We've finished accepting submissions to the Hideout Competition. Over the next few days we'll be reviewing your hideouts and will announce the winners very soon! In the meantime, check out the recent competition highlights in the video below.

Here is a list of hideouts featured in this video:
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Grinding Gear Games
Nice HO keep going guys!!!
Last edited by Kraisty on Nov 15, 2020, 7:55:35 PM
Noice! :)
still no event announcement? oof
That boat in the water looks really good. I like it :P
🔷🔶🔰🌀✨Khajit has wares... If you have coin...✨🌀🔰🔶🔷
🔷🔶🔰🌀✨Best Leagues Ever Made: Synthesis(3.6 version)>Harvest(3.11 version)>Delve✨🌀🔰🔶🔷
Pog nice work bois
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
Time spent must be expensive
All of them look awesome. I toiled over which one I think is my favorite. Can't choose :) All winners as far as I'm concerned.
These look great! I really love how how creative people have been with these.

The Delirium one is very confusing though - it's literally just white fog on a default hideout. I wish you'd shown more of it because I assume there's absolutely no way that what you showed of that was on par with the rest, or many of the other submissions I've seen that haven't been highlighted yet.
I submitted a late entry if thats ok
I remember it ends on the 16th but it was still the 15th for me and I didnt realize you guys would stop taking entries before the 15th ended everywhere else. Anyway I hope you look at it I put a lot of time into it

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