[3.13] Saqawal's Tornado Assassin | Easy/Unique Playstyle | All Content | Cheap Budget

So this has to be, by far my favorite Build so far, it has far surpassed my expectations and non come near to its strengths with this playstyle. First Glance most people will just assume its just another bad meme build, but its actually good at just about everything.




so i did some testing, took two accounts and sat in a duel, WITHOUT the MTX, i was getting 4-5 hits consistently with tornado, WITH the MTX, i was getting 3-4 hits, so it seems we are missing out on a whole extra hit on each tornado with the MTX. I judged it by taking high hp jugg with no avoidance/block, and just simply counting the poison stack for every proc(took off all the reduced duration etc so only 1 proc every 3 seconds).

I posted in the bug report section, hopefully they will get this fixed asap, but being this a niche build with limited players using the MTX as well, not expecting it to get fixed that soon =\ If u want to help draw attention to it, here is the forum post


I will post updates here if any occur about this issue or it is fixed/resolved.(Currently Feb 3rd)

Henry_GGG wrote:

Thank you for the report, we'll look into this.

They are aware of the issue!(Feb 4th)

Edit: It appears the hit rate is still the same for the spark spiders, but the projectiles are faster, as a work-around, you can use unbound ailments instead of increased duration, as they haven't announced a fix for it yet. (Feb 6th)

Fast Mapper
Clears All Content
Pretty cheap budget
Has incredible Sustain
Great at delving, can Darkness farm very well.
Doesn't require any 6 Links
Can play with 1 Hand (You just run!)
Unique Playstyle

Not a league starter
Requires mostly unique items.
Dodge Based Build
Levels Important for Survivability
People might hate playing with you.(3.13 Added MTX for tornado! We can use spark spiders now! Huge buff!)
Malevolence Hurts the build a lot.
Cannot have your sound turned on with hardly any decent volume.
Blinds everyone on your screen, including the mobs. (tornado blinds)
Might not want to play other builds after encountering this playstyle


Disintegrator got a slight nerf, 7-8% dmg loss
Assassin got semi-gutted, another ~15% dmg loss
Phantasmal Haste got 75% nerf, now only .25% faster buff per 1% qual
Tornado can now use Spark Spiders MTX! We can now join groups again!

Herald of Agony + Purity, is now a 7.5% dps increase over Phantasmal haste as it currently sits, so worth going vs phantasmal haste, UNLESS you have the phasing while affect by haste watchers eye

Edit: after some play-testing, Build still functions fine, got maven kill down, shaper guardians, still clears all content perfectly fine.

Ok, Lets get into the Idea of the build.


This build is based entirely off Triggering Tornados from the Saqawal's Flock Unique helmet.

The Helmet as seen above, has no cooldown, and triggers a Tornado Every time you gain Avian's Might, or Avian's Flight.

You Gain Might & Flight by using Aspect of the Avian which we get from Saqawal's Talons Unique Boots. Aspect of the Avian, by default, grants 4 seconds of Might, then switches to 4 seconds of Flight, Endlessly switching between when the duration runs out.

We Abuse this mechanic, by reducing the base duration of 4 seconds, as far as possible. Without any aura's the lowest you can get this duration down to is .12 seconds, thats 8.33 Tornados Triggered every second.

Tornado also has some unique features. Each tornado, repeatedly hits the same target as long as it is within the tornado. From the testing I have done, it is around 4-5 hits every second the target is in the tornado. So if we were to have, 8 tornados a second, each hitting 4-5 times a second, thats 32 hits a second, not including the fact that Tornado Can also Shotgun with GMP if it were to bounce off a wall/object, similar to how spark functions.

We abuse this massive amount of hits that tornado is generating, by stacking poisons. >:D

Note to keep in mind for the rest of the guide: Reduced Skill Effect Duration, is the most important stat for the Tornado Proc rate, only having 70% vs 85%, will cut your tornado count in HALF.

