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AVtime1 wrote:
im not doing this build but that art on the main page is T0. gg

Thanks, I spent a whole 10 minutes making it. Do not steal.

Alright, league almost over, time to list some changes and tweaks that I've made in current league due to changes that happened in game.

List of changes and tweaks


Casual reminder - always upgrade your gods.

Brine King - this remains unchanged.

1) Prevents us from being stun locked.
2) When your are initially stunned, you are stunned for less - that's like w/e you can skip it.
3) Prevents us from being chain frozen.
4) Self exlanatory - 50% less chill effect. Combined with further mechanics you can reach 100% reduction.

Abberath - changed from Gruthkul

1) Unaffected by burning ground. TL;DR - burning ground = bad. There are a lot of burning grounds that look different, are not obvious that they are burning grounds. They stop your energy shield from regenerating and do massive degen damage. Degen one of the things that kills this build. Removing one source of degen is a LOT.

2) 50% reduced ignite duration. Get it to 100% and you won't get ignited - another form of degen that often kills this build.

Why are this gods important? Followed up by
Harvest Crafted Jewels and Anointed Flesh passive ring

With harvest being in game as is, you can craft implicits on the jewels. And we use a fair amount of jewels.

What you are looking for is "reduced effect of X_Ailment"
The jewels I currently have done

The jewels that still can be upgraded

As you can see I have 50% reduced effect of shock just from jewels alone.

Moving on to the Anointed Flesh
This passive combined with the first node you take to path towards it grants 20% reduced effect and duration of elemental ailments.

And then you can choose to path through one of the following - 30% reduced effect of shock, 30% reduced effect of chill, or 30% reduced ignite duration.

In combination with jewels and Pantheons from before you can easily get to 100% reduced effect of shock (Meaning you won't take extra damage when you are shocked)
100% reduced effect of chill (Meaning chilling ground and other chill effects won't slow you down)
And about 70%+ reduced duration of the ignite - meaning it will be removed from you before it even ticks for damage.

Essentially making you elemental ailment immune.

TL;DR - Harvest craft the jewels, take this gods, and you will be elemental ailment 'unaffected'. Not immune, you still will be socked, chilled and ignited, but it will have no effect on you.


Due to recent introduction of tainted oils, its super easy to get the amulet corruption now.

I went with Pride Aura one - it gives about 5% MORE DPS. That's a lot. That's more than a passive point in a good node.

Mind that iLVL of amulet as at lvl 50 there are lot of trash mods in the pool.

You also can try and double corrupt it, if you don't want to sell your temples.

Things to consider when corrupting:
You can apply an additional Curse
(4–5)% Chance to Block Attack Damage
(4–5)% Chance to Block Spell Damage
+(14–16)% to all Elemental Resistances elemental resistance
(8–10)% increased Movement Speed
Zealotry has (15–20)% increased Aura Effect

TL;DR - Collects stones of Lazhwar as you go then corrupt it. It costs nothing. You might roll something good. Then slap anoint on top of it. Or just buy corrupted one for cheap, and anoint it for a decent upgrade.


Current set up.

AntiFreeze flask removed (We still attack even when frozen, and have freeze duration massively reduced). Bleed flask added. Bleeds killed me a lot. Be it from vulnerability or just natural bleeds, you need to remove them. Just corrupted blood immunity from the jewel is not enough.

TL;DR - freeze flask removed, bleed flask added. Bleeds are scary, yo!

Few words about curses and weapon utility setup

Your weapon can trigger 3 skills. 2 of those will always be Desecrate and Bone offering to ensure 100% uptime of the block.

The third skill is optional.
The options

Vulnerability - an obvious choice. Translates to 10% more DPS.

Punishment - a less obvious choice. Since this league "low life" counts as anything below 50% HP.

Initially this curse doesn't do anything. At 50% life it gives 2x value of Vulnerability. I personally think it's a better option, because bosses gets more dangerous the lower HP they are. So having extra DPS boost at last phase is better than having consistent DPS boost.

