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PlayStation 4 Crashes
We don't have any updates to provide here unfortunately but we are getting a lot closer to narrowing this problem down.

I've been playing since legion and this problem has been persistent since then. Every league we get the same ridiculous excuses and never get any progression. I really don't know how Sony haven't sanctioned you yet? I would never allow such a terrible product to be sold in my store.

I've run maybe 10 heists this league and all but 2 have crashed to desktop. I haven't even bothered running them because they just straight don't work and end up costing me time/exp due to the inevitable crash death.

Delve still crashing to desktop (literally just lost another 10% because of it)

Delirium has a 100% crash rate to desktop

Legion still freezes the screen for several seconds and then when it pops all mobs are dysnced

Movement skills dysync on all uses (/oos always moves you)

Countless graphical errors

Being unable to change zones/use portals

3+ minute load times PER MAP

Hard crashes whilst doing nothing at all forcing me to unplug my ps4 from the wall as it no longer responds to anything. (yep I'm sure that's really great for my hardware).

I just looked at my ps4 error log and since the start of heist I've crashed 53 times. This doesn't even include the crashes that don't appear in the error log or the hard crashes. This also doesn't include the times I've been randomly kicked back to login screen despite a solid Internet connection.

Honestly you should be ashamed of yourself as a company. Telling us that you haven't done anything isn't telling us anything. Can you imagine if you rang your phone company because of trash service and they just kept telling you "we don't know how to fix it but great news, we're running a sale on all stash tabs".
No Flicker Strike fix, of course.
Really? You still don't mention ON YOUR OFFICIAL WEBSITE that Harvest is going core next league? I have to go to f%@^&# Reddit to find out about that?
Un-gate content.
That's amazing for a 15 ex contract .... -_-
ggg. the faster you put harvest back to core the better intrests people have to contiune this BINGO loto crafting game
for gods sake, please fix the bug that makes it impossible to use dash/flame dash or smoke mine after shield charge its annoying!!!
MLGonthorian wrote:
Bex_GGG wrote:
What We're Working On: Harvest will become core as part of 3.13 but in a slightly different form. (interesting word choice, I hope "slightly" ends up being true to its meaning)
You guys forgot to add that in your post and only mentioned it on Reddit so I thought it would be appropriate to mention given it's what most players are excited about.

I personally won't be coming back to the game until Harvest with its garden mechanic is back. It's sad to part ways really but if the devs want to reduce the game to only a killing things loot pinata parade then I guess I have to move on to other games that offer more than just this. (Runescape, World of Warcraft, Torchlight 2 and other ARPG's that have more role playing elements to them that add variety and fun to the game instead of the same old, rinse and repeat, monotonous nature of killing things over and over with no variation in gameplay).
World of warcraft is a mobile game at this point. Please don't.
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Too little, too late.
This is the first league I'm actually ashamed of you GGG.

Given circumstances, there are reasons, but no excuses.

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