Path Of Building

Cheap Starter Versions
(Updated Feb 8th, 2021)

https://pastebin.com/UPNsmHcG (Level 72)

https://pastebin.com/Dwj4hrV4 (Level 92)

My Current/Final Builds:

https://pastebin.com/d3ChPi7d (Updated Feb 8th, 2021)

https://pastebin.com/vmAFeX1S (Updated Jan 21st, 2021)

Leveling Tree's (I leveled as Blade Vortex)

Heist League Final Build
https://pastebin.com/72PvZAXH (Nov 4, 2020)
(Several Nerfs/changes, new final build above.)


Going Assassin of course for the poison and defensive capabilities
Noxious Strike -> Mistwalker -> Toxic Delivery -> Opportunistic

Soul Of Brine King For Anti Stun/Freeze Lock
Soul of Abberath for Anti Burning Ground

We Kill all Bandits for +2 Passives


Current Gear

Note: Explody Chest not required, read Chest Section.


Saqawal's Flock, No other option here, just try to get as much of the stats as you wish to pay for. Shouldn't be more than a few chaos for a mediocre/good one.

It is highly recommended you get one white socket and 3 Green on the helmet, as you can swap from Increased Duration, to unbound ailments for more boss Dps. If doing the Vorici Safehouse craft, make sure it is 4 green before you do it, so that its impossible to get it wrong.

If you are looking for a good Enchant, Withering Step, Plague Bearer, or a mana reservation one would be really the only options as there is no enchant for tornado.


Saqawal's Talons Are again, the only option here.
The only thing that truly matters, is that you try to get ATLEAST -1.80 Seconds on them. it goes to -2.00, so anything in-between is ok. Higher(lower?) the better obviously.
MAKE SURE ITS NEGATIVE, NOT POSITIVE SECONDS, we are trying to reduce duration!

Sockets are 3 Green 1 Red, R-G G-G


Saqawal's Winds Again only choice.
Same as the boots, the only thing that truly matters, is that you try to get ATLEAST -1.80 Seconds on them. it goes to -2.00, so anything in-between is ok.
MAKE SURE ITS NEGATIVE, NOT POSITIVE SECONDS, we are trying to reduce duration!

Sockets are 2 Blue, 2 Red sockets, R-R B-B


TWO, Timetwist Rings. We want reduced skill Duration!

Try to get 10% REDUCED skill effect duration on both. 8 & 9% is acceptable, but you want to get the 10% as your first upgrade after you got the build up and going as it is the most important stat to get up first.

Disclaimer: I know there is hardly any for trade, best & cheapest option, is to Get any Timeclasp Ring, and upgrade it with the Rift in Time Prophecy in the laboratory map. Its a 1/21 Chance to get a perfect -10%. Costs only 2c per attempt, so generally is the way to go, its how I get mine. Or you can pay the 5ex+ for an already rolled one. Depends how rich you are?


Warped Timepiece Unique Amulet

Get 15% REDUCED Skill effect duration. 15% Movement speed if you wish, should be very cheap, only 5c if that.

Make sure to blessed orb it to get 24 dex/int, we will need the intellect.
Cast speed will only affect lightning warp, so not really worth worrying about anything but duration & Movespeed. Attack Speed does nothing for us.

We will be annointing Corruption on it for the chaos Damage & withered effect.


Disintegrator Unique Staff is easily the BIS weapon for this build.
We use it purely for the massive amount of Physical Damage it gives to spells from the Battlemage Keystone. Nothing else comes close, unless you want to buy mirror tier weapons. Should be fairly cheap, get as high roll as you wish to buy.

The First image is min-maxed socket colors/Gems,Second Image is Alternative/cheaper socket colors, both will be described in the gem section


Couple different Options Here.

My personal recommendation is to just grab a Kaom's Heart. It alone grants me 1400+ Life, and is our main source of life, which is needed to prevent 1 shots. Without it, you just simply wont even hit 5k Life. I am Currently at 5.7k hp with the inc dmg kaoms above. For getting that additional benefit, you can grab a nice corrupt on it as above, but is definitely not needed.

