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alfredsks wrote:
Hi, how do you proc herald of thunder when arc can't shock cause of ele focus support

You don't proc herald of thunder (also the proc is useless).
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Heyo, lvl 87 and still going on !

I love this build which use both my fav skills : cyclone and arc !

Wasnt my starter but it wasnt so hard to gear him (ok i dropped the shav this might help)

(plus as a huge fan of cyclone i think ill follow what you do with other build, those loks fun too :D)

Just something i dont understand : sometime i get like ... frozen or stun but i have the amulet and an anti freeze pot ... i have no idea where this comes from and i almost die each times. Did you get that kind of problem while you played it ?
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I guess this is not meant to be there or? And can i ask why Orb of Storm lvl 1?
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What gear should I aim for? Currently I have roughly same items (don't have crystal belt and helmet with arc damage, and maybe es is lower than yours).

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