3.13.1 Hotfix

Sick hotfix, thx GGG.

Your game is uplayble for 10 days and you fix this problem?
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How can you investigate Crashes without an report? The Game crashes without error and im back on Desktop...not being able playing for longer than 5min. It even crashes in the Menu without logging into the Game. Im very curious because i love you GGG and POE. Let me follow my addiction ;)
No Chance of Playing more then 5 Minutes Today.
Also there have been 4 Crashes to Desktop in 5 Minutes.

Just Klick Login and CTD. Thats no more fun.
If i am bak in the game, the Minimap is resettet, but all i done is still in Progrss.
Today started Chrashes for me :( 4 times :( and much more shuttering in mob packs today than past weeks
I really like playing POE, but since Delirium League, every patch make the game more unplayable...

My pc has almost the recommended configuration to play, not the minimum.

GTX 950
Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4170 CPU @ 3.70GHz 3.70 GHz
Windows 10

Is not the best pc in the world for sure but i can play some games with constant fps like COD, CS:go with a decent graph...

I spent 2 days trying to fix everything on my pc to make it have the best performance possible.

Both the windows system and the video card system are basically prioritizing only performance and not quality

And I feel that the game only goes from bad to worse.

Vulkan really help in Delirium league, i was playing very well with very constant fps... and now if i put the vulkan, my game crash in less than 10 min if i make any map.
With Directx11 my fps drops like crazy. It goes to 60 to 0 every time i do a map.

Needless to say, the game settings are as low as possible.
I tweaked every possible setting that could improve the pc's performance.
Try diferent resolutions
I took the sound of the game in the config
Change lockstep ( auto ) to predictive
and nothing i do works in this game

Really thinking about stop playing this game until I get a pc of $20.000
GGG this is insane Thousands of people are having constant crashing issues network issues texture streaming issues for about 5 days straight. i haven't been able to play at all since the patch and letting this go on for so long is not ok we deserve some kind of communication for our issues. i don't want this to be worse than it already is. this is my fourth time replying on these treads to try to reach out to try to get some kind of communication. i love this game. please don't let this ruin our experience. Thank You GGG, Tell us something.
No probs here. GG on the hotfix fams.
reiterate.. my fps was solid 60 before 3.13 .. in 3.13 it goes all over the place..

Rituals in particular make my FPS go from max to 10 and it just goes all around until the ritual is completed. It's so bad that I decided to switch to Non-League SSF HC to avoid as many people//lag as possible.

Still really hoping for a macOS client update to the official version instead of just a beta client
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Had no crashes before patch, now (last 3-4 days) having crashes every 5-15 mins. Thats pretty impressive, GGG. In shitty way.

UPD: double steam files check solve problem for a few hours (at least in my case). Have no idea how it works.
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The hot fix is ok, I missed a safehouse for this, but...

I am really close to stop playing this game because of all the crashes and the loading textures that load and load and load, and when you think you can map, then in the map they load and load and load and load.

Is it going to be some sort of fix for this soon?

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