And then there is also a sweet bonus of "Cursed Enemies are Debilitated for 2 Seconds when they Hit" that reduces ALL enemy damage (including degen zones they spawn) when they hit you, even if you block the hit.

Unearth - ensures the 100% uptime of Plaguebringer. Thats what I use.

Frost Bomb - I was using it to reduce Maven's healnig on bosses. I don't think its worth keeping it, but if you strugle with healing - sure.

Idealy, in the very endgame you want gloves corrupted with Vulnerability curse and a)Unearth b) Amulet with extra curse corruption + Punishment.

Another thing to mention, if you are a fan of Asenath's Gentle Touch like I am, Implisit curse ovverieds usless temportal chains.

Gloves like this will always curse enemy with vulnerability.

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Welp.... shall we begin

I'm gonna start with TL;DR section first and fill up detailes later (If I wont get lazy)


The Bad

We got gutted in damage department pretty heavily. About 50% less DPS going down form 6.6mill to 2.8 mills.

30% less dmg just from 2 gems, so idk what Chris was about saying it will be up to 40% on a 6 link with pure damage supports.

Manacost went up by a lot, meaning we prolly gonna put 1 passive into mana reserved instead of life to be able to ressumon dead relics. Its not that big of a deal though.

Forbidden taste was obliderated, it will kill you if you use it pretty much. Not sure how good it will be with capped chaos res. My guess is - not good. Back to Blood of the Karui we go.

Holly Relics didn't get any ramp up in damage of the base skill like many other skills, so we have nothing to compensate for damage loss.

No more free onslaught from jewel. Not a huge deal, just take Phasing now, its close to being as good.

The Good

Meat Shield Support somehow got untouched and will be a great option to replace nerfed support gems. And it makes Relics taunt - extra defense for you.

We are still as tanky as we were. Ailment immune, max block, decent phys reduction, fortify, etc.

We still gonna be zooming once we get Trigger craft. And we don't care that it consumes mana, we don't use mana anyway unless summoning relics.

Flasks nerfs does not affect us that much, as we already were not relying on them. The new orbs are questionable, I have zero ideas how to use them for now.

Nerf to crafting doesn't affect us as well, since we power up from unique items for the most part. The key mods - reduced mana cost, reduced reflect, shock when focus - are still there.

Well here is my update on things. I, like many other people have no clue how build will work or feel after the damage nerfs. The tree and items didn't change. But I don't expect to be able to do Feared, and maybe even Maven.

Things worth mentioning - Summon Phantasm Support seems like a good damage boosting option. For both clear and bosses. I'll update the build as I play. Yes I'm gonna start with it. So you might sneak peek on my character progression if you want.

Meat Shield - most likely not worth. Still use it if you don't have better gems. Or if relics die too much.

And for the love of all that is holy, do not link Summon Raging Spirit with Minion Damage.

And try to have fun this league. Watching how house burns can be fun too.

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Fire_Archer wrote:

And for the love of all that is holy, do not link Summon Raging Spirit with Minion Damage.

Well here is an update after I played a bit of this league.

I think I'll start with a bit of a reddit kind of rant, feel free to skip it rightaway.

TL;DR - the game feels boring to play, the build feels as a shadow of its former self.

Rare monsters with random one-shots is a bane of my existence. Because damage of the relics nerfed so much, it takes half a minute to kill fat rare monsters. And during that time, once in blue moon, your block will fail and 6k HP with endu charges, fortify and other mitigations will be not enough, because said rare also randomly rolled a crit. And you will die.

And it feels super boring to play against that too. Its not a boss, it doesn't have mechanics you could dodge or avoid. Its just a empowered monster that only autoattacks, but hits super hard and attacks fast. So you kinda just standing there... and waiting for it to die. And hope it doesn't randmoly kill you.

The feeling of progression is also gone, as every next ugrade brings nearly nothing. Getting + to levels, empower, better weapon or chest is barely notiable boost in stats.

When I was making this build, not dying was a top priority. Its more invested in defences than damage, and seeing it fails just because we are 'slower' now, really makes me ask myself - why am I not just playing something with 1.5k life and 20 mill DPS.

