[3.10] Fivers Endless Rage Berserker || Clears all content || up to 60M Sirus DPS ||

Hey Guys! Welcome to the written guide for the Endless Rage Bladestormer/Lacerater/Bladeflurrier/Whateveryouwanter. This build has been a collaboration between myself and P190001, and we've had a lot of fun while making and playing it!

All conquerors handled in good gear. Far from perfect, but still good. I had spent maybe 20 exalts at this point.

Awakener 8 with Bladestorm - 2:26

Awakener 8 with Lacerate - 2:57

So we started working on this build in the beginning of April. Since then we've done everything with it, and we've done it very easily.

The build performs really well in most aspects.
It has very strong single target.
The clearspeed is good.
Survivability is ok.

Also, you will be a total Chad when you are towering over your tiny little teammates.

The build is built entirely around a very gimmicky concept, so it's important to read the mechanics section before you start playing it.
Basically, the idea is that we will have 50 rage pretty much all the time, since we are stacking rage so fast. This also means that we can have 30+ seconds uptime on Berserk, and the downtime is only 4 seconds before we can reactivate it.

When it comes to what main skill to go for, pretty much any melee skills with phys damage works. I've tried Cyclone, Perforate, Lacerate & Bladestorm. I have currently settled on Bladestorm, but Lacerate is close second choice for me.

Now, this is the point where you want to hear how much dps it has and how tanky it is and all that.
We will get into that more later. Let's just say, it will get the job done.
If you can't wait, then you can have a sneak peak in the "what is it capable of" section.

I stream about 4 days a week. Usually it will be somewhere between 19:00(7PM) to 23:30(11:30PM) (in Swedish time).
Feel free to do join me! :)
If you have questions about stuff in the guide, this is an excellent way to get fast and better answers.
You can click any of the above images to get to my different social media platforms.


The idea behind the build started from a couple of different ideas that I had.

Part 1:

You can bind a warcry to your left mousebutton.

Even though you have warcry on your LMB you will still move as normal, except every time the cooldown is over, you will cast the warcry, and then keep going.

The problem with this is that every time you have the warcry up, your character actually stops for a split second to cast it.
This is incredibly annoying and will likely get you killed every now and then.
It looks like this

Part 2:

This is where the passive node Battle Cry enters the game.

Battle cry allows you to cast warcries without interrupting anything else that you do.
Even if you are attacking, running, casting a spell or whatever. You will still shout.
It looks like this

Now you might think: Ok, thats cool and all. How do we use it?

Part 3:

In 3.10 when cluster jewels were added to the game, they added one notable called Mob Mentality.

Mob Mentality gives you and nearby party members 5 rage every time you use a warcry.
This means that you can stack rage even when you are out of combat, as long as you keep shouting.
Since we are shouting all the time when we are moving, well... We're always shouting.

Now, 5 rage every 4 seconds isn't really that impressive, is it?
No. But here's the beautiful thing. These notables stack.
We are going to be using four of these bad boys.

But, we're still only shouting once every 4 seconds. Well.. here's another beautiful thing.
By using the notables Warning Call and Haunting Shout, we'll get a bunch of Cooldown Recovery Speed.
We will also be using a node called Cry Wolf. It won't give us CRS, but it will allow us to get benefits from warcries even when there are no enemies nearby.
These ones

Together with Battle Cry (and the nodes leading up to it) and the support gem Second Wind, we'll be able to get the cooldown down to around 1 second.

This means that we will be gaining 20 rage. EVERY SECOND.

So, how can we (ab)use this?

Part 4:

Well. I'm glad I asked. You know how the strongest melee burst skill in the game, Berserk, only lasts like a couple seconds?
Virgin Berserk

Chad Berserk

We can get Berserk to last for 27 seconds. If we aren't attacking. It will stay on even longer when you are fighting (as long as you hold the left mousebutton).

So this means that we can enable Berserk and go wild for 30+ seconds. And then the effect ends.
Berserk goes on a cooldown, and we need to stack up rage again. Now, Berserk normally has a cooldown of 5 seconds once it expires. But
here's the thing. With the help of Second Wind, we will get that cooldown down to 4 seconds.
And since we stack 20 Rage stacks every second, it takes us 3 seconds to stack back up to 50.
So right when berserk expires, it takes us 4 seconds, and then we can go on another 30 second killing spree.

If you are familiar with the skill Berserk, then you know how completely insane this is.
We have about 90% uptime on Berserk.

Part 5:

Now, since we are making the build based around having berserk up 90% of the time, the only logical choice would be to play a Berserker, right?

