The Thunderstorm Apparition Effect

I will wait for some sunshine
The MTX of choice when your RNG is down the drain.
I really like that one. I dont much care for most of the apparitions, but this one is kinda nice actually.
Cool, I actually made a thread recently about mtx suggestions and suggested apparition like that, except a snowstorm not thunderstorm
Piacevole wrote:
Can we get Chris looking at my char from the sky apparition?

Please make this a thing!
Sprites are TOOOO sharp! Warning!
275 ? WTF ? Lol
Lightning could be more interesting. Overall its a better version of the clarity mtx.
Would be better as mtx for "Storm Call" or a new Lightning Storm Skill... :D
Buy now, and make the dream of being the most depressed exile in your instance of the town come true.
Есть один путь - наверх!


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