Flasks... Are still used as piano. Nothing changed other than flask being empty more often than not. I have nothing to add to this. I wasn't using flask too often before, now they feel like not worth using at all.

Ailments. Later in Ultimate league I said how good that you can get semi-immune to ailments. Well, turns out - you can't.

The effect of shock stacks with itself as we can now see from the debuff. So if you reduce 30% shock to 15%, some other source of shock will add to the first one and you end up at 50% anyway.

So unless you have 100% ailment effect reduction, you are as good as having 0% in most cases.

Same goes to ignite duration. If you don't have 100% reduced duration - you are dead. I've been ignite for 20+ seconds while having 70% recuded ignite duration on me. So take it from the tree and the Pantheon - easy 100%.

Bleed and Poison - just kills you right on. Most of the time - even before you can press the flask to remove it. Flasks that auto use, will just run out of charges trying to remove bleed or poison over and over, because - once again - it takes some time to kill rare mobs. And they can bleed you 5 times over during that time even through 75% block.

Now when I'm done with ranting, lets look at the bright side of things.


Unlike with rare monsters, fighting bosses is pretty fun when they get to use more than 1 mechanic during fight. I'm sure there will be issues with things like Shaper and Maven Void Zones that just fill up the arena because you are not killing boss FAST enough. But overall.... Good stuff!

Rampage was not affected by nerfs in any way, and combined with Spiritual Bound notable, it destroys everything when clearing maps.

Null and Void are insanely powerful as they remove ailments from you as well as make you immune to phys damage. That means not taking bleeding damage.

The build still levels fast and smooth, zooms in maps and feels pretty tanky. Was a smooth road to T16.

Expedition monsters with Ward are vulnerable to us, as we first hit with Static strike that barely does any damage, and only then Relics trigger.

Mana nerfs are more than managable.

Cursed Crypt (map where you can get seond Holy Relic) is t3 and can be done early.

Overal, I had a smooth start, rough midgame and now, after few fixes - pretty smooth end game. The damage is clearly lacking, but I might fix that later.

Here is the current item set.

And some tips and things I encountered as I play this league.

1) Null and Void solve a lot of problems with ailments and bleeds as well as give you great clear. Get them ASAP.

2) If you have enough Dexterity - Use Poacher's Mark - it gives you life, mana, as much damage as vulnerability, and also makes your Relics generate frenzy charges. I used it early, then switched to Vulnerability due to lack of Dex.

3) Skitterbots give as much damage as Zealotry, but cost less mana. I was using those up to the very end game. You should too.

4) New Flask mod - Flagelant - resores 1 charge if you are hit. And you are hit a lot. A lot lot. It refills charger real fast - try rolling for it.

5) Forbidden Taste will kill you. Its hard to use even at 60 chaos res. Don't do it. Try getting Panic Life Flask instead. Or Blood of the Karui.

Well that's about it.
As far as my own character goes - I managed to kill some guarians, conqs, Oshabi and few Expedition bosses. Not much, but still nice that you can do that.

Hope you will have some fun if you tying this build.

Also Octavian was playing Holly Relics as league start. His build is a bit different, but you can watch the leveling part of it. Or maybe make your own take on the build. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1094756042
CedricDur wrote:
Fire_Archer wrote:

And for the love of all that is holy, do not link Summon Raging Spirit with Minion Damage.


Because reduction to HP on that gem reduced damage of explosion, effectively givin you 0 dps.

Hello everyone. Decided to make a little update, since I was torturing myself with actually playing this league out all this time.

There are a couple of things I wanted to talk about and I'm not entirely sure where to start. Sorry for grammar mistakes in advance - as there will be lot of text.

I guess we go from...

Starting league and early mapping

The game feels clunky to play, and I suppose its not a secret to anyone.

Starting out with this build felt smooth though. Leveling with SRS and early mapping with SRS+Holy Relic felt good. Rampage gloves combined with Spiritual Aid was blowing everything up.

The problems started in yellow maps and early reds. T10-T11. Rare monsters and map bosses were just taking too long to kill.