We will be using the ascendancy node called Rite of Ruin

This passive skill will give us insane amounts of damage from all that Rage we have because we have triple the effect of rage.
Now normally the bonuses you get from rage are these:

We get 3 times those numbers. And we're at like 40+ rage most of the time.

Not only that, we also get immune to stun as long as we are above 25 Rage stacks. Which is also, basically all the time.

Now as a bonus, Berserkers also get bonuses from warcries if we take the passive node called War Bringer.

Not only do we get a ton of damage from this, but we also regen 25% of our life and mana every time we use a warcry. So.. Every second.

The last ascendancy point we get is Flawless Savagery.

No specific synergies on this one, but lots of damage.

I think this covers the basics and the mechanics behind the build.


Well.. Everything.

I've killed Awakener 8 in just over 2 minutes.
Uber Elder in 2 minutes.
Conquerors die in 2-3 seconds (except for Drox since he has an immunity phase).
I clear Simulacrum without any issues.
Shaper and all of that is just a walk in the park.
Even Hall of Grandmasters is easy.
Aul, Lich, and Architect have all been killed at around 400 depth (haven't tried lower yet).

Let's head on to numbers.

All of the values below are set to reflect the damage we do against Sirus.
Budget Version

This version is the budget version of the build. We are using Soul Taker and a Lycosidae in this version, to not have to worry about mana cost and hit chance. The only expensive item is getting a 6-linked Carcass Jack.
The first image is your attack damage, and the second image is the damage from your storms.
You will be able to have 4 storms up with the helmet enchant, which means that your total DPS output Can reach about 9 million Sirus DPS.

Standard Version

Again, the first image is your attack DPS and the second image is your storm DPS.
You can reach about 21 million DPS in this version.
There are a lot of items that I have left out on purpose in this version to keep the cost down, but this version is by no means cheap.

Expensive Version

Again, first image is the actual damage from our attacks, which can reach around 16-17 million DPS.
Second image is the actual dps from the storms, which can reach about 8.4 million dps.
Again, we will have 4 storms up, which puts our total dps at 30 million.

But in this version we are also also using The Saviour and a Bottled Faith. Saviour will spawn 2 clones of ourself that use the same attack, but do 50% less damage. This means that they double our DPS.

This means that we can reach above 60 million Sirus DPS

Let's head on to the guide, shall we?


I am continually updating my builds, so it might be worth keeping an eye on the changelog for new updates.

BUDGET VERSION: https://pastebin.com/Eff4ycky
I have tried to stay away from expensive items in the budget version. The only exception will be the Carcass Jack, which should be an attainable goal for most players. I am not using Impale jewels, and therefore use Dread Banner instead of War Banner. This is to compensate for the lost impale from the jewels, to make sure that we get 100% impale chance. I am still using the same warcry jewels, with the exception of having no "Cry Wolf". The other two versions are cheapers to buy, and very easy to craft. I will make a guide on this.
Sirus DPS in this version can reach around 12 million.
Budget should be less than 5 exalts (and most of that is the body armour).
All players should be able to reach this level.

STANDARD VERSION: https://pastebin.com/KCR8ZArx
In this version we are using a couple of expensive items, but nothing that I would consider unreasonable.
We are now using Impale jewels again, and therefore also swapping to War Banner.
We have changed from Soul Taker to a rare Corsair Sword. It is possible to sustain mana if you craft -9 to mana cost of non-channeling skills on at least one item. You will also need around 80+ mana for this to feel viable.
It's hard to set a budget on this one, considering some items will vary depending on league, but we are probably around 20 exalts at this point.
We will can reach about 28 million Sirus DPS in this version.
A player who is willing to put some effort into the build should be able to reach this level.

ENDGAME VERSION: https://pastebin.com/a3YSytt2
We are now Dual-Wielding The Saviour and a rare Corsair Sword crafted on a double Tier 1 base. When we swap out Lycosidae, it's incredibly important to make sure your Hit Chance is 100%. For this reason, we will need a lot of Accuracy Rating on the gear. The best two slots for this are the helmet and the gloves. But with some help from catalysts, you can reach pretty high numbers on amulets and rings as well.
In this version there will be a lot of expensive items, and some of them might be 20+ exalts depending on league. Bottled Faith and Saviour are usually very expensive, and may well cost 30+ exalts together. The Watcher's Eye with +2 Impale is usually 40+ exalts.
We can reach well above 60 million Sirus DPS in this version. It is possible to get a lot more than that if you use other skills than Bladestorm. With some gear changes Blade Flurry can reach above 100 million, for example.
I am personally not a fan of Blade Flurry, but I added it in the PoB just for fun. Maybe someone wants to try it out. :)
Most players will not reach this level of gear. This is meant to be a Min-Maxed version of the build. There are a couple of more changes you can make, to get it even higher, but they are so unreasonable that I have decided to keep them out.

