Huge Sale on Weapons and Shields This Weekend - Halloween Sale

need a witch hat :(
What about the Halloween MTX's from last year that stated they would return this year, especially curious about the hideout. None of them seem to be on the new list.
how do you have a halloween sale without a jack o lantern mtx
I was hoping to see some of the old Halloween MTX show up this week. I would love more pumpkins for my Halloween hideout.
Where's last years MTX? Was really hoping to be able to purchase them..
60x7 wrote:
Where's the Halloween MTX?

Yeah was wondering that myself.
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DrPepperrr23 wrote:
Hah, yeah I was expecting that buy something, get a box for Halloween at least.
What a shame.

I was expecting one too! They are a win-win for GGG and the players. Come on GGG, show some love for your supporters. Let's celebrate Halloween together.
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