[3.16] Coldslinger | Vortex | Creeping Frost | League Start | SSF | CI/LL

Hi! Very good build.

Can you explain why no EO?
Going to play this again today. Most chill leveling ever and the tanky LL version is stronk.
I tested this here at the end of Scourge and really loved it. Thoughts on this approach vs. Wintertide?

Will there be any update for 3.17 for vortex build?
I would really love to play this one on next league :)
is this build still viable in 3.17? Not sure how change to Spell Slinger will affect things ...
Frozen Trail is removed from the game as of 3.17. Not sure whether the build will remain viable unless there are other sources of Frostbolt.
I played this as league starter as well as did endless delve with it. Hoping to see a 3.17 guide for this build :)
shouldnt be too much problem with 3.17, have to fit lmp into frostbolt links, less projectile speed is unfortunate but not a huge issue since the frostbolts are consumed well before they gain much speed anyway.
losing some damage from spellslinger, negated by buff to spells
so the only real change is dropping arcane surge, which is like 11% dps

league started this in archnem, quite possibly the best league starter ive ever used
got to tier 2 maps easily with uncapped resists and lvl20 flat cold dmg wand crafts, absolute garbage floor gear
spent 40c on gear and that alone has pushed to me t16 maps, blackstar, infinite hunger, guardians, eater of worlds
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First time playing vortex, it feel really good even without frozen trail even if i have never played with :)
Hello Exiles

I am currently playing a slight different version of this build in 3.17.
I am using the new Ashes of the stars amulet and the Forbidden Flame/Flesh combo aand its reeealy Fun to play.
I invested about 50 Ex into this and have no problem with mapping and bosses.


What i might change from this is the new implicit on the gloves with apply cold exposure on hit so i can drop frostbomb and use arcane surge again for a slight dmg boost.

if u want to play this build dont run map mods with:
- ele reflect
- -armour on player
- reduced aura effect on player
- vulnerability aura
- no regen
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