You would still be pretty much invulnerable due to the high block, but standing next to a rare for 2 minutes and tickling it down was straight up boring.

A bit later (T11-T13) even more problems started to show up, as ailments, bleeding and poison started to outright kill me.

Random ignite, random bleed would kill me on spot. I had to take 100% reduction to ignite duration and make 'Use on bleeding' bleed flask (that, at that time, would just go empty instantly)

Having full 75 Chaos Resistance would essentially do nothing to Al-Hezmin poison as 1 stack of it would just kill you anyway, regardless of your resist.
Had to make poison flask and use it just for him...

Getting Null and Void gloves helped a lot to mitigate things, but the build itself felt pretty bad. At least compared to what it was.

Fixing up some survivability problems, however, didn't fix anything in regards of lacking damage.

It was not until I got Empower level 4 in +1 to socketed gems Tabula it stoped feeling super bad, and started feeling just bad to mediocre.

League contents? You can forget about it.

Blight - you can't do it. And I don't mean blighted maps. I mean encounter. Enemies will either kill your relics and then you, or just march to the pump with you having no damage to stop them.

Delirium? Funny. You most likely won't get past 1-2 rewards.

Betrayal? You can maybe tickle down one attacker, the rest will run away, you have on damage to kill them.

Incursion? Oops! You are out of time even if you just go and try to kill the temple architect alone. Oh and you won't kill him in time anyway.

Expedition - actually doable, as long as you don't touch any remnants or runic skulls and just go for chests. But then you get almost nothing out of it. Log books? Better just sell them, like you do to blighted maps.

Harvest? - You are dead in 0.5 second of the lag as mosnters spawn.

At that point the correct choice would be skipping any master you find in a map and just alch and go. It was very... very sad.

Until the saviour came.

Investing 6ex (that I got from pretty much doing chaos recipe and few lucky drops) into those gloves unlocked most league mechanics for me. Suddenly you can even do blighted maps, as Asenath effect lingers and procs from tower attacks.

Suddenly you can clear up incursions by lowing up packs of mobs around the boss and killing them with that damage. Even push to 5 delirium rewards.

The next stop would be getting lvl 21 Relic gem, or lvl 20 Divergent Relic. The DPS was the same and Divergent version was lot cheaper.

At that point the damage was kinda okay to deal with bosses, but I had to constantly swap Increased Area of Effect support for a Meat Shield. Just because it takes longer to kill the boss than to do a gem swap. This is tedious.

Why Meat Shield and not Predator you ask. Well that is because... you relics will die. A lot. The main survivability on relics comes form minions leech. But since relics do shit for damage now, they also don't leech enough to stay alive. Not to mentions they now have 25% less HP. Meat Shield help at least a little bit with mitigation.

Having that set up I came across another issue. Mana. Mana managment was terrible. Relics would die an you can't resumon them. Bone Offering would not activate because Static Strike on a 4 link would cost like 20 mana, and you only have like 100, with Bone Offering require you to have 80. 2 Attacks and suddenly you can't block anyone.

I was using Summon Skitterbots over Zealotry to help the mana issues. It was barely. Barely enough. Oh and no mana to use War Banner in that set up either. That being said Skitterbots ARE better than Zealotry in terms of DPS, up untill you get Shock craft on the ring.

Fixing mana issues with aura swap and some flat mana regen on a ring/jewels, I was at the point where I could attempt doing T14-T16 conqs and Elder guardians. A5 Sirus was also very much doable.

Not Shaper Guardians though. Those would oneshot me randomly, as it seems that things that I could previously face tank last league would just murder me.

And lets not fogert the Maven healing... That thing was disgusting. Relics barely do 1-1.3 mills DPS, and she would just heal all of it up. Frost Bomb on the Trigger weapon was (and still is up to today) mandatory to have when dealing with anytying Maven related.
I bet GGG will nerf Frost Bomb too - as it gives too much power with no investment.

At that point, the next step would be getting +1 to gems corruption on the chest, for that sweet sweet +30% more damage.

