Super Stash Sale

No money from me unless this extra month is used for stabilizing, fixing, and balancing. This game has turned into an unmitigated mess and it needs to be fixed before I spend another dime. I know this probably means nothing to you, but I am of the cetacean variety of product buying. If I am stopping, others are too.
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francorocco23 wrote:
free box by spending points when???

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Darn, my bad rng of buying the 3 new special stash tabs a day before this sale.
guess ill reinstall and check if desecrate is fixed, specifically the performance killing new particle effect, introduced in heist.

[edit], alright thumbs up to the halfway fix, we are down to only a 30ish % increase on the card from, 50 up to 85, when casting desecrate with spell cascade, the game has returned to being barely playable again, with 98% usage on the card being the max when more shit is going on... by this i mean i can now fight basic mob packs during the act.

plz just scrap this new desecrate effect entirely, reinstate the old one, then work on the new and sort it.

also a suggestion for the skill: maybe remove the second display of the desecrate cloud effect which occurs when recasting, as a person who play with the skill, i dont really care about where corpses and degen dissapear from when it recast is somewhere else. Kinda pointless when you think about it. and it could cut this particle nonsense by half, which would definately be a buff. Cheers and good luck on the bug hunts.
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ah the stash sales. yeah i am desperate to get couple more. but im kinda saving, and trying to keep my mood with gaming as good in real life. extra tabs wont give me anything anymore. rather rage vendor items wich are manually priced than lower those prices and give opportunity to new players with nice cheap items. hah never going to happen. im just going to vendor. saving money and TIME.
how to fix this issue. simple. 20-50% increased drop rates in whole game when sales happening. i assume those sales happens when you guys think theres enough players online to milk them. and i would let milk myself if this thing happens.

but its gets boring. boring why. bcs going high tier maps without cretain build it gets even more boring. bcs then build is complete. enough wasted currency.
id like to earn something diffrent than currency. instance target craft, collect uniques and morph them togheter to recive reweard based on luck or whatever this idea catch upon develpoer eye.

i dont know man. chilling here with beer.

take syndicate and heist put them togheter, take both aspects and make it whole.
yeah you guys see what and how much daily missions are most used. its zana and einhar. dont follow streamers and theyr syndycate and niko runs. thats boring.
going deep in delve should be free.

i hate trading.
ok, thanks for listening me on dash but with adding support gem on it, whyle unable to use it bcs of ? it pulls me back ? people say desync . i should shoot to desync. most favorable skill and you add support gem on it and it doesnt even work normaly for 3 leagues.
sirgog wrote:
Bex_GGG wrote:
ak47master wrote:
This league is really dragging while there is no future plan, dates announced from devs. I guess we really need to go for Cyberpunk until January league starts :(

We are announcing our December events on Monday.

Sincerely hope there's a balance patch at the same time, if aura stacking survives it's going to be another stale meta.

At the very least, the 1% reduced mana corrupt needs to go legacy BEFORE the event. Other balance can come later, but that just needs to go before it warps another economy reset.

agree, nowadays everything is around aura aura and aura. It shaped the new economy balance and even the end game logic. If there is no change on aura I suggest GGG change the game name - Path of Aura
Glad to hear something is coming next month, as I'm too tight to buy Cyberpunk. This team still has my support and I'm looking forward to great things. Maybe some VR support in PoE2? I hope you're focusing the "perfections" and revisions on The revision, PoE 2! Let this fall to the wayside for a time and focus those efforts on something that will catch attention, like those new visuals and skill systems.

But, please find a way to transfer all progress of your 7-8+ year players. I'm so worried. I've played this game because of my belief in it's longevity and PoE 2 being announced renewed hope. Please don't use legacy servers, or some way of diminishing value for me. Upgrade your veterans for this project's longevity. I made mistakes in my own game company and it failed for stupid reasons, it being 5 years later everything seems very stupid and I wish I'd operated different then.
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Buzzard1908 wrote:
Very nice, how about fixing the lag and performance issues. Rather have this fixed then more MTX. Maybe if the game was playable you may sell something, but i guess you are all the professionals and we are just the nothing's.

Who says they aren't?? and who says they aren't doing both? I personally don't have any issues with performance whatsoever (key word "personally"). you expect them to check your performance "issues" on a one on one basis? LOL.. don't expect good performance if you're running PoE on a potato PC :) I'm well aware there are issues with performances for many players, but we can't expect GGG to help on each issue one by one since it's different for everybody.. save these toxic comments for reddit :)
lol, you are well aware? Are you perhaps an employee or a fanboy? And what potato pc may i have? can you by chance see what i am running?
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