3.10 Pillar of Caged God Earthquake | 11k+ EHP 7M+ DPS | Maybe HC viable | All content down|Videos

Are you tired of dying 1hit to metamorph or any content in game? Are you tired of building defense and ending up with a ZDps build? Have you had enough of playing a necromancer and let some moving pixels do your job for you?
Do you wanna play a melee build that feels great, deal great damage and never die from spike damage

I will be streaming for 3.10 https://www.twitch.tv/astariftt playing and testing out different builds every now and then.
Try not to PM me in game for questions, drop them here in the thread or come by the stream. I am pretty much afk 95% of the time just doing trades while i am in game

Look no further, we are the new and the bestest Pillar of the Caged God build with:

10-13k E-hp(6-7k life, 3-4k ES)
5-7Mil dps(with averaged 3-3.8mil earthquake aftershock every 0.4-0.5 second)
76 to all resist
30%-50% phys reduction(THIS IS AFTER ABYSSUS)
Nearby enemies are blinded(during clear/mapping)
Nearby enemies has 23% less accuracy
Effective perma fortify
Ancestral totem taunts enemies off you(bosses)
1.4k-1.5k Stronk stat
Most mobs dies in 1 earthquake aftershock

Our high end budget is about 10-15EX, but we can start this easily at around 2-3EX(you will just have less str/life and damage overall, functionability is about the same) Cost will probably drop as str stacking necro drop out of meta

*****Changes for 3.10******
Good changes:
Necros and barons nerfed, our items wont be as high demand as it were in 3.9

We dont really like cluster jewel nodes, because phys% and attack% increased damage does not help us much. Best case scenario is to use voices or simply just a medium cluster into a 2 point small cluster for wall of muscle

Bad changes:
Shaper's touch nerf
2% es per 10 str >>> 1% es per 10 str
This is a loss of 1-1.3k ES easily, kinda reduced our E-HP by 10%
2 mana per 4 str
We lose some mana

Changes to tempered flesh
Tempered Flesh now grants -1 to Strength per Strength on allocated Passives and 2% increased Life Recovery Rate per 10 Strength on allocated Passives.
We no longer get 56% crit multi from an unupgraded tempered flesh
however, we get 6% increased life recovery rate(helps with leech)
We wont use this unless you upgrade the jewel

Upgrade to Transcendent flesh
Transcendent Flesh now grants -1 Strength per Strength on allocated Passives, 3% increased Life Recovery Rate per 10 Strength on allocated Passives, 2% reduced Life Recovery Rate per 10 Strength on unallocated Passives and +7% to Critical Strike Multiplier per 10 Strength on unallocated Passives.

We get 9% reduced life recovery rate and 56% crit multi here(like what we have currently
2% reduced, 49% crit multi for our cluster jewel PoB tree

Tldr for 3.10 changes:
Overall positive because necros are nerfed and str stacking gear wont be as expensive

Before we go on, we are a stat stacking build that revolves around maximizing our gear based on maximum strength

Videos: More to come
3.9 Sirus and friends

3.9 Elder, Shaper, Uber elder, 4 conquerers, Sirus

3.9 T16 plaza map clear with hunter influence
Mods: more life, more damage, less max res on me + dual boss
Just jump into packs and right click, chaos mobs are supposed to be dangerous but honestly with 7k base life, its not much of an issue

Insane EHP, we literally dont die 1hit from anything, even shaper/elder slam(that deals like 10k life)
Great damage, great enough to kill metamorphs within 5 seconds on average
Super off meta with pillar of caged god and ascendent
Crystal earthquake looks great
High min maxing potential
Strength stacking but we dont need a perfect lethal pride
Yes we can be HC viable, even tho the nerf to shaper's touch made us lose 1-1.5k ES
Dont need to collect 10 split personality as a stat stacking build, fun

We are slightly weak against chaos damage(build chaos resist to counter this)
Competing with Baron summoner builds for high strength gear
Not ideal for legion monolith content, we cant clear the whole monolith on time
We are still melee, effectively

Key build mechanics

This is our bread and butter, our damage and what our build revolves around.
It gives 16% additive increased melee damage per 10 str(we go up to 1.3-1.5k str, thats 2000+ increased melee damage), 1% increased aoe per 20 intel(not that huge), 1% increased attack speed per 10 dex

We stack stats, strength even intelligence or dexterity if we can. This gives an effective 250-300+ increased ES and some other minor stats from dex and intel. This is our big key to having our giant ES pool

10% of maximum life gained as extra maximum ES

This timeless jewel gives us Corrupted soul https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Corrupted_Soul
20% of maximum life gained as extra maximum ES, 50% of non chaos damage bypasses ES
This 2 mods gives us 30% of our already high life pool gained as maximum ES, (2.1k if you have 7k life) comboed with shaper's touch % increased ES, we can reach up to 5k+ ES with a very tiny downside

Playstyle for this build

Leap slam to packs, earthquake, jump away, repeat

Why Earthquake not cyclone

Because cyclone is boring. In all honesty, cyclone can definitely work with this build

We want to use a melee skill that can be used by staff, adds some intrinsic phys damage based from the gem itself.

