0.10.4b and 0.10.5 Patch Details

I'm really sorry about having to delay the 0.10.5 patch by a week. Three of our senior developers are away at GDC this week negotiating business deals and stalking other developers. We tried extremely hard to have the patch ready before the end of this week (so that it could be deployed on time), but the new support gems have enough complex problems that it's much safer to deploy them a week later.

Because some other elements of this patch are ready, like the four Unique items, we're deploying them in a 0.10.4b (or appropriate letter) patch on Wednesday. We really enjoy people engage with the weekly unique hunt on these forums and on reddit, so we don't want to skip that this week.

To help make the wait for the new support gems easier, here are details on what they do!
  • Strength Support Gem - Melee Splash: Adds an area of effect splash radius to a single target melee attack.
  • Strength/Dexterity Support Gem - Multistrike: Causes you to attack quickly three times with a melee attack. New targets are selected for subsequent attacks if available.
  • Intelligence Support Gem - Power Charge on Critical: Critical strikes with the supported skill have a chance of granting you a Power Charge.

Needless to say, these are currently the most overpowered insanity the Alpha realm has seen for some time. We're working on making sure they're impactful without completing unbalancing the game :P

I'm also sorry for not finishing the Community Q&A answers yet. I have a bunch of time on planes in the next couple of days to work on those, though! If I completely run out of time I may just answer most of the questions rather than all. I was hoping to answer them all.

By the way, we're definitely listening to vocal feedback on topics like loot allocation. While we haven't said anything in the last few days, there is a lot of discussion occurring internally about various options for those systems. I'll post more once there's more information.

If there are any fans in San Francisco who want to try to meet up while we're at GDC, email me at chris@grindinggear.com. Please understand that we're very busy with business meetings so may not have much time to meet people (and are only bringing a small amount of shirts to give out), but I'm definitely keen to meet up if the time is good. Monday until around 3pm is currently pretty clear. If there's a lot of interest maybe we can make a meetup out of it.

The Daily Deals we launched earlier this week have been a huge success! We're getting great engagement with the deals and this means more content for you guys over time :)
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so will those work with minions? :P
<3 exploding minions
Multistrike = D2 Zeal anyone???

Love you so much GGG. Keep it up guys :)
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Can we get frenzy and endurance charge or crit too? Really want to make a crit flicker strike character.
Voll's Protector now = worthless :P
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Last edited by Andy707 on Mar 22, 2013, 11:28:52 PM
so bye bye volls protector?
Hmm, will multistrike add another three attacks to double strike?

Or will it make you strike twice 6 times?
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Hoping there will be more survivability skills near the road with melee in mind, but hopefully the two supports will make melee more tolerable without decreasing skill diversity (I'm looking at you, ele cleave).

EDIT: inb4 elemental hit + splash.
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Multistike leapslam?
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oh god melee will be too op now.... time for nerf

no need to apologize about delaying a patch....better it comes out when it's ready instead of the opposite.

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