If you got the currency, there is two expensive options you can go. Both of these options have a 12% max life belt with chaos damage, to compensate for the lack of hp from kaoms, as you won't need the strength anymore. (sample Below)

Option 1)Would be to get a Replica Shroud of the Lightless as below, For this to be better, you need some GG jewels to begin to be better than a %inc Damage Corrupted Kaoms

Option 2) Get an Explody chest with 100+ life, and %Increased Life, preferably with frenzy charge on hit as well, as then we can replace green nightmare with another good damage abyss jewel. The explody chest will help with 100% deli content, and delving.
Also allows us to get some extra sockets for a CWDT setup, or whatever you want, 6 enlightens/enhances, your choice :P


Few Different things you need on your belt.
Going to 100% need strength on your belt as you are more than likely going to be wearing Kaom's Heart. That means we need to get to 191 Strength.

With No gear on, you should have around 120-130 Strength just from the tree alone, depending where you are at with your levels.
That means the rest will come from the belt or clusters if you have the choice.

You are Going to also need Life, Fire resist (around 35-45%), and around 15-20% cold resist. I picked up the first belt above, for 3c, there were a few others for fairly cheap as well. Second one is a slightly upgraded version with chaos dmg added onto it(aspect of cat does nothing, ignore it). The third would be something that youd try to get for min-maxing.

Additonal Option if you are really trying to push the build, is to get a belt like this, this is assuming you are NOT using a kaoms, and using an explody chest or shroud of the lightless, as you won't need the strength on the belt, and can grab the %life

Jewels & Clusters

Regular Jewels

Most of your resists, are going to have to come from your jewels unfortunately. You get 5 Jewel slots, 6 if you get a Stygian Vise Belt. Three of these are going to be used to get your resistances.

Cheap way to get most of your resists, is to use 3x Grand Spectrum CRIMSON Jewels. These give 7% for each one you have, up to 3, so with 3, they give 21% All Resists, for each jewel. They should only cost you 1c/ea.

One of your jewels should have a chance to hinder enemies, so we get the benefit from touch of cruelty on the large cluster jewel

For this build to have Any sustain, you NEED a Watcher's Eye with Life Gained on hit while affected by Vitality. This is HUGE as we hit so many times a second, with a group of mobs, you are practically impossible to kill if it doesn't 1 shot you.

For a 2nd mod, you can grab Vitality damage leech % if possible,

or go the phantasmal haste route and get Phasing while affected by haste(less dmg this route)

The Green Nightmare you use only if you have a phasing jewel and all your resists with this on.

Cluster Jewels

We only use one Set of Cluster's for the tree, 1 Large, 2 Mediums, 2 Smalls

We will need to also get 2 intellect via our cluster jewels so that we can use the staff, we will be at 107(111 with catalyst on amulet)staff requires 113 intellect.


We are looking for an 8 passive, Increased Chaos Damage Large Jewel with both Overwhelimg Malice, and Touch of Cruelty.

If you are rich and have the currency, get either Grim Oath(more Damage), or Unspeakable Gifts(Chance to explode mobs on kill). This 3rd notable is not required, but helps if you can get it.

You'll need to grab an abyss jewel with chance to hinder, so we still get benefit from touch of cruelty from the large cluster jewel


We are looking for two, either a 4 or 5 passive, Chaos Dmg Over Time Multi Medium Clusters.

The two required notables between these two are External Suffering(wither stacks, More dmg), and Septic Spells(poison Chance). The other two notables would more or less be your choice, I personally go with Exposure Therapy as above.


We are looking for two 3 passive, increased maximum life Small Clusters

Options are Surging Vitality(medium Life+Healing), Flow of Life(lower Life+dmg), or Fettle(maximum life)

These are the best candidate to get the intellect we will need to use the staff, i recommend getting it here, as these are fairly inexpensive

Gem Sockets/Links


Socket Colors
W G G G or R G G G
No Links required.

