Content Update 3.13.0 -- Path of Exile: Echoes of the Atlas

Nerfing alt-quality aura effects to nerf aura-stackers, when you could've just been nerfing aura-stackers instead seems incredibly backwards.

Because for everyone except aurastackers this is basically you killing all the alt-quality auras off.
10% skill effect duration on anomalous malevolence, for example, was decently strong for an ordinary, not OP-as-shit build, and was overall an upgrade worth grinding for.
2% skill effect duration on anomalous malevolence is a joke. A bad one, at that.

Why not just delete the gems? That's a serious question.
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rshap wrote:
"The Rogue Harbour once again acts like a town and will be populated by other players."

who wanted this? the lag was terrible...

We are really confident that once the community at large sinks their teeth into these new options, there will be a tonne of powerful new builds available to discover. This should be further emphasised tomorrow when we reveal the full patch notes for 3.13 which includes over 40 skill gem buffs and other balance changes.

Best league with worst patch ever
Most of these skill gem buffs weren't really meaningful :c Oh well league and expansion still look hype.
Was expecting better buffs for the underused skills.
The small Cluster Jewel passive skills that grant increased effect of non-Curse Auras from your skills now grant 3%
Added Small Passive Skills have 25% increased Effect

How this will work?
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