And here comes another issue. Because of how little people play this league, the market was empty. Most of my gear I would have to craft myself.

This would include the corruption of the chest. I think I run like ~10 temples with corruption altar till I finally got it

Getting that and some clusters, the damage started to feel about as much as in early stages of pre-nerf. Reaching up to 2 mills DPS, I took down A8 Sirus, Shaper, Elder, Simulacrum, Formed, etc. Read belows about that.

The clear speed felt divine, packs of mobs blowing up with Asenath and rares dying relatively fast. Map bosses, even with Maven, didn't felt like issue anymore. The build finally felt good.

Only took like 15ex+ of value to make it work, eh?

T1-T9 - clear good. Bossing mediocre.
T9-T11 - Everything is bad.
Get Asenath
T9-T16 - clear good, bossing bad
Get more damage
T14-T16 - All good.

Now lets talk about things I manage to accomplish pushing this build to the end. Again.

End game
Elder Guardians - Done. Twisted - Done.
They really are not a threat to you, as long as you have 100% ignite duration reduction. Ignite dude is pretty much the only one that can hurt you.

Shaper Guardians - Done. Formed - Done.
Mino and Hydra can easily kill you. They sure did kill me. But as long as you don't try to facetank Mino slam and don't get randomly oneshotted offscreen by Hydra, its very much doable.

Shaper - Done. Witensed by Maven - Done.
And I have to say about that fight is
"Take vitality boon!"
"Take vitality boon!"
"Take vitality boon!"
"Take vitality boon!"

I think it took 10 minutes when I done it first time, and I didn't have Frost Bomb with me. Now I have it all the time.

As for a fight itself... Well... Longer fight means more void zones that Shaper spawns. Other than that - not a big deal. You can even face tank his slam. Unlike Minotaur. ??? Why...

Elder - done. Witensed by Maven - Done.
Elder was never a hard boss. Easy watchers eye.

Sirus A5-A8 - Done.
A tedious boring fight. At A8 he just spams teleports around and becomes invulnerable more often than not. With low damage it takes a while to kill him, but he can't kill you either, so... Easy fight I guess.

Atziri - Done.
A joke fight with ignite reduction.

Simulacrum - Done.
Some waves were 4 rewards. Most of them were 5. Bosses are not too hard to deal with. Very much doable and fun. Did it deathless, which is weird, because last league I would die to Kozis.

Maven - Done.
Terrible fight. I attempted her last when I would have best gear possible at the moment. Its still not enough. She just fills up arena with void zones. And casts Memory Game at least twice as much as she normaly would. All because of the damage nerf and time it takes to kill her now.

Died 2 times doing her. To Memory Game. And then she dropped juicy loot that was worth 2c. Never doing her again.

Oshabi - Done. Harves bosses - Done.
I did her day 4 with very shit gear. She was pretty easy, but care of the degen ground she leaves. It looks like burning but my immuinty didn't work on it.

Taking down harves boss that would drop bloom to get to her was harder though. They deal too much damage and killed me once.

10 way invetations - Done.
Doesn't seem like an issue to deal with them. Care for bosses with massive degens like Laboratory boss.

Bossing okay! You can do some end game stuff.

Now for the future plans.

My gear is not yet optimized and I plan on getting at least +2, maybe +3 to level of the relic of even more damage.

At that point I will attempt to finish unlocking uncharter realms by doing Synth maps, Breach bosses and possibly even Feared.

I don't really expect build to take down Feared, then again, they are not really that hard if you know what you doing. Gotta see if damage is enough.

Expedition bosses? Tell me if you find em. I sure didn't. But I'm not really going for logbooks either, as I find logbooking REALLY boring.

Current gear

Future plans for the gear

As you can see I hit insane fracture on my weapon. Locking in Alva mod means I can roll +1 to all spell skill gems by chaos spamming. I'm also looking to Veil craft it so I would have Trigger on 4 second cooldown instead of 8.

My shield is good, having 2 stats I need (ES on block and 12 spell block) and has a goo life roll on top. But the base is not the best and I'm going to Awakener orbs 2 shields with ES and Spell Block with a good base and hope to get something good.

