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Nice, im going to try it
PoB link doesn't work and none of the skill trees can actually be clicked on?
ScrubExpress wrote:
PoB link doesn't work and none of the skill trees can actually be clicked on?

Get this

Hi. Why not Resolute Technique and we can drop Undeniable for any other jugg node? Thanks.

We can hit 100% Accuracy comfortably with Undeniable. That allows us to get benefits from Crit, which is still good despite the nerfs. You could save points etc by going RT but I think this is still the better route.

Cant get the POB link to work in the current version of POB.

You need to use the community fork which has the updated tree. I will link it at the top of the forum post.

I'm taking a closer look at the build now, most likely going to start with it.

One thing I noticed is the auras conflicting with Infernal Cry. Since this warcry is converting 60% phys to fire on our exerted attacks, which will probably be the source of most damage, feels like Pride and Dread banner would be somewhat wasted, since they won't be affecting fire damage dealt.

Yeah you are right, however for me the main benefit from Infernal is the explosions. For the real small packs I won't be warcrying, just for the juicer ones.

Best leveling uniques?

We don't have anything super stand out. For Day 1 and 2 it is better to just rock Rares until maps. Obviously things like Tabula, Wanderlust, etc are great.

Any tips for leveling?

Adding a quick gem levelling thing in the notes of the pob. Otherwise check out something like TyTyKiller's videos. He is a speedrunner and has super informative levelling videos that can go more in depth than I ever could.

Links to level xx skill trees doesn't work, besides that, i will use that build, bored with golemancer
dude read what he wrote right above the leveling trees
Why not Rallying Cry? Seemsgood. Can you explain why you opted for Maces instead of Axes?
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right, i am idiot, sorry :D
How's everyone liking the skill? I'm not going to lie..it feels like some weird ghetto melee miner.
I smacc ground, rock come up. I yell at rock, rock go boom. I content.

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