December Events - Mayhem, Endless Delve and Flashback

is heist going to be in the 1 week mayhem event?
almost no build can perform perfectly without clusters.

In waht kind of poe do you live? every build can be played perfectly fine without any cluster i never used them and never will they are just a tool to furter min-max you clearly have no idea waht youre talking about quit using guides ...

Edit: fogot to metioning having limited accses to gear is the fun part and a method to actually make it a Challange.
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anti hype ?
It's bullshit that mtx rewards are shared across all leagues. There is no risk for softcore players grinding levels in such snowbally league as Mayhem, meanwhile avoiding deaths is a totally different ball game in HC ladder.
3 events all with guaranteed boxes at lvl50.

Even though I personally hate delving and find it extremely boring after 5 minutes, I will try to get to lvl50 on that event as well.
It would be cool if Endless Delve was a permanent game mode
flashback , to get the juicy MTX :V
For Delve. What level will we start at. Or will the Delve be diff from normal and start at lvl 1?
"Delirium mirror?" I think you meant Delirium peacock.
thanks for the events <3

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