3.13.0c Hotfix 1

can we please get a real update i.e. 3.13.1 which actually fixes the performance issues i.e. the FPS going crazy during rituals and such

It's so BAD that I am actually playing on Hardcore Non-league because the rituals make the FPS go from max to 10 consistently.

it's not my PC because it worked fine in 3.12 and it works fine in non-league. The rituals are no good.

Again this may just be a problem for the macOS client since it's still in beta and doesn't even let mac users turn on/select the dedicated GPU.

I don't mean to be pushy but GGG, you said the official mac client was going to be released with 3.12. Well it's currently version 3.13.0c and the mac client has not received a single update. It's still a "beta" client. Just like it was months ago.
Last edited by tbone469 on Jan 25, 2021, 12:34:29 PM
I also have crashes, regarding mining.
Please fix thoses crash asap it's unplayable or just 10 mins and return to desk wihtout error all day.

1080Ti Ryzen 1600 Samsung Evo SSD 1TO 16GO Ram.

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