Earthquake adds a substantial phys damage to the aftershock, which allows us to achieve a gigantic hit from the aftershocks.

Skills that adds fire, cold or lightning damage from the base gem will not work that well at all

Why Ascendant

Ascendant is a pretty good ascendancy what it comes to focusing on stacking a base stat.
Also, we are able to get benefit from 2 lesser ascendancy, which in this case we focus on:
Berserker, i choose this because i want more damage and stun immunity while clearing maps
Juggernaut, we can literally bypass accuracy requirements with this but with shaper's touch, a slightly leveled precision and a unnatural instinct, we can handle accuracy very well
Chieftain, 10% str but the remaining stats arent all that good

Champion, i choose this because intimidate, taunt, fortify and impale for that extra added damage. This is hands down the most damage you can get off a single ascendancy on this
Slayer, over leech is nerfed, very hard to justify

Pathfinder, close to unlimited flask, but also no other good buffs

My current set up

POB and skilltree explanation

This PoB is for the purist who do not want to meddle with cluster jewels
PoB is based on my current set up
Gearing explanations more in detail below
Nothing very complicated, a straightforward Earthquake set up
Meek/unnatural instinct set up

For 3.10, if you want to utilize our cluster jewel slot, follow this PoB

We will drop pure talent jewel to make way for more points and to use cluster jewels.
Generally i would not advice on using a large cluster, because its too much points required and we would need to throw away lots of strength/life nodes for the cluster jewel. Also, after 3.10 we dont know how available good cluster jewels will be. My cluster jewel of choice will definitely be a single medium crit cluster into a 2 point wall of muscle cluster

Version 1: https://pastebin.com/Qa5rUXgx
This will be the expensive version, we run champion berserker, so we need more accuracy and thats where the unnatural instinct comes in. This is more expensive in terms of budget but will be our ultimate end game over version 2

Version 2: https://pastebin.com/8yPaEF0u
We drop unnatural instinct(really depends on how expensive this is) for juggernaut ascendancy. This gives us lots of accuracy, endurance charge consistency, chill and stun immunity and less damage taken. This is the safer build but we will do less dps for sure.

Both versions has its pros and cons, both are good. Just depends on which you like more, probably go jugg/champion if HC/hate dying, berserker/champion if you love damage but dont mind random spikes damage sometimes.

Cluster jewels:
Pressure points
Precise commander

Wall of muscle

Large cluster jewels arent worth it because of the travel nodes. 12% attack damage is literally nothing in our set up(we get thousands of % phys attack dmg from our weapon, this is affected by diminishing returns)


1: go for champion ascendancy
2: go for jugg/berserker
3: go for duelist starting point ascendancy

We only get effective bonus from ascendancy from cruel lab onwards

*** if you have problems with capping accuracy, take juggernaut over berserker, swap back once you can get good enough accuracy(this involve having shaper's touch, around 240ish intelligence and the unnatural instinct on the spot it is supposed to be in)



Always assume Awakened gems are the best in slot, if you can afford them

On Armor
We like our ancestral warchief(not vaaled) and leapslam set up here
Ancestral warchief - Leap Slam - Fortify - Brutality - Faster Attacks - Impale

On weapon 1:
We use our Earthquake(vaaled) setup here
Vaal Earthquake - Melee physical damage - Less duration - Brutality - Pulverize - Energy leech

Energy leech isnt the biggest damage modifier, but it gives us ES leech which we need

On Helm
Enlighten - Maim - Flesh and Stone - Pride

Self explanatory, maim works well with flesh and stone for more damage

On Gloves
This is our curse on hit set up, if you do not have an awakened level 5 curse on hit, use assassin's mark only
Vulnerability - Curse on hit - Storm brand - Assassin's mark

IF only one curse, assassin's mark

On Boots
Enlighten - Blood and sand - Precision - Dread banner

Level precision and make sure you have roughly 100 mana after the reservation

Important note on gearing
We need to focus on maxing our resist and just purely focus on as much strength as possible


Our trusty Pillar of the caged god

Use from level 13, we dont need to care about rolls or corruptions too, very very simple

Body armor

What we want here would be an elder chest with high life stat and High flat str+ increased % strength


Undisputed slot, gives us everything and some extra things we need.

