[3.12] Aziire's Earthshatter Juggernaut - Screenwide Slamming! | League Starter

unhappymeal wrote:
How's everyone liking the skill? I'm not going to lie..it feels like some weird ghetto melee miner.

the slam damage and the damage from detonating the spikes seems lacking.

when i remove earthshatter and slap in sunder it shows higher dmg tooltip
AziiRe wrote:

Any tips for leveling?

Adding a quick gem levelling thing in the notes of the pob. Otherwise check out something like TyTyKiller's videos. He is a speedrunner and has super informative levelling videos that can go more in depth than I ever could.

There is nothing there other than
Note gang, if you are here then come back and grab the PoB just before League Launch. I will have updated this section with a rough Levelling guide that I will use.

POB link not updated or?
blood or sand stance?
Very quick update. Earthshatter is awesome. Use Leap Slam and a Warcry to trigger the shatters. Starting to map with it now. PoB has been updated with Levelling Gems, forum was lagging pre launch. Will update and respond a little later once I am further in maps.
Thoughts on The Impaler keystone? Seems like it'd be a perfect fit here.
Hey there, looking good. But why don't you take Martial experience?

Also, when using leap slam i notice that if i dont hit a spike explosion is not trigered. Very annoying. SO only reliable way is using the warcry which has a CD? Or get an unlinked groundlam to trigger it...

Next edit, how do you sustain mana?
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Started with this build and it's going amazing so far, Using earthshatter and then blowing up the fist of war spikes and oneshotting bosses is feeling pretty damn good. I've been using intimidating cry and Seismic cry, But I've been seeing a lot of people praise infernal but i haven't tested it myself yet i can't see the point of it isn't it just increased aoe clear? or am I missing something
qarte wrote:
I smacc ground, rock come up. I yell at rock, rock go boom. I content.

Hi, can i just check how do we get leech? i don't see it any where on the tree..or did i miss it?..
First I just wanna say the way you've written your guide is beautiful and easy to follow. Very pleasing to the eye too with all the color coding.
As for the build, it's been going okay but what's really been getting me is mana troubles. Severely slows down combat. Also I seem to have a habit of wanting to activate my warcrys way faster then the cooldown allows. Will this be approved upon as the build progresses? Also I could have sworn I saw a passive or something that removes warcry cooldown but balances it with something else. Can't recall. Keep up the great work and thanks :D

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