I'm also thinking to replace my Amulet. Again - with Awakener orb on 2 amulets with 7% Spell block and +1 to all int gems. Will lose 8 spell block, will get ~10% more damage. That would not be worth, but I think I can get spell block up from other sources, like alt qual gems and get it to at least 70%. Maybe more.

I'm still missing reflect rings. Not sure how to go about that yet. Market is dry, crafting them myself would be tedious. And I really need them to do Atziri/Feared.
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Preparations were made, but it was not enough...

Gathered up some core items to maximize the damage output and deal with reflect.
Gloves with Vulnerability on hit for a fair bit of damage. You pretty much just need a decent life roll and Vuln. In my case - also some int.

And just look at those great (not) rings I got!

Still, its enough to mitigate Atziri reflect and not go negative on life or resists.

Uber Elder - Done (no watchers eye, never rubber ducky)
Fairly easy fight, the damage is enough to phase Shaper and Elder pretty fast, and then its a dodge game.

Uber Atiziri - Done.
Nothing to say about it. The damage can be on low end, so she might go into annoying invulnerability phase and keep you waiting.

The Hidden - Done. It was hard.
Surprisingly a hard fight. Not sure why. Prolly because of the timer, as when 4 of them spawns, they just fill up arena with too much crap.

I actually had to do them twice, as first time I failed it because of rolls on invintation.

Second time I did them unrolled and deathless. They don't have enough damage to kill you that way, but still take a while to kill them. With rolls the fight can get really nasty.

Cortex - Done.
Nothing special or hard about the fight. The hardest part was to get 3 ex to buy the map. The second hardest part is to know boss mechanics and not stand in the deth zone. Other than that, with damage I have, Cortex went down pretty fast. Boss only did something dangerous twice during the whole fight.

Chayula- Done.
Nothing special about that fight either. Just remember- don't stand next to him when he spins. Just wait it out. That's it.

The Feared - Not done.
The first attempt of doing feared was a failure.
In 6 portals I managed to take down Atziri and Shaper.

The fist two bosses I had to deal with were Atziri and Cortex. That alone was pretty rough as 2 of the easiest ones (Chayula and Elder) were locked to the very end.

I was hard focusing Atziri over Cortex, and it looks like it was a mistake.

Because as soon as I killed her, Shaper spawned, leaving up Cortex and Shaper.

And arena that was more void zone than solid ground at that point.

Having low damage and having Shaper and Cortex stay in a fight longer meant they covered everything in degen that kills you in 3 seconds and massively slows you.

That also means you can't really touch them, as they would place said degen zones under themselves and stand there, while you can't come to them in melee range. And during that time they would just spawn even more void zones.

The plan for the second attempt would be - ignore Atziri, focus down Cortex/ Shaper. Yeah Atziri is dangerous, but most of her abilities are blockable, her ignites don't exist. Her bleed is dangerous, but flasks might just deal with it.

Still missing out +1 to spells on a weapon, and that is a solid 15% dmg boost.

Currently having about 4 mill DPS. Not really enough for feared, somewhat enough to do other end game bosses reliebly.

Decided to go against the idea of witching amulets as corrupted amulet I have gives about as much damage. Swaping it to rare amulet with states I want would be trading 3% spell block for 3% DPS. That is very much not worth it.
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First of all, thank you for the detailed update! Trying this build now and loving it, still need a lot of gearing tho.

Want to ask, why do you choose corrupted soul over divine flesh?
and if I don't have a lot of es is corrupted soul still good for me?
selowbro wrote:
First of all, thank you for the detailed update! Trying this build now and loving it, still need a lot of gearing tho.

Want to ask, why do you choose corrupted soul over divine flesh?
and if I don't have a lot of es is corrupted soul still good for me?

So generaly speaking, if you take just key stone Divine Flesh and Corrupted Soul is equal in power of making you tankier.

But Corupted Soul has a lot of synergy with your other gear items. Its perfetly normal not to have ES, because Corrupted Soul will give you like 1000 of it.

