3.13.0c Hotfix 1

Does this fix the bug where multiple totems do not stack scorching ray damage?

Edit: Looks like this bug still isn't fixed...
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Totem Damage on Skill Tree Nodes and Jewels does not increase the Damage. Is the Patch live or what's up ?
What happened to pre-loading textures, what is this texture streaming stuff, a bandaid fix for lazy developement?

Who cares if the game size increases for more textures clientside, come on guys, it's 2021, bring the game up to date.
Area Damage still not working with totems? or it's not working at all?
Could you atleast inform us properly about what was fixed and what still need to be fixed? Thanks,just so we know....
maybe try to fix your stupid ritual + delirium synergy.
you cant dodge if you cant move.
[Removed by Support] it's been 2 weeks since the league has started and it's all the same fucking server problems.first was the server disconnects,then high ping,which actually never got fixed,i died probably 20-30 times to NORMAL T16 MAP BOSSES,cuz i had 300 ping and i couldn't move my character,you have a higher player base,upgrade your fucking servers.Or don't i couldn't give two fucks,i've been playing for 2 years but today was my last day. And what is that shit about REFLECT MONSTERS spawning in maven fight? how is a summoner supposed to beat maven when just randomly all your minions suicide cuz of reflect mobs,get the fuck outta here,u're not by far as serious as a game developer company as i thought you were.never playing this shit again.
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some streamer also suggested they hotfixed the delirium rewards...

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So much for having a crash patch out by the end of the week...
when for the bug fix , damage do not work atm

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