For corruption, look for crit chance for attacks
For enchants, it doesnt matter much


This is a novelty and the boots that made me start the build.
Elusive is absolutely not required, but its just extra

What we want is a hunter boots with flat strength and % increased strength, with decent life and movement speed


Undisputed slot.

We want to have lowest possible phys damage taken mod and highest possible melee crit multi.

For enchant, we want earthquake duration reduction(those are rare AF and expensive, not worth it).
Else we would like stuff like dread banner aura effect, Pride/fleshandstone mana reservation

Neck and anointing

For starters, use astramentis https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Astramentis

Else for a rare amber amulet, what we want is
Increased attributes(shaper)
Increased strength(Warlord)
Flat strength
Good life stat
Prefix to craft either increased aoe or phys damage leeched as ES

A perfectly rolled amulet can cost up to many EX, so a simple one with t1 strength is pretty much good enough, the increased attributes or strength is a good to have

Master of force
20 Str, 4% for double damage, this is enough to outweight any other notables, we want to have more chance to deal double damage over stuff like assassination


This is our slot to max strength, max resist and get as much life as possible, spend within means


We can use a Cyclopean Coil here
Make sure it rolls highest possible you can afford increased attributes
In most cases, we wont fulfill the cant be frozen mod, but cant be ignited or shocked is pretty good too

This is a similar slot to amulets, just that we use an elder heavy belt here
My belt is close to an ideal belt we want, but with less base life.

We want
Armor(not high priority)
Increased attributes
Flat strength
Suffix to craft flat strength/dex or int


We will need an anti freeze(assuming you dont use the anti chill freeze boots), anti bleed, anti curse flask. So in most cases we run 3 utility flasks
1: life flask with anti bleed
2: Basalt or quicksilver flask with anti freeze or curse
3: Diamond flask with anti freeze or curse

4/5: luxury expensive damage flasks

If you play a melee build with phys damage, this is an unavoidable slot

Bottled faith and cinderswallow is an either/or. Use bottled faith if you can afford
For bottled faith, thats the highest valued and most dps flask we can ever get. But i will always value it highly because it can be used in almost any possible builds. We will want this if you can afford this
For cinderswallow, we dont use the ignite mod, but we use the onslaught and the unveiled crit mod and the flat life/es gain on kill


We have so many jewel slots, sadly we dont have alot of flexibility in it.

As explained before, glorious vanity for doryani corrupted soul

We need 2/3 might of the meek +1 unnatural instinct(this is expensive, so we use a 3rd meek in its place if required

We need a rare jewel with phys leeched as mana

We need a pure talent, it gives us 25 to all stat, 15% melee aoe, 1% attack damage leeched as life

We need a tempered flesh, this gives 56% crit multi, insane

We will use a watcher's eye as the last slot OR a rare jewel with high crit multi stat
We want the double damage mod, everything else isnt good(even the impale one yes)

TLDR gearing priority for power spikes(from start to end)

Crafting guide for items used in the build


This is what i am currently using. This is good because we get 2 huge % increased stats mods.
What we want in the amulet is a T1 rolled increased strength(warlord) and T1 increased attributes(shaper) and ideally and totally based off rng, flat str
Steps involved:
1: find an ilvl 75 shaper amber amulet
Reason being that the mods we need rolls at level 75 max. Any higher ilvl increases the pool of the mods that can roll and will reduce the chances of us getting the final mods we want
2: get a warlord influenced amulet, we just need one with ilvl 75 and above, base doesnt matter, ilvl above 75 doesnt matter
3: spam alts to get ONLY one influenced mod, means any mod thats "warlord", "conquest", "shaper", "the shaping" thats not the mod we want, we have to either annul or continue alt spamming. Do not continue unless you get a clean T1 increased str or attribute mod on each respective amulets
4: get an awakener orb, pray to whatever god you believe in or RNG, use the orb FIRST on the warlord amulet and click it onto the ILVL 75 SHAPER amulet.
5: You are confirmed a t1/t1 shaper/warlord increased attribute/str amulet. If the 3rd suffix is good(flat str, crit multi, resist can be good but we want pure damage stat here), we can actually metacraft it to make it better
**steps after this is bascially meta crafting, it can cost you from 5 to hundred exalted orbs, you gotta gauge if its worth going for this
6: metacraft if suffixes are worth it enough to burn 2ex for suffixes cant be changed.
7: use a scouring orb to result in the amulet with only the suffixes(increased str/attributes +1 good enough suffix
8: craft lowest tier flat mana on amulet
9: exalted orb and pray for t1 life/%ES/flatES/flat phys
10: if it fails, repeat metacrafting.

