New Shield Skins - Angelic Shield, Demonic Shield and Pandemonium Shield

Can we trade all the duplicate mtx from all the Angels & Demons mystery boxes we purchased before for any of these shields? If not, forget it, not getting sucked into buying more. I may have spent something in the ballpark of $400-500 worth of these mystery boxes to get a complete Pandemonium set. The least you could do is extend these duplicate mtx for trade-in towards any of these shields as a 1-time offer for those that spent a fortune on your mystery boxes.

Nice mtx though. Sad to say I won't be buying them outright, as I never even got the Angelic wings to drop once from any of your MBoxes.
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how about a bundle with all 3?
Angelic and Demonic are cool, Pandemonium meh.
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nice... they all suck... how about you guys start creating shields in the whole bundles you throw out like hot cakes? like the supporter packs and stuff? in 90% they have no shield, while the majority of builds uses shields and NOTHING fits the MTX we buy.
16th mtx post so far a month in

if only we got patches this daily to fix the game ;(
Any chance we will get wand, dagger and other one handed weapon skins to go along with these? Demonic is probably my favorite MTX and would I love to have a complete set <3
These look great but can we get a more neutral / plain buckler or something. Its hard to find a matching shield for a lot of themes in the game :C
angelic is great with seraph combo
not a fan of faces on shields

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