Community Racing Event This Weekend

chesse20 wrote:

Looking up alt art on shows alt art items selling for 35 exalted or more so im sure bots would love to get their hands on them

That is because they stopped doing alt arts. People rarely even trade for them anymore. That's beside the point, remove prizes and it's still a really fun part of the game. Races like Descent Champions or Endless ledge really bring in the rogue-like playstyle that people enjoy, myself included.

Edit: It was exactly that facet of the game that drew me in and kept me here since 2014. Still hopeful for the return of races.
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I enjoyed the more generic races as well, well more of the mid / end league busy body stuff. :)

But its fun playing in the crazy setups to win random drawing of MTX pools. Not like there isn't enough being cranked out that they couldn't give a way a good amount.

I think the devs, just been too busy, but.... I think we haven't had them for a while and should get a few. They are always fun. I enjoy a mid to end league nutt kicking by 30 exiles in Act 1 beach. :)
Remove caps from races you guys promote..
I mean we get it you cannot afford servers or something but if you are going to promote races here you should let atleast everyone to be able to join it not just handpicked rich streamers who don´t need the cash prizes anyway.
Thanks a bunch for the entertainment Rex! :D

To all those whining about it not being open to everyone, just go through the process of becoming acknowledged as a racer (i cannot remember the requirements but there was a link to them in the post), and if you are not good enough to do them you really got no shot at winning anyway
Tab affinites WHEN!?
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
Needs more Official Races yoooo
PoE 2077

Einhar: Wake the fuck up exile we have Wraeclast to burn and beasts to capture!!
So this means 4am UTC 23oct....

please post stuff like this in a universal standard time so i don't have to google what the hell ptc or whatever is...
chesse20 wrote:
Shovelcut wrote:
Natalia_GGG wrote:

While this is not an officially supported event, we're pleased to encourage the community to run events and engage in the competitive side of Path of Exile! Good luck to everyone participating!

Whats the point when everyone can't participate? Are there ever going to be official races again?

they don't want bots farming the race prizes so if you aren't a bot and are good at the game maybe you should just apply to be allowed to race idk

Bro what race are you trying to get into, u believe A10 can't be done in day one while racers do it in 3 hours, pls don't talk about racing while being a noob, you probably have never even gotten lvl 90 or to a5 sirus
chesse20 wrote:
how you supposed to get act 10 in won day thats impossible

You can checkout the PoE racing on YouTube and see the times it can be done. <3
chesse20 wrote:
how you supposed to get act 10 in won day thats impossible

Hardly impossible, most good racers do it in 5-6 hours, hence the 5 hour cap on Day 1.
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