I only did one round of meta crafting to get the life roll and % armor roll, i dont like to sink too much cost into meta crafting.


To get the mods i have on this boots is heavily heavily dependent on luck, i do not expect to see another boots with the same base mods without huge cost/rngluck.
I will not suggest trying to craft an elusive/%str/flat str boots like mine, too much rng involved and its probably not worth the cost.

However, we still can get a decent boots by crafting on a hunter boots.
Steps involved:
1: buy an ilvl 75 hunter boots. As usual, higher ilvl means more potential rolls, unless you want to go for a 35% movement speed boots, ilvl 75 is enough.
2: spam alts for t1 % strength roll
3: augment orb and hope for t1 life/t2 movement speed
4: Use imprint beast if the prefix is good, else move to step 5
5: use a regal orb and hope for t2/1 strength roll.
6: if you get a t1/2 strength roll, multi mod it and craft life/movement speed


Lunaris with divine vessel completed
Solaris with divine vessel completed

Abberath because i hate floor on fire
Shakari with poison immune(poisons/caustic ground is a huge bitch in metamorph and Sirius fight, his beam poisons)

Honestly for major god, either one is great for migitation, for minor we want shakari because chaos damage is a huge pain in the ass


We want to help alira


Simple explanation
Level with a bow or something to level 13

Take pillar of god, use ground slam till level 28

Swap to earthquake and start slamming the earth

leveling trees
1-13(level with a bow or something, your choice)

14-28 pick up our end game weapon: pillar of the caged god and ground slam your way till 28

29-45(finish act 5)
Run flesh and stone, blood and sand, and level precision to your comfort level because accuracy would be a slight issue these levels. Do not run pride yet

46-66(finish act 10)
We need the 2 meek set up in the layout, take the jewel slot for unnatural instinct if you can afford one at this point, else dont take it yet.

66-73(we rush to where we put our glorius vanity and allocate corrupted soul asap now)

74+ focus towards finishing the tree i have planned, the life nodes will be the last ones you get. Get the damage nodes 1st, you probably can achieve 8-9k EHP by around lvl 75 to 80


Q: I cant get as much life/es you have
A: You need a timeless jewel for doryani to get corrupted soul for the bulk of the ES and a crafted life as es craft on chest.

Q: why take mind over matter
A: we use a timeless jewel to change it to corrupted soul

Q: how do we calculate our effective dps
A: we take our attack rate X earthquake after shock damage + our initial hit dps for earthquake, add them together.
You will not be able to get a fast enough attack speed to procc aftershock as fast as it occur unless you run a multistrike, which complicates things further, i do not like complications

Q: Vaal earthquake or vaal ancestral warchief?
A: personally I took vaal earthquake because I did not need any additional single target dps that vaal ancestral warchief gives. Its all up to your preference and I don't suggest using both, splitting souls for vaal skills isn't very ideal

Will add more in future


Some nerfs, some buffs and added cluster jewel support in PoB tree

Build posted
My Builds/Stream

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My Builds/Stream


I want to try this. Can you add a leveling tree please ?
Thank you.
Tried your burning arrow build and it was pretty good.

This build looks good but is there any replacement gear to make it slightly more budget
Awà wrote:

I want to try this. Can you add a leveling tree please ?
Thank you.

Added a leveling tree guide at the leveling section

xxnoobiexx wrote:
Tried your burning arrow build and it was pretty good.

This build looks good but is there any replacement gear to make it slightly more budget

The biggest cost lies in the amulet(you need an awakener orb to craft that) and the boots, alternatively just buy any gear with high roll str with decent life and resist, 3-4 ex should be doable for a lower budget build with around 1.2-1.3k str

Added a t16 map clear video for gameplay showcase
My Builds/Stream

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Thank you for leveling tree!
Lets say i want to use a different skill , do i need to change some skill gem to more viable with the skill that i want to use or any physcial damage dealing gem works ?
Lets say i want to use a different skill , do i need to change some skill gem to more viable with the skill that i want to use or any physcial damage dealing gem works ?

We are limited to https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/List_of_skill_gems_usable_with_staves Staves skills, however to be even close to what we can achieve with my earthquake showcase, we have to use a skill with baseline added phys, that means we are limited to Ground slam, Sweep, Double strike other than earthquake.

Ground slam and sweep will have similar links to earthquake but we would use multistrike over reduced duration, double strike will be very different because its a strike skill
My Builds/Stream

tnx for the build
Doing this build right now. My 1st ever serious scion build i think. Always have some love for Potcg. Thanks for posting this.

Still, stat stacking is expensive, this build is no exception. I save up about 40ex ready for this but after scouting the current market i dont think i have enough, lol, not if i want end game viable dps & tankiness.

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