[3.13 UPDATED] gr0bbs | Poison Blade Vortex | Budget Viable | Endgame 50Mil+ DPS | Video Guide

For bossing, using two Cold Iron Points will increase your damage by a LOT.

What you can do for bossing:
- link a level 1 Desecrate to your CWDT, or spam it manually in phases where you can't hit the boss. This helps with the Devouring Diadem to restore Health and ES.
- Get an impresence with Despair mana reservation, then link it to Blasphemy.
- Get a level 21 Vaal Blade Vortex. No need for quality (21/23 is way more expensive than a 21/0). BV scales with gem levels
- on bosses, you can use Whirling Blades + Faster Attacks + Fortify instead of Dash / Flame dash. Fortify gives you physical dmg reduction

The thing with Sirus is... most of his abilities are one-shots, especially on a glas-cannon build like Poison BV. There aren't many builds out there who can survive his triple-beam or the quadruple lasers (ailment immunity helps a lot, same with Corrupted Blood-jewel). You have to learn the fight and dodge his abilities. If you want a build where you can survive being hit by his abilities, you'd have to spend 100ex+
I actually use 2 Cold Iron Points vs bosses.

I sold my Kintsugi, I will try Carcass Jack instead.

Desecrate + CWDT is an excellent idea, I will try it :)

I use Ungil's Harmony + 'gain flask charge on critical strike' craft on belt for fast recharging my flasks, very usefull vs bosses, I will try Impresence later.

Ok for BV lvl 21 & fortify.

I have few questions, should I drop Flesh and Stone for Skitterbots and then does it really increase my damages ?

About Asenath's Gentle Touch does 'Temporal Chains' increase the poison duration ?

And does 'faster poison damage' from cluster jewels/Watcher Eye bring a lot of dps ?

Should I aim Carcass Jack '+2 to Aoe skill gems' or better ?

For Sirus I know well the fight as a TR Pathfinder, but with BV it's not a piece of cake :( especially at last phase he killed me off-screen many times.

I was about to give up as I cannot make enough currencies to finish this build but after your answer I'm hyped :) Big thanks !
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Carcass Jack is only nice for mapping, especially if you have Asenaths for explosions (or Obliteration). It helps almost nothing for bossing.

Despair gives you more damage than the crit chance. Also, Impresence gives you defences for mapping. It's not expensive, so you could buy it, try it out and sell it if you're not comfortable with it.

Flesh and Stone gives you good defence too, but they increased mana reservation for it... so don't know if it's still that viable. Skitterbots DO increase damage AND defence, because they shock (way more damage) and chill (lowered attack speed on mobs). Since they increased mana reservation of FaS, you'll have to play around a bit, if you prefer damage.

Temp Chains does increase poison damage via duration. I think the duration is the same, but poison ticks more often.

The higher your overall poison damage is, the better "faster poison damage" becomes. If you need the whole 4 seconds of your poisons to kill a boss, and you got like 50% faster poison, you'll kill him in 3 seconds instead.

Last phase of Sirus is tricky. You need to dash into the middle immediately after he disappears, just to have a chance to see, where he teleports.
I already use despair curse on my gloves, my critical chances just help to gain flask charges faster, ok thanks again for everything I will work on that :)
As soon as I can I will buy a watcher's eye, right now the dps is not so good and I die often at Sirus AL5, it is just impossible in AL8, dps is too low :(
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Hi good folks!

I'm trying to get into the higher dmg values. POB says my dmg is 1million, which is very far away from 50m in the title.

I dont have xplode chest, but that doesnt give any additional dmg, so thats not why my dmg is low, at least thats my thinking.

Can you help me diagnose what can i do differently?

+ i have cluster jewels (i dont know how to link those, but you can see my character)


- Take Flesh and Stone instead of Skitterbots, it will increase greatly your survability as you take less damage and blind monsters near you.

- For Impresence uniq amulet I think the anoint 'Dire Torment' will bring you more dps.

- I tried CWDT + IC but personaly I think Steelskin ~lvl 17 or more is more efficient.

- You don't have any 'remove curses' flask so you will get one shot often, you should use avenger's flask of Warding.

- A great tip someone told me : CWDT + Desecrate : vs Bosses the Devouring Diadem is useless but with this combo, corpses pop when you are hit so Feast of Flesh heal you :) Great for Maven's Arenas !

- Devouring Diadem with lab enchant +40% Blade Vortex damage is cheap ~ 40c.

- Try to find 2x corrupted Cold Iron Point +50% damage over time (~1 ex) for bosses and for mapping CIP corrupted + Bino's Kitchen.

- Not cheap (~ 2.5 ex) but awesome, Asenath's Gentle Touch : corpses explosion , blind and curse with Temporal Chain, so with Madening presence monsters action speed is lowered by ~38%, less damage for us :) and the poison duration is increased by 40% :)

- If you use Asenath's Gentle Touch you need a rare armor with 'You Can Apply An Additional Curse' mod, for a good one it's around 2 ex.

- Don't forget to put +20% on your skill/support gems and use awekened version of 'Deadly Ailments', 'Blasphemy'.

- Divergent Plague Bearer is a good dmg boost and cheap.

- You can easily find a Circle of Nostalgia with 2 implicit bonuses increasing damages (poison/chaos etc.), personnaly I prefer +% chaos resist when affected by Herald of Agony and have 75% chaos resist, the buff bonus just bring ~ +5% poison damage, not so great (base +46%) and more chances to poison (I have 140%).

-Try to find Stygian belt with chaos dmg and free prefix, then you can craft % increased damage and jewel with added physical damage to spells.

-Use catalysts to increase chaos dmg on amulet and Cirle of Nostalgia.

- For large cluster jewels find those with 3 bonuses : Overwhelming Malice/Wicked Pall/Unholy Grace and Grim Oath/Wicked Pall/Unwaveringly Evil.

Right now my DPS on PoB is 6.4 millions, In game 95.000 with 10 blades, I don't have yet the Watcher's Eye, I almost completed the build and I really don't know how he reached 50M.

Whisper me if you need help : @Slayer_Xandh
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Just stopping by because of the PoB-questions. A lot of the DMG shown in PoB is just a smokescreen, and it all depends on the right configuration:

- don't forget to check your flasks under "Items"

Use the following Settings under "Configuration":
- Unholy Might
- Poisons applied recently: 30 (if you play self-poison: 60)
- # of Unique Enemies nearby: 1
- # of Poisons on the Enemy: ~30
- # of Withered Stacks: 15

If you are using Skitterbots:
- is the enemy shocked: Yes

If you use the Cluster Node "Touch of Cruelty":
- is the enemy hindered: Yes (10% more damage taken)

If you have a "Frenzy charge on Hit"-Chest:
- Do you use Frenzy charges: Yes

If you have a CWDT linked with Storm Brand + PCoC (or any other way to get PC without killing)
- Do you use Power charges: Yes

It all depends on your specific cluster / item setup.

You can get crazy high numbers with Poison builds, but since poison has some ramp up time and you are not always close to the boss, 50m DPS looks nice, but you won't do 50m DPS right from the start or in general. You go to the boss, and after 4 seconds ramp up time, you're close to those 50m DPS. But as soon as you have to run away, that number decreases again.
Thanks a lot for the answer :) I will check PoB.
Exepted the Watcher's Eye I have no idea how to get more dps.
I have a circle of nostalgia ring with '' gain arcane surge on hit with spells''

How is this calculated in pob or how to add it in pob??


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