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Suds1029 wrote:
What is the cost to get the build to a place where it can do most content, like the minimum needed to get it started? I'm interesting in the build but I'm not sure if I have enough currency to get it to a decent place.

4.2ex Cospri's
3.4ex Pandemonius
1ex Generic 6L 500ES armor
Fill other slots with ES/resists

Probably 15ex to make it feel great.

If you REALLY have no currency you can play self cast frostbolt/ice nova with Pledge of Hands until you get some. 6L Pledge of Hands is currently 2.5ex. No other gear is needed.

Pledge of Hands selfcast actually does a ton more damage than this build but you lose the mobility and you have to press two buttons.
Delving and mapping will feel good quite cheaply just because of the power of the skills.

Map bosses and metamorphs will give you some problems until you either get enough defensive layers or higher damage. One problem with going defensive is you just run dry on flasks on longer bosses and you lose a lot of power, so it helps to also boost your damage which can be expensive while maintaining higher ES. I felt like things got better after I got over 9k ES.
Is the cooldown between the two Ice NovaSpells shared?
Do they only cast once, when i dont have Awakened CoC?

Does anyone know?
Nevermind, found the answer.

Also, COC and Cospri don't share cooldown, even for same skills. We could place an Ice Nova on a COC link and another on a Cospri, and both would proc when we crit. That doesn't happen if we have two of the same gem on two Cospri: they'll share cooldown.
If u looking for big dmg upgrade use skitterbots the shock give u alot of dmg also u have perma chill so no need to use hypotherm.

PS. Any one intresting in this?
i use skitterbots instead of hatred.
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What's the ideal endgame gem setup apart from the main 3? A typical setup seems to be Awakened Added Cold (strong at 5 with +1 to gem levels), Increased Critical Strikes, and Hypothermia is a tiny bit under Awakened Cold Penetration but you get some utility. Inspiration isn't as good if you have the Added Cold level boost.

I'm seeing 2 other options though on poe.ninja.

Some drop increased critical strikes and if I do that then my hit damage jumps nearly 40% but my cyclone crit rate would be 60% (91% effective with flasks on).

I'm not sure how to read this since flasks aren't reliable on some bosses but higher DPS does make them have higher effective uptime.

The other option I'm seeing is dropping Hypothermia for Concentrated Effect or Awakened Elemental Focus. That's about 15% more but again not sure how it'll feel without the boosted chill/freeze.

Does the PoB fork account for chill effect on Bonechill accurately? It doesn't seem to change anything so I'm not sure how to account for it (and whether Unbound Ailments might be good to use on Vortex).
selling gear for the build if someone interested
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Nik54 wrote:
selling gear for the build if someone interested

Gonna give ya my own Liver for your Watcher's eye
What are the important stats on the Cospri. Is 14% Increased attack speed most important or Elemental DPS?


thanks for sharing ur guide.

I was wondering about the rings
Which is the best option

Frostbite or Assassin's Mark

i have both: Frostbite lvl 8 & Assassin's Mark lvl 12

see u Exile!

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