[3.9] Impale Spectral Spirits Summoner. Intangible minions tearing up the Atlas

Thanks for the replay WaffleT.

I'm playing with the PoB right now and with just 1 rotting claw is enough for 100% impale which is insane for damage boosting.
Thx for the build idea, doing my take on it right now.
It's def not the quickest but it's kinda hipster and I like it.
Here is video of me lvl 72 doing t16 lair of hydra with predictable end.
Last edited by paranozek on Oct 30, 2020, 3:52:47 PM
Have pretty decent sirus dps (8.3 mil) but zero defences (5145 hp)
Here is my pob:
Hey Waffle you still around and making builds? Think this one could be resurrected?

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