Season One, Race Event 90: 3 Hour Lethal Party

Why are the prizes not adjusted for the increased difficulty of this race compared to normal 3 hour party?

i agree this race really needs a buff for completing it!! points and reward wise.

also suggest you let us look for party members here.
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this is season 1, in season 2 things will probably be more balanced
I look at this as beta race season
Looking for another three members to a team for this, and possibly the one after.
Skype, and a tactics go-through/discussion required. Contact me ingame on DeValRoyeaux (copy/paste works) if interested, I'll be on until team is full.
im lookin for a team, im quite experienced with races now (58 reward points)and be playin witch and have skype if needed, send me pm
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Bleh. Another party race.

More solo races, please.
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More solo please.
I played the 1 hour and was fun,

Btw Im out from this: insane lag/desync everywhere.
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Damn, died 3 times, maybe next lol.
There can only be one Oatmeal.
billyoatmeal wrote:
Damn, died 3 times, maybe next lol.

same but is funny :D hope will be tomorrow agein
not lag/desync for me was fine
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We need a solo version of this, its redicilously hard to compete against groups as solo in a situation like this.... PLEASE give us a solo version.... any length of time would be appreciated... just no partying :P

Interesting mode all the way until a goat desync jumped and killed me without ever appearing on my screen...

Something really needs to be done about it as the will to even participate is diminishing quite rapidly due to the absolute time wastage a desync death means to the hardcore only player.
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