Hideout Competition Highlights

is there a way i can get some exports? would love that thieves den ho..
So very Pretty.
How about fixing the LAG issue.
Link pleaseeeee
Thank you for the feature again! <3

Have made both Murder House & Japanese Onsen hideouts in versions with and without MTX, will be uploading all 4 versions on hideoutshowcase once the judging phase is over.

Alternatively you can DM me on discord (Azazel#7275) for the file as well.
This bio-lab looks nice
Good job recreating Lioneye's Watch. We've seen some nice ideas over time and this is definitely one of them.
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I love the onsen! I would give it first place! Such a great idea!
That bioengineering lab is amazing!
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Avelrod wrote:
I submitted a late entry if thats ok
I remember it ends on the 16th but it was still the 15th for me and I didnt realize you guys would stop taking entries before the 15th ended everywhere else. Anyway I hope you look at it I put a lot of time into it

bug your brain knowing that your effort may be disregarded because you live a few hours away from New Zealand

I hope they consider
wow, this is your hideout? it's so cool!

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