In the normal version of path of building, created and maintained by OpenArl, there are a lot of things missing. Stuff like Impale and Multistrike do NOT work in that version. There are ways to get around it by using a bunch of workarounds, but there is another version of Path of Building, called the "Community Fork".
All the info you need can be found here:

I strongly advise you to check that out. DPS calculations and a lot of other stuff will not be accurate when you import this build into PoB otherwise, since we use both Multistrike and Impale in it.


This will be the setup you will be using most of the time.

If you feel like playing around, you can use pretty much any skill. Tried out Cyclone, and while you won't reach the same DPS, it feels totally viable. Things like Blade Flurry can reach 100+ million DPS, but I'm not a fan of it myself.
I will keep experimenting on this.



Pretty straightforward. We have Fortify in there to give us some extra survivability. Never hurts.



I always forget to cast Blood Rage when I enter a map, so it's just convenient to have it on CWDT. If you are having problems meeting the DEX requirements, don't level it up too far. If you prefer casting it manually, just unlink it.
The Immortal Call together with Increased Duration is going to be an incredible layer of defense for us. Since we will be at 5 Endurance Charges all the time (we'll get to it, don't worry), the duration will be about 2.94s. The cooldown is 3s. This means that whenever we get hit enough for CWDT to trigger, we will have Immortal Call up. Together with the damage reduction from Fortify and the less damage taken from always having Berserk up, this means that our damage reduction will be pretty good.



We will be swapping between blood and sand stance every now and then. Sand stance will be the default, but whenever you feel that you will need a bunch of extra damage, blood stance will be nice to have.
The bonus that Flesh and Stone gives us while in sand stance is another one of our defensive layers. We will be getting a lot of avoidance from blinding nearby enemies, while also taking less damage from enemies far away.



The totems will be an incredible damage boost. You can use Ancestral Protector all the time, and whenever you have it on cooldown you can use Vaal Ancestral Warchief. Even though both of them are totems they work together when you only use the Vaal version of Ancestral Warchief.
Just like with Ancestral Warchief, you will only use the Vaal version of Haste. We will not be able to have enough mana to fit in the actual aura from haste.

One of these Banners will be used.
In the beginning you will be using Dread Banner, because you will need the chance to impale.
Later on it is possible (and advisable) to swap for War Banner. This is something that comes very late though.



We will be using Enduring Cry. Getting those Endurance Charges provides a good source of survival, and with Cry Wolf on one of our jewel, we can stack up on them even outside of combat.

Together with our warcry, we have Berserk and Second Wind. Second wind will work for both our shouts and for Berserk, lowering the cooldown on both of them even further.


Skill Tree


This is what the skill tree looks like at level 100. I realise that most players never go that far, which is why I will add a couple of different skill trees in the Path of Building blueprint.
These will represent what it should look like during the leveling progression.

Important Keystones:

Without this one, the build will feel horrible. Get this one as soon as you start using warcries.

Later on this one will be necessary. Soul Taker will make sure we don't need mana for our attack skills, but warcries are not attack skills. We will need this one when we reach the point where we reserve 90%+ of our mana pool.

Ascendancy, Bandits, and Pantheons

My personal preference to what order you should take ascendancy points in would be:
War Bringer > Crave the Slaughter > Rite of Ruin > Flawless Savagery

If you want to do it in a different order, thats up to you. Flawless Savagery should be taken last, but other than that it probably doesn't matter much.
Crave the Slaughter is pretty useless on it's own, so it's not really worth going for that one as your first ascendancy. What you can do is go War Bringer first, and then when you do cruel lab, respec those points and go all the way to Rite of Ruin from there.

Help Alira
Honestly, if you want to go for 123 points instead, that's fine. But I think Alira is the best option.

This will obviously vary depending on what you are doing, so I'll list a few of them, and in which scenarios I use them.

Major Gods
Soul of Solaris: When fighting big single targets (like Awakener), Soul of Solaris is the best option. Soul of Solaris is good in most situations though.
Soul of Lunaris: I use this one most of the time. Most of the time when we are fighting stuff, there will be multiple enemies nearby. Soul of Lunaris shines there. We already have a bunch of defensive layers, but adding another one is always a good idea.

Minor Gods
In general, I would say Soul of Gruthkul and Soul of Garukhan are my favorites.
The secondary bonus you get from Gruthkul is incredibly strong defensively. In crowded areas, like the simulacrum, this one is great.
Soul of Garukhan is also solid. I honestly mostly like the movespeed lol.