We Swap Increased Duration for Awakened Unbound Ailments for Bossing.
Can Additionally swap GMP for Poison Support as well, if you don't wish to use that, and also want a better dmg boost for bossing.

White Socket is to gem swap for bossing, not NEEDED, but helps a bunch, dont stress over it, it can come later.


Socket Colors:

Awakened Swift Affliction(any level, qual)
(We use For reduced duration)
Less Duration(20/20)
(We use for the less duration)
Herald of Agony
(Poison Chance & damage)
Precision(level 1)
(We use for additional crit chance)

Awakened Swift Affliction is Required, has 25% reduced skill duration, allows us to get more tornados, Same with Less Duration. You lose around 40% of your damage if you use REGULAR swift affliction! You dont need level's or quality on this gem! Only using it for the reduced duration, nothing else.

You also need at minimum, a 20/20 Less duration, do shoot for a 20/23, or a 21/23, as that gives you an additional % and it does make a little bit of a difference. Not having a high lvl/quality Gem, makes a big difference in the tornado count.


Socket Colors:

Herald of Purity
(increases phys dmg, which increases poison as well)
Vitality(level 1)
(Using only for the watcher's Eye)

Lightning Warp(level 1)
(Our Movement Skill)
Faster Casting
(Helps Our Movement Skill)


Cheap Version
Socket Colors:

Withering Step
(Use for Movespeed, Elusive & Wither)
Increased Duration Support
(Supports Withering Step)
Second Wind Support
(Supports WIthering Step)

Plague Bearer
(Additional Damage ability)
Empower Support
(Buffs plague bearer damage)
Increased Area of Effect (Or portal gem, its what i use)
(Buffs Plague bearer aoe, or gives portals!)

Best Version
Socket Colors
5 Link.

Anamalous Withering Step
(Movespeed, Elusive, gives 10 wither stacks with enhance)
Enhance(level 4)
(Buffs Withering Step/Plague Bearer)
Empower(level 4)
(Buffs Withering Step/Plague Bearer)
Plague Bearer
(Additional Damage ability)
Second Wind
(Buffs Withering Step)

We use anomalous Withering step with enhance to get to the 10 Wither stacks when we use it, paired with Eternal Suffering from medium cluster, gets us to the 15 wither stack cap. Empower and enhance also buff plague bearer to do more dmg/aoe

Add in an Increased Aoe, or Increased Duration if you have the 6L Available, or put in a portal gem like I do :)

Defensive Layers

Build has a couple different defenses to not just, instantly die, and to be fairly tanky.

~5.5k HP
65% Attack Dodge
55% Spell Dodge
18% Block
Enemy is Blinded (25% chance to miss)
Dread Banner (19% reduced accuracy)(if you are using this version)
And some insane sustain from the Vitality Watchers eye.

The watchers eye, allows us to EASILY live through 2-300 stacks of Darkness in delve, which makes this a great darkness farmer for fossils(See Video Section where i stand in darkness for 11 minutes straight)

Unlike most dodge builds, this one actually has a respectable amount of hp, which allows us to live through most random 1 shots that the 4-4.5k hp dodge builds would just simply die to often. I managed to get to lvl 98 with only 13 deaths, which says a good bit about a dodge based (basically melee) build.

Video Gameplay

T16 100% Delirium Map

Standing in Delve Darkness for 11 minutes at depth 200


More videos to come!

Additional Info you should read

Getting Aspect of Avian Duration down, is the most important thing you need to do, id hold out on any major upgrades, until you get that down, as it will be the biggest upgrade over anything else.

Get those 10% rings, 15% ammy, and some decent boots, anything below -1.80 is fine for the most part, but id shoot for -1.94 if you want to get it even better. You shouldnt really feel the need to get to -1.99 or -2, its such a minor difference from -1.94, id save that upgrade for way later.

