[3.16]Dragoon's DW Calling Lancer |High mitigation |"budget" 15M+ sDPS |99% of the Game Done|Videos

Awesome, thx for the reply. I've just added a Diamond Flask and bought the Paradoxica. Way better clear speed now and also bosses go down so fast :D

Love the build.. fun to play!
Could you please check my character and let me know where i go from here or if this is pretty much cap. Thank you so much and enjoying the build so far!
ninotkovac wrote:
Could you please check my character and let me know where i go from here or if this is pretty much cap. Thank you so much and enjoying the build so far!

you are mostly done gearing. just pick the rest of the DW points and get awakened vicious proj/brutality, you can squeeze some extra life or damage in your gear with catalysts too, some enchant on boots / gloves if you have some time doing some lab too. you can try some alternate quality gems lke the ones i am using
and perhaps the spiked gloves came from another build? remember that lancing steel isn't a melee skill - it is an attack projectile skill - so anything with melee tag does nothing to your damage like the implicit from spiked gloves (gripping gloves does increase your damage). if you don't care much about the implicit you can left it as is.
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Everyone, i put a FAQ on the guide based on what most people ask me here and inside the game
hope you guys aren't too tired because of my long-windedness :)

and hot damn i made a lotta mistakes in grammar lol
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Guys i'd like to give a shoutout to @KoiroAvamyr to make a video of my build with his spin to the items and skill tree

For those wondering what it is to master the play style as i tried to explain with words here it is:


Big thanks my dude!
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Just a quick update, i created the upgrade order for the "Rich Area" for those interested, trying to pick the most useful order for endgame but the prices this league are crazy
Sadly i failed with my boot crafting after spending more than 20ex of currency, time to hoard more fossils again :(

the good news is that i did some sirus and delirium, got lucky with drops and traded for a shiny new Bottled Faith:
Build works really good. I managed to get it under 600c in total (including Paradoxica (~200c), Saviour (~160c), enchant (~130)) so this league it was around 10-12ex because of the market crash. But normally it would be like 4ex I guess. And that's pretty affordable for a build that melts the entire content. Build is on rather busier side since you have to alternate between recharges of steel shards but that's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again for the guide.
I think in the end the budget will stay mostly the same
ex crashed but chaos is now more valuable
perhaps in the future things like saviour will be more pricey but lioneye's will be cheaper, if the game meta doesn't change obviously

also something funny, with the extra call speed with Lord of steel, it is possible to recharge your steel counter before the skill ends so you can spam call of steel as long you have 100% impale chance but this don't break the game or anything since you are removing the impale stacks
Another Blog post from me:
spent around 9ex to re-craft my boots:

i decided to go with awakener's orb since i had already dropped, plus yolo'ed with an ex and it gave me the +1 Endurance charges...nice /clickstongue
after this i benchmarked with sirus A8 with my updated gear and finished him in less than 2 minutes safely, so it can give some idea when you want to perform carry for others
I will try from now on to rewrite a bit of the guide to make it easier to read, but i won't touch on anything related to the build
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this build is insane

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