Soul of Abberath can be very useful when you are doing blight maps. Those damn fire minions has the scariest burning ground ever.
Soul of Shakari is great when you fight Al-Hezmin if you have bad chaos resist (which I do).




These are the most important jewels to have.
We have already talked about them above, but these jewels are one of the pillars required for the build to work.
You will of course not get all four of them right away, and that's fine. Even with just two of them the build will work albeit less effectively.
To begin with you might want to focus on just getting the Mob Mentality together with whatever you can find.
Mob mentality + Cry Wolf is likely going to be the most expensive one.
The others are going to be easier to either
A: Make yourself (Video on that is in the works)
B: Buy

2 of these are required to be able to use all the medium cluster jewels we want. Like the Mob Mentality+Cry Wolf combination, getting jewels with both Deep Cuts and Run Through is going to be hard/expensive.
You also MUST have 2 sockets on them.
If they have more than that, you will have to spend more passive points.
When/if you get these two, with deep cuts and run through (vicious skewering also works instead of run through), you can replace your Dread Banner for War Banner.

These are a cheaper option that you can use until you get the jewels above. Iron Breaker and Force Multiplier are both really good options for dps. Just like with the jewels mentioned above, you need 8 passives. If they have more than that, then you are losing passive points.

We are spending a lot of points to get all our cluster jewels, which means that we can't travel very far in the passive tree. If we want to get more life/resist/stat nodes in the passive tree, then we're going to get very little reward for the points spent.
Getting 4 of these takes care of that issue. Since we are already getting medium jewels, then for 4 extra points on each one of them we can get 18% max life, +20 to max life, and possibly resists/stats/other stuff.
These are all really good. Fettle is what we want to be going for.


When you are attacking as fast as we will be doing, keeping your mana up can be an issue. We will also be reserving pretty much our entire mana pool. This is where Soul Taker comes into the picture.
It will be our main weapon.

In the expensive version we will be using:

The Saviour doesn't have that much DPS if you just look at it, but the special effect it has adds two clones of yourself that will use the same skill that you are using. They will do 50% of your damage.
Which means that you effectively gain 100% increased damage when the two clones and you are attacking the same target (which you will be doing on bosses).
The rare item doesn't have to be a corsair sword specifically, but corsair swords have lower dex requirement than many other swords, while still having decent DPS. More importantly they also give us a lot of accuracy, which we will desperately need when we swap out Lycosidae.


With all the cluster jewels we are using we won't really have many places on the passive tree to find accuracy on. It is of course possible to get it on gear, but that is not something we want to prioritize early on.
Again, when swapping to a more expensive version of the build, this will be something that must be dealt with. Until then, Lycosidae is necessary.




Just get any rare base with decent armour or armour/evasion.
There will be many possibilities on the helmet, when I look further into conqueror modifiers and such, but as of now, I think this will do.
Starkonja is going to be a good early contender, and will likely do more than most rare options you will ever find. So you can play with that one as well. A bonus is that it gives a lot of resists, which will be needed to use Farrul's Fur, if you have one of those.

I haven't tried it yet, but it may be viable to use Abyssus. I've never been a fan of it, but it provides huge damage.


Farrul's Fur is just incredibly powerful. It is not something that I will put into the required unique section though. I haven't been looking much for other options yet, but that is something I will be looking into when I work on the budget version of the build.
Other good options are probably going to be things like elder armours with critical strike chance on them. There will be more options to come.

You can also use an armour with the modifier "enemies you kill explode, dealing 3% of their maximum life as physical damage%". The clearspeed is significantly better, but you suffer a little bit of defense from losing out on aspect of the cat.


Ryslatha's Coil is very strong, but it is not required. A good stygian vise or leather belt will do just fine. If you can't get a Ryslatha's I recommend getting a Stygian Vise with as much life and resists as possible, and then socket it with a good abyss jewel.
Life, Crit Multiplier, Attack Speed, and flat # to # phys are all going to be good contenders.


I'm gonna be honest, the amulet I'm using is garbage. But you want to get something with a lot of life, resist, flat phys, and crit multiplier. There is a LOT of room for improvement in this slot, and there will be changes made here, 100%.


Mark of the Elder is just a little favorite of mine. It is one of my one-trick-ponies. Together with a Shaped Curse on Hit ring (which we also will be using), the damage from it is hard to beat. With catalysts you can push the % increased damage up to a staggering 96%.

In the very expensive version of the build, we will swap to 2x rare rings. More on that in the future.


