Community Racing Event This Weekend

Bring back alt art rewards and discontinue monetary prizes.
Eclypsons wrote:
chesse20 wrote:
Shovelcut wrote:

Whats the point when everyone can't participate? Are there ever going to be official races again?

they don't want bots farming the race prizes so if you aren't a bot and are good at the game maybe you should just apply to be allowed to race idk

Bro what race are you trying to get into, u believe A10 can't be done in day one while racers do it in 3 hours, pls don't talk about racing while being a noob, you probably have never even gotten lvl 90 or to a5 sirus

To be fair, neither one of you participated in the official races by the look of it. *shrugs*
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(Ignore the challenges completed this league. I'm only here to grab Heist by the pussy...I mean I want the cat pet!) :P

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finally something interesting

races! POG
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SerChivalry wrote:
Bring back alt art rewards and discontinue monetary prizes.

This is not a GGG hosted tournament. If you want different prizes, different format etc etc go ahead and plan a tournament that suits you. Noone is preventing you from that.
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