New Shield Skins - Angelic Shield, Demonic Shield and Pandemonium Shield

Angelic one is pretty nice.
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360 coins for Pandemonium shield ahhahahaahahah. I go buy right now "Sarcastic".

I do not know who within GGG decides to put prices on micro transactions, but of the two is one, is either a guy whose parents gave him everything in life and does not know the true value of the money or else he is just a complete idiot with no sense of life reality.

The art is amazing I won't lie but to much coins "money" for virtual micro transactions in this game. You real Have to find a person with a sense of the reality of life, that can assign logical and fair values to micro transactions ​​so that all players in the part of the world who play your game have the possibility to buy and enjoy your fantastic art and not only daddy's rich kids.

Thanks and stay Safe.
Shield Skins always feel to small for my taste. Seriously Sin&Innocence feels like the only proper size shield to me.
The pandemonium shield fails to capture the design essence of the theme. It should be visually striking and emanate a power to behold. Sadly size is a problem. What we have here is a sad buckler shield. What the combo $mtx$ price demands is a godly tower shield.
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Natalia_GGG when we can use weapon mtx on shields?
More edgelord crap. It really is too much to ask for there to be even a single MTX shield that just looks like a well-made ordinary shield. Even the Dragon Shield has spikes all over it (not to mention the fact that it's literally just the Dragon Hat turned sideways. And GGG wants full Shield MTX price for that? Ahahahaha!)

Had my hopes up with the way the recent Darkwood set came out.
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These look more like tiny bucklers than shields.
totally overpriced

find back to basics if you want coinz again ... 360 for one shield lmfao
still no cold snap theme shield mtx....

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