My current gloves are basically just a normal pair of gloves with some damage on them, with the twist that they have Culling Strike. Culling Strike is obviously a luxury that is not needed.
Get a pair of rare gloves (preferably spiked gloves), get as much life, resist, physical damage, and attack speed, as you can.
This is another slot that will likely change.


These are my current boots. These are not what you will be looking for, aside from the life/resist/movespeed.
A better scenario is that we get boots with Tailwind on them. If we can get both Tailwind and Elusive on them, then that is the ideal scenario.


Nothing fancy.

Obviously a Bottled Faith would be the dream. But those are ridiculously expensive.

We have gone through the important ones earlier, so we won't have spot for many jewels, but we do have room for:

This one cost me 3EX. The impale version is better, but that one is also like 30+ exalts, soooo...


Good gear

3 second Shaper kill --- 7s

Awakener 8 with Bladestorm --- 2m 26s
I could probably have shaved off a couple of seconds in the last phase. At one point I was standing slightly out of range for my bladestorm to hit. :(
Total budget at this point was around maybe 20-30 exalts or so.

Awakener 8 with Lacerate --- 2m 57s

Uber Elder with Bladestorm --- 2m 25s

Uber Elder with Lacerate --- 2m 22s

Hall of Grandmasters --- 3m 22s

Facetanking Shaper Slam and Shaper Beam --- 13s

Very average gear

Full clear on Lair of the Hydra
Delirium mirror opened --- 2m 35s

Full clear on Pit of the Chimera
Delirium mirror opened --- 3m 18s

Full clear on Forge of the Phoenix
Delirium mirror opened --- 2m 30s.

If you enjoyed playing this build, maybe you want to check out my Frost Blades Raider as well? :)

Don't panic.
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- Removed Close Combat from the setup and replaced it with Fortify

2020-04-20 (2)

- Added Hall of Grandmasters video.


- Added budget version of the build.
- Updated all PoBs with the recent changes.
- Updated info explaining all the PoB versions.
- Updated info on DPS values for all versions.
- Removed Ground Slam version (see why on page 4).
- Added Blade Flurry as an option (mostly for fun).


- Added video of Awakener 8.
- Added gif to show how warcry on move button feels without Battle Cry
- Changed some wording


- Removed Pulverise from the setup. It felt awful since it lowered the attack speed so much.


- Added Awakener level 7 video


- Added expensive version of the build
- Changed main skill from Ground Slam to Bladestorm
- Cleaned up the guide a lot
- Updated tooltip DPS images
- Changed the top gif from a Ground Slam gif to a Bladestorm gif
- Added video of full Forge of the Phoenix with Bladestorm (2min 30s)

Don't panic.
Last edited by Fiver on May 4, 2020, 3:41:53 AM
Looking forward to trying it out !👍
Looks good Mr. Fiver :)
Putting the final touches on the expensive version of the PoB right now. I will start my stream in about 15 minutes though. Most likely I will not be done with it before then, and I will upload it here during/after the stream.

Come hang out if you need anything.


Don't panic.

- Added expensive version of the build
- Changed main skill from Ground Slam to Bladestorm
- Cleaned up the guide a lot
- Updated tooltip DPS images
- Changed the top gif from a Ground Slam gif to a Bladestorm gif
- Added video of full Forge of the Phoenix with Bladestorm (2min 30s)
- Added video of full Pit of the Chimera with Bladestorm (3min 20s)
- Added video of full Lair of the Hydra with Bladestorm (2min 30s)

Don't panic.
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- Added Awakener level 7 video


This is what my character looked like at the time: https://pastebin.com/mjRpL3jz
I have made a Multistrike workaround on the Lycosidae and disabled Multistrike in the skill section. In the Community Fork version of PoB Multistrike works, but I know that a lot of people still use the old version.
I had an attack DPS of 2.3M. I also had 4 bladestorms, with 1.2M dps each.
So that puts me around 7 million dps at this point.

It would've gone so much faster if he hadn't spent half the fight hiding above a vortex. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Don't panic.
Any reason why the skill was changed from ground slam to bladestorm? Was it underperforming? I really like ground slam
masterloups wrote:
Any reason why the skill was changed from ground slam to bladestorm? Was it underperforming? I really like ground slam

Bladestorm feels a lot better against bosses, and does a lot more damage. That said I will leave ground slam as an option. Ground slam feels pretty good when clearing.

With the right gear you can push bladestorm as far as 90m+ dps. But we are talking savior and rare axe/sword and so on. It requires -9 mana cost on both rings and amu, and high accuracy rolls on at least 3 items.

We can probably push ground slam to 40-50 with the same gear. Which is still stupid amounts of damage, of course.

Don't panic.

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