[3.10] Tanel's SCION "MOM" BLADE VORTEX - Great Build for 20 Wave Simu, A8, Uber Lab, T16 Maps!

HDTanel wrote:
MrHyperion wrote:
When we reach lvl 55 ..we must to do at least 3 labs in sequency?Because i got lvl 60 and in this lvl i already have to starting point in the ranger tree,but i can't yet.

Just skip labs until you can run all three!

Btw I tried to run the hardest content in the game yesterday on this.. still one of my rings and belt is pretty mediocre and I guess I can get even more damage out with some awakened gems.. but..

T16 100% Delirium, 20% Qual, Rare, Fully Sextanted, Scarabed, Beyond, Einar map..:

Thanks again !! This is the best build that i've tried on this league!
Any tips for leveling?
Kurohade wrote:
Any tips for leveling?

If you wish you can level with Blade Vortex ofcourse, maybe take some more Duration nodes from tree aswell first.. so "EXCEPTIONAL PERFORMANCE" and "POTENCY OF WILL". Will help keep your stacks up. Later unspec Potency of Will.
"Elemental Overload" is also great to have while leveling!
Once you can equip "Obliteration" wands the game is going to be pretty fun, just weapon swap at bosses to get more single target deeps in.
And ofcourse as soon as you can afford to you can keep Righteous Fire enabled for 39% MORE Spell Damage 24\7 :)
i bought the militant faith and i got it power of purpose instead of the agnostic..is that right?
hey, what pantheons would you run on this?

This build looks great!

I will try it really soon, thanks!
MrHyperion wrote:
i bought the militant faith and i got it power of purpose instead of the agnostic..is that right?

You need the right one. High Templar Venarius version ;)

gothhh wrote:
hey, what pantheons would you run on this?

I always run Soul of Lunaris for speed and Abberath for Burning Ground immunity plus 50% Reduced Iginite duration in endgame is pretty good imo.
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Which bandit is the best ? or 2 passives ?
thank you, also what flasks are you using if I may ask? great guide and build :)
Hi, I am playing your build this league as my main build. Just wanted to say I am really impressed so far with the survivability and tankiness so far.

I have a few general questions.
How concerned are you about getting stunned? There is a guy on youtube with a similar build but he used the stun avoid cinderswallow and heart of oak to reduce stuns.

Can this build run phys reflect (I think no) but just wanted to make sure.

Also what do you think about taking inquisitor as second ascendancy rather than heirophant

Thanks for the build
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