Skin of the Loyal will multiply it even further and "Recover Energy Shield when you block" mod on the shield will make it so your ES will replenish plenty during combat. The fact that you can multiply your ES and regen it makes it much more stronger then just flat damage reduction from Divine Flesh.

On top of that, Divine Flesh only protects you from elemental damage. And this build is very weak to Physical damage. Energy shield protects you from ALL damage.

Although I made few changes to the build just recently that would add even more ES to the build. I'll post it in next comment.
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Aight big update incoming.

Spoiler alert - Feared - Done!

You absolutely should not do Feared with this build in current state, but like... if you really want to - you can.

First of all, lets talk about changes I made to the build. It was an interesting road to what it is now.

1) Switched amulet corruption for +1 curse. Why? Well I explain it down below.

2) With extra curse in hand, I thought to myself, why not use Poacher's Mark

Surely -20% phys damage reduction is great for bosses! My relics do pure phys damage and on top of that would be able to generate Frenzy Charges! That's huge 12% damage boost on its own and + armor strip.

Sound cool, right?

Well turns out bosses don't have armor to begin with. There is no physical damage reduction to strip. Or rather almost no, but Divergent Pride takes care of it.

Frenzy Charges on relics would be a great boost to damage though, so its still an option.

But then I realized there is another curse that is better.

3) Got an Unset Ring with extra slot for a curse.

Punishment is insane. Boss takes 80% more damage when half hp. That's a huge multi. And it helps to burst bosses down, as they are more dangerous the lower HP they are, adding new mechanics to the fight.

And on top of that Punishment reduces enemy damage by 10% when they hit. Just everything you would want.

4) Turns out PoB does not calculate damage gained from Predator Support correctly.

To put it simple, Predator support is straight up worse than Meat Shield and it requires you to press a button to activate it on one target only.

5) Swapped Predator to Meat Shield, and Predator activation button now bound to the Punishment curse. Hand cast. For even more effect.

What was single target mark before, now is AoE curse that makes enemies take more damage, and explode when killed. Great not just for bosses but for dangerous packs of rares, like expedition events.

6) Reading more into why bosses have no armor, and looking up how the flask nerfs made this build very much vulnerable to physical damage, I came to a conclusion.

Trying to scale armor is pointless for this build. And since the only actual armor scaling we had was mostly from a high armor shield...

Well I replaced it for Energy Shield base to scale energy shield more.

7) Finished making an Ultimate Weapon, messing up with some meta mods, Leo Slams and Veiled Chaos Orbs.

TL;DR Changes

Get +1 curse on amulet

Get Ring with slot and slot in Punishment curse.

Swap your Armor Shield to Energy Shield Shield.

Get godlike weapon

Never use Predator Support for bosses, use Meat Shield instead.

And then maybe, just maybe, you can do all content in the game.

The result of the changes

Feared - Done!

A terrible fight made me use 5 of 6 portals.

Once again I was unlucky to spawn both Atziri AND Cortex as my first enemies.

This is straight up terrible, as Cortex boss fills up the arena with void zones and then chars the ground so you can't possibly see those zones.

Charred ground also makes you not see w/e Atziri is doing and you just have to hope that block will carry you.

As I planed I burst down Cortex fist. This helped a lot. In fact, first 3 portals I wasted was trying to kill Cortex. Once he was dead the fight got lot easier.

Last 2 portals were used... well honestly just because I was not trying to focus at that point.

Atziri went down with ease, Chayula died next, causing no issues, then Shaper and Elder spawned, with Shaper sniping me with a beam 2 times.

I already did Uber Elder fight with Maven, deathless, so last 2 death were just me not playing properly if anything.

In conclusion.

The build survived nerfs fairly well.

Its strong to start, falls off a bit in midgame, and absolutely can do all the content in end game.

The feeling of progression feels much worse now, but its still there.
But honestly, any upgrade fades before getting epower 4 and Asenath.

Hope whoever reads this will have some fun playing it.
And hope it will only get better from here as GGG will slowly recover the game from its current state.

Loot from the feared
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