Season One, Race Event 90: 3 Hour Lethal Party

no lethal race for me :(

die 3 times in mud flats idk why i have 250 ms :S

and 4th time i die in coves at 13 :( sad

with rlly good gear
my english sux.
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Too hard, cannot get any farther than just outside town before getting killed.
no good classes for this, the best was the ranger, even then got killed at level 2 or 3 just outside town.
started over an hour late, was 6th templar solo but died at 2 minutes from desync

its okay though, learned a lot about how much dmg i can take

i desync but was tanky enough to survive for about 5 seconds, thing is i got boxed in while after oos and wasnt quick enough to log
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3 hour party race and only 34 make it to 20+, I guess either a lot have already quit or the desync is bad everywhere (cough except for the the one cough)
6th Duelist

I took it too slow, wester forest was very easy with 50% fire res.

Shame on me.

played 5 minutes at the end

Lvl 1.74 - 19th shadow - I'm so good...
On the serious note my other shadow died in western at lvl 15 - I knew I shouldnt join some public party - for like 10+mins I didnt got a single lvl ffs, that were some really funny farmin skills guys...
Post Pris Gate content wasnt that hard actually. Didnt got a chance to see how caverns are - joined a public right at Merv.

IMO its retarded that you can stay in Twiglight forever if you have no luck at all.

Mara died at twilight, so I played fb/spark witch solo. Got to lvl 13 with a ton of close calls and finished as 9th witch. The Butcher has never been so fucking scary!
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got #3 templar level 20
died at mud flats at like level 4 and caught up farmed coves for like 2 hours lol

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