3.13.1 Hotfix

Henry_GGG wrote:
Pidge_21 wrote:
Hi Henry,

I think this is the first time I have seen an acknowledgement from your team that you are aware and working on a fix for this.

It would be really useful and aleviate a lot of the frustration if you guys could be more open about this on the forums.

We have acknowledged it:

We have resolved many of the common causes of crashes and continue to monitor and investigate reports as they arise."


"There are various other reports of bad performance that are being attributed to Texture Streaming but we believe are not related. Those performance problems are real, and we are investigating them on a case-by-case basis, but they are being conflated with texture streaming when they are actually just unrelated engine issues that we need to identify and fix."

revert the fucking patch you [Removed by Support]. Literally making millions per month and leave out half your player base. Fuck GGG
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JJJaaaMMM wrote:
nanosurge wrote:
3.13.1 update made the game unplable many people with Ryzen cpu been crashing none stop to the point where i can't even play the game anymore

the game never crashed once on me been playing since 2018 yesterday had 40 crashes.



issnt it time for another hotfix? this one fcked so many things.
Ryzen 1700x user here, did not even see there was a hotfix patch, I had dealt with the last patches crashes by adjusting the in game settings, that allowed me to play for hours at a time before a CTD. This hot fix totally broke my stuff here. I have seen other's claim the fix is turning off smt threading in the bios and I may try that once I get over the anger I sustained watching my hc character get murdered before my eyes while my system stutterd to load textures and flatlined. For me this is unacceptable, I did not bother to check reddit or this thread before I logged on and was not aware there was a hotfix, yet it had been known for quite some time that 1st gen ryzen cpu's were having major issues. There absolutely needs to be more in game communication when things have been altered for better or for worse.
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[Removed by Support] idc if it's "free" or not. it's really really sad that a game that's been out for over 10 years has these severe of issues. it's not like it's just a handful of people. literally unplayable and you guys don't seem to be doing anything but praising your new texture streaming setup which is doing NOTHING beneficial. game looks like ass for minutes and crash with no mobs on map trying to get back to the boss after crashing before. any legit game company would've been on top of this and hotfixed the shit out of it. i get lague/season starts can be rocky and so one but pushing week 3 and this is getting worse?? GGG has went down in my list of reputable game companies, dropped the ball on this one.
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I still can't beat T12 Crimson Township. Enter the boss room and died within seconds.
So the "kernelbase.dll" error in windows eventviewer is a gamerelated error?
Sorry but GGG didn´t have a clear list of bugs.
It only says Desktop Crashs, but not if it is the "kernelbase.dll" error, that most of the people have.

I played 2 seasons ago, never had any issues at all.
Because of my brother i started playing again and crash alot.

It would be nice, if you can post a "ISSUE Info" in the game, so you don´t have to check the forum.

Like "World of Warcraft" is doing it. A list of Bugs you know and we can expect to likely get.

But still, i love the game, even with the crashes. The only problem is, you get frustraded.

So good work GGG, i hope you continue this for Years and years.
Hotfix for hotfix when?
The world unravels.
I'm still experiencing a game crash where i have to literally force shut down my computer by holding the case power button, because the game client process won't shutdown, and windows will not shutdown/reboot because the game is "still running".

I have never had this happen in any system of mine, in any other game.
until including last friday my game was fine. I had the occasional crash but nothing unusual. I considered myself being one on the lucking ones.

saturday and sunday my game was absofuckinglutely unplayable. I literally crashed every single map multiple times. I crashed in the hideout, on entering the portal, on charging in a pack, on checking my ritual rewards, on starting a ritual, on not doing anything, in outside maps, in indoor maps, when I was trying to do a trade, when I was sorting my stash, there was no activity I did not crash on.

I gave up and played another game for some hours, came back, still crashing left right and center.

then I disabled engine multithreading. I stopped crashing entirely, but the performance went to shit and beyond. from 100 (capped) fps in hideout and somewhat between 60 and 80 in fights to 35 in hideouts, single digit fps in most somewhat dense fights, less than ONE fps in real dense fights including rituals, but at least I didn't crash anymore. But I started dying because if you have less than a single FPS you dont see what the fuck is going on and suddenly you have again 30 fps but you are dead. still, better than crashing. I randomly activated EMT again once in a while, immediately started crashing again, disabled it again, no crashes anymore.

today morning before work I did a few maps with EMT on and didn't crash anymore for an hour.


this hotfix came on friday, but I had no problems on friday yet. it started out of the blue on saturday morning, and it ended out of the blue (again, no patch) today morning. I kinda hope it stays this way now to some degree, but please, for the love of god, fix this mess somehow. I am afraid we need a damn miracle tho....

my specs: ryzen 7 2700x, rtx 2080, samsung I think 980 or 970 evo m.2, 32gb ram, 3440x1440 resolution. I think poe should run smooth like a baby's bottom on my machine, but it runs rough like a coal worker's hands.

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