiting waiting waiting bloop pops up finally wai...i cant do any thing freeze crash back to the log in screen where i log in again? everything's fine after a slightly less time consuming wait time the whole reason why i bought a ssd is to have a faster loading time... now i feel its a waste of money really the game ran so much better prior to this so called "optimization" and frankly we are getting no communication on tyhe development on a way to fix it

really great job this is after the third time loading up
dunno if bug but harvest become LESS and LESS avaiable... feel like 0 crafts when it pop up and each time there less and less chance to find harvest/garden
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