The Thunderstorm Apparition Effect

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Loving it. Hopefully we can get a matching Herald of Thunder or Stormcall MTX.
too bad this apparition stuff only appear when we stand still for a while. i would love to buy it if it appear all the time above my char
First apparation i actually like. But im not going to spend $27 on it
Piacevole wrote:
Can we get Chris looking at my char from the sky apparition?

Yes! We need this!
Firefly00 wrote:

Indeed it does; more interesting would be a pet version. Imagine having 2-3 of these wandering around your hideout...

they did it with Twilight mystery boxes :

Nightfall cloud pet, more like celestial cloud tho
Finally some apparition i like. Something Simple. rainy, sunshiny, rainbowy, foggy, cloudy, typhony apparition are next i suppose?
Seems interesting
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looks nice on a lightening based build.

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