If you feel you are not getting enough coverage, or tornado's check your Aspect of the Avian Tooltip, the Highest it should be is .18 Seconds for each buff, if you are not atleast at that, check your gear and make sure everything is right, every bit of reduced duration counts. You are getting 3 More tornados from being at .12, compared to .18, so you are basically missing out on 30% of your damage. it gets even worse if you are higher.

Tornado Count Calculator


Have I tried the Chieftain Version?
Yes, Yes i have, i prefer the assassin variant as i feel it is tankier, and does more dmg/plays to the strengths of the build. That being said, the chieftain version is definitely not bad.

There is an aurastacker variant that uses a 1h weapon like this

in order to boost hastes quality up to 92%, which is then further increased by Aura effect, generally getting up to ~240% faster buff expiration. that version can get up to 30 tornados a second, but has trouble getting the dmg as it doesnt use the staff.
(Update feb 8th, Phant haste & aurastackers got nerfed, probably a shitty option now)

So thats it. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to message me in-game, ill be happy to talk! Have fun with the tornados!

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It looks great! ))
POB shows 1kk dps?
vjsman wrote:
It looks great! ))
POB shows 1kk dps?

Thats total poison damage for each stack of poison, unfortunately pob doesnt do a good job of showing how many hits per second we are getting so it only shows for 1 poison stack.

Realistically, you would look at the poison dps, and multiply that vs the number of hits you are getting a second, because thats only assuming 1 stack, so for ex. at 50k psn dps, if you are at .12 duration, thats 8 tornados a second, each hitting 4-5 times a second, so.. 32-40 hits/second x the 50k psn dps, thats 1.5m to 2m.

My current build is at 71k, at 12 tornados, so 3.4 to 4.2m dps. this is obviously just for the first stack of poisons, on the 2nd second, you are still getting the dps of the first stack, so it ramps up, like any poison build
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I want to try it ))
I looked at the cost of things approximately - 500-700с and Cluster Jewels with 3 passive 50EX.. how bad it will be with two passive with Large Cluster Jewels??
vjsman wrote:
I want to try it ))
I looked at the cost of things approximately - 500-700с and Cluster Jewels with 3 passive 50EX.. how bad it will be with two passive with Large Cluster Jewels??

Two passive is just fine, get overwhelming malice and touch of cruelty, three is just mainly for the rich people, as I say in the guide
Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna give this a shot.


How important is the increased damage on Koams? Does this provide a noticeable difference?

Pracis wrote:
Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna give this a shot.


How important is the increased damage on Koams? Does this provide a noticeable difference?

The fire dmg does nothing, the increased corrupt, at my current gear, i lose 4k Poison dps, i go from 75.6 to 71.3, so a decent different, around 5%, i wouldnt prioritize it over other things though until you are trying to min-max the build
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Then, you only need 6 sockets on weapon?... Isn´t neccesary to be linked?...
Vyr75 wrote:
Then, you only need 6 sockets on weapon?... Isn´t neccesary to be linked?...

Pretty much, you can get away with 2L/3L or 2L/4L on staff, but its not super important, definitely don't need 6L though, 5L at most really
Last edited by Supaspork on Oct 26, 2020, 12:05:54 PM
Hey, I got it, but I don´t generate cyclones so manys as you, could you quick check what could be my mistake?... Thanks in advance...

I think I followed the guide good but I don´t know how to generate so many cyclones, is there so much difference in - seconds in globes and boots?... I got it -1.8 plus...

Well your help is very apprecited, thanks...

And I got so much mana free I only have 62% mana reserved + a bit form level 1 vitality, I need 1 more aura or something?...

My cyclones only have 2.33 attacks per second, this is far away from 8-12 you are speaking... I think I´m doing somethin really bad...

And the last, I shot cyclones in 4 directions, you only left cyclones behind you, thats why?...
Last edited by Vyr75 on Oct 26, 2020, 4:36:38 PM

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