Content Update 3.13.0 -- Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

GGG pls make more chance for wild masters and more chance to get atlas mission for kill boss!

they more fun in early start than in end of league... pls!
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fancyfootwork wrote:
If you look closely you could see this mentality as far back as like 2014

I honestly think that :

1) it got much worse (the game complexity has increased alright, but that does not excuse everything)

2) GGG have significantly different means now ( given their size for example ), what used to be "well, they are a quite small indie studio, so .... considering it, they've done an amazing job !" is not usable anymore lol.
SSF is not and will never be a standard for balance, it is not for people entitled to getting more without trading.

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I really don't care about nerfs that happens on every update , but those zana mods :/

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gageris wrote:
Kangor wrote:
Iam an old guy who has played WoW, Diablo2, Dota and now played LoL. Me and my Friend startet playing POE in Heist League i was enjoying Triple Herald Elementalist which i could go to Tier 10 Maps, my Friend was Playing Necro and enjoying the game.

Now you crashed all Aura's with on Lvl 20 2% !!! i mean from 10% to 2% do you rly think this is usable? U Crashed the Necro to the Ground..

And why?? You and others are crying that some builds are broken.. aha.. Why u then dont play them? If u curios about Ladder why u nerf them not in Ladder? Why u dont buff the others?

Why u just add a mod to Auras -could only work with 2/3/4 added Auras??

Its an strange Idiom to kill Players fun to have a balanced game that will make OTHERS happy??! Do You think u will profit from this?? No u will always loose some players..

I was on Twitch to see some Twitchvideos about POE and its a joke, there are about to zero channels and Video in compare to other Games, so what do you think why is this? Look on the Youtubevideo clickrates...

If u want that Player just dont play this, so dont get this in the game.

I spent Money for this game to support u and buy some tabs, i really regret this and i go back to LoL.

This Gamedesign and Decision is more then sh.., if u sacrifice the fun of Players, at least u have to give them something, but here i cant see nothing.

Why the Hell i should play a Char/Ascendancy that i dont like? I dont like Range squishies, i dont like the clunky Playstayle from ur BV, Miners and others prefered builds..?

Why u dont work on this clunky Styles to make them to get fun out of it???

I see this game is going the way like Diablo, Dota and some more..No excuses for this u had time u could think about this and think about Players, and not some Twitch/Youtubestreamers that will play 24/7.

To be clear u killed my Build, I dont reached any Endboss and perhaps i never would, but u added some more Endgamecontent ..oh cool decision... U Killed what i loved to played for me and my friends, so they also fucked up and dont wanna play u game, so why i should do this? Cool Decision.

But u as like others that have gone, will not hear, because u know your game and iam the stupid 2/3 hours player that are wrong because i dont understud that i have to change not you..but in reality i just change the game..


Your opinion is meaningless. People like you play few hours and leave, and outrages like this makes game developers to take bad decisions in their games to cater such people, and the true fans of the game suffer due to this.
You haven't played this game and your feedback is irrelevant, well maybe you can give some feedback about Act1 Hillock fight or Mud flats, but you are commenting about end game content, which with 4 challenges total across all leagues you never saw. GGG should balance the game around the players, who plays hundreds and thousands of hours during a season, not the ones who barely get out of act1.
Your max level character is 71, which barely touched maps, so please give feedback about the things you know and understand :)

He has given feedback about the things he knows. Feedback about how Casuals and new players feel, how their fun in the game is in Jeopardy.

The feedback of casuals and new players is as much if not more important than that of the 1%.

Even Blizzard mentioned that this has a huge impact on their game development, as new players are what make a game feel alive. If no new players join, then there will be no players replacing the old ones who left.

What do you think why gaming companies make things easier over time and not harder and more complex?
They do so, as new players struggle to cope with content of 10 expansions with thousands of things to do.

GGG lacks a roadmap, an understanding of fundamental game design and this is holding them back. Their ideas are good, Heist was by far the best league, the new atlas passive tree is amazing, but they dont understand how important new players are and how important an easy entry point to endgame is if we talk summoners.

Its such a tiny thing that they lack, but it does have huge consequences and I hope for their success in the future that they will find out about that soon, else POE2 will not last long as there are many good alternatives out or coming soon that will take players from POE.
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gageris wrote:
Shadeless01 wrote:
Sollkomol wrote:

Fair and constructive criticism is always welcome. But let's face it: The opinion of someone who's play time is limited to one challenge league where he/she completed 4 challenges is kinda irrelevant.

I play plenty enough over a long time and i never ever fucking cared about challenges, did one league, and thought what a boring grind, not for me, and looking at what some 1 did or did not do is BS with all those options to RTM and buy challenges because they cannot or are to lazy to accomplish

Please explain, how a person, who barely got into maps (lvl71), can give viable feedback about high end game content (which is for 95-97+ lvl characters with end game gear), which he only saw in youtube or twitch?
I saw ferrari car in the photo, but I drive old Volvo - does this allow me to give viable feedback on how ferrari feels to drive? I think not.

So anyone who plays from 1 to 71 does not play the game? Why do you bother so much that "less skilled (according to you)" people have fun in the game? I am less skilled, I manage to get around 90 if the characters are fun enough, because I fall asleep at a certain point (i mean.. chaining heists.. rofl.. elitism??? lol... I would say braindead no-lifers)

Why do you so called elitists care that there are a couple of newbie friendly builds that new or less skilled people can reach end content with, why, why do you care? If the game is empty the 1% will cry that the game is dead (streamers and elitism players live of those 99%)
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what i supose i have to play man ?
i dont know what build to play really its i dont have a choice its all bad options all rip o my god you guys developers of this game play this ?
Fruz wrote:
fancyfootwork wrote:
If you look closely you could see this mentality as far back as like 2014

I honestly think that :

1) it got much worse (the game complexity has increased alright, but that does not excuse everything)

2) GGG have significantly different means now ( given their size for example ), what used to be "well, they are a quite small indie studio, so .... considering it, they've done an amazing job !" is not usable anymore lol.

Haha yea thats true
The problem is that the balance team is too lazy and/or incompetent to make more complex changes to nerf the power of 1% without ruining it for the rest of 99%. They could introduce soft caps/diminishing returns or similar things to stop top builds getting out of control with top tier gear, but that's too complicated for them. And they are afraid to death to buff anything too much so nothing really gets any meaningful bufs..
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Added 11 new Maps.

Is there some list of them somewhere?
So I know "hey that's new" when one drops?

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