[3.9] Burning Arrow Chieftain League Start - Budget Friendly

Welcome Exile!

THANK YOU! I was never expecting my build to be this big! I can't express enough how much I appreciate everyone's support and interest. Have a wonderful league! :)

I plan to revisit this build in 3.12. Hopefully, we get some more content that will boost the damage of Burning Arrow. :)

[3.8] Forge of Phoenix:

[3.9] T16 Metamorph:

[3.9] Pit Of The Chimera

[3.9] Awakener Kill by RPGambit:


- Buffed burning DPS with new Burning Arrow changes
- Medium clear speed
- Build is focused on giving you the best bang for your buck
- Has a lot of room for investment
- Satisfying gameplay / bow firing and ignition ASMR
- You get to play Burning Arrow :)



- Can feel slow if you're used to cyclone builds
- Has a hard time on Sirus fight. Ideally, improved move speed and tankier investments would fix this.
- Keep moving... Adopt a shoot and move playstyle if you want to live against harder content. (With endurance charges up and around 7k heath, I've been able to survive metamorph and boss hits that I definitely shouldn't have.)



- Build page is created

- PoB Updated
* Xoph's Nurture Level 20 Ignite Prolif Added
* All gear tweaked. Updating on forum section.

- PoB Updated
* Gear reworked to be more budget friendly.
* Tree reworked to focus less on STR stacking

- Build page updated
* General info updated and expanded upon

- PoB Updated
* Impresence removed
* Crown of the Tyrant removed
* Gem links reworked
* Damage calculation tweaked

- Build page updated
* Map Mod section added
* Gear updated

- PoB Updated
* Additional unique boot options added
* Skill tree tweaked
> Allocated Agility +30 DEX node near Ele Overload

- Build Page Updated
* Boot information expanded
* New PoB link available (0.7)

- PoB Updated
* Gear tweaked across the board
* Skill tree changed slightly
* Ascendancy Reworked

- Build Page Updated
* Amulet and Glove information expanded
* New PoB link available (0.8)
* Gem links changed and updated

- PoB Updated
* Tree updated to align with 3.9 patch notes!
* New PoB link available (0.8.1)
* Unchecked Shock. PoB assumes we are getting max effectiveness. The new PoB update should add the ability to select shock effectiveness, but I cannot get to to display.

- Build Page Updated
* Added Leveling Guide section

- Build Page Updated
* Gameplay section added

- New 1.0 PoB added
- Gear section updated
- Gem section updated

- 3.9 T16 Metamorph fight video added
- 3.9 T16 Pit of the Chimera video added


- HiV0ltage
- maciekiwa2
- junubshun
- spider0804
- SwordsQueen
- Posledneeleto
- ryderbg
- underlorth
- rpgambit


-----------MAP MODS-------------

* Elemental Reflect
* Monsters have 30/60/90% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments
* Increased monster elemental resistance ( you can run maps with extra monster resists, but it wont be a cakewalk in higher level maps)
* No regen maps aren't too great. Especially if you're auto casting Blood Rage. (you can do it, but it's a little sketchy against metamorph)

-------------MY CURRENT GEAR---------------

-------------GEAR BREAKDOWN---------------

Before we go over specific gear choices, it is important to follow these rules when deciding what gear is good for your build:

*Added lightining damage only benefits our build after we have Stormfire. It is a good idea to be looking for gear with both added fire and lightning beforehand of course.
*what do you need to make your damage/defense viable for your current situation.
*The build really takes off after we pickup Dyadian and Xoph's. Once you level your gems and have a 5-link xoph's, you can focus on tank related nodes if you feel you need survivability.

Here's the new Burning Arrow gem info:

- Now converts 100% of Physical Damage to Fire Damage (from 50%).
- Now has 50% chance to Ignite Enemies at all gem levels (previously 30% at gem level 1, up to 49% at gem level 20).
- Now deals 50% more damage with Ignite at gem level 1 (from 30%), up to 88% at gem level 20 (From 68%).
- Now applies an additional debuff when you Ignite, dealing extra burning damage based on the magnitude of the Ignite.
- Now gains +1% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier per 2% gem quality (from 3% increased Ignite duration per 1% gem quality).

- 100% of Physical Damage is now converted to Fire Damage (from 50%).
- Now has a 50% chance to Ignite Enemies at all gem levels (from 30% at gem level 1, up to 49% at gem level 20).
- Now deals 150% more damage with Ignite at gem level 1 (from 30%), up to 188% at gem level 20 (from 68%).
- Now gains +1% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier per 2% gem quality (previously 3% increased Ignite Duration per 1% gem quality).

Xoph's Nurture is is the star of the build. We