Huge Sale on Weapons and Shields This Weekend - Halloween Sale

Boring and a miss. Halloween is the coolest day you can do something special.
no thx
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Finally Dom Blow MTX, and it's just Celestial :( Maybe we'll get Stygian or something cooler one day.
Very disapointed :(
These two are still one of the best they released as Halloween MTX.
They work well together.

I once saw an exile in act 3 (around 2015) with this head and helmet MTX and it looked hilarious. Said it was a Halloween MTX. And i waited since then for something similar cool.

Feel really bad they dont bring cool effects back.

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Tab affinites?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Well I guess the real Halloween stuff will get revealed at halloween and not the "Halloween Sale" that stops before halloween.

Give me by Horror MTX'Es plz.....
I love the Banner
Auge from saurons. :D

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So neither a Lootbox for buy event AND you cannot even make the newer Demon armor set on sale for the halloween event?

That is just pathetic at this point.

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