[3.24] The Pestilent Viper 🐍 The Viper & The Mamba

sqter0 wrote:
F..k It.
I'm too old for this. I play for fun, not results. I'll play Pathfinder because I like it and it's perfect for this job :)
And you... you're doing a great job :)
Good luck

Hey thanks, glad you enjoy !



The Viper : https://pobb.in/Na5aKywyq6Nx

I've explained the rework of the Viper in a previous post.
In short : Mahuxotl shield + Cowl of the Thermophile = no need for fire res and you don't take any cold and lightning dmg.

The Mamba https://pobb.in/vcy9ofryEoHP

This rework has been more difficult.
With the loss of Tinctures from Affliction, we lose like 65% of dmg.
So I have added a large cluster jewel + a second medium cluster with Low Tolerance.
Slightly reworked the skill tree to put these clusters.
Survivability was too bad with The Covenant, so I have chosen The Perfect Form instead.

Now, we have ~50% of the dmg from Affliction league. But without the wisps to buff them, the enemies are way less tanky. So you can continue to explode packs with a single hit !

First post has been updated.


Here is a demo video featuring all these changes and updates :

#1: The Viper (improved) & The Mamba (saved from nerfs !)

Hope you like it, and thanks again for your interest in this build. Have fun !

Rahsaan's Workshop, a post to showcase a dozen of my home-made builds : https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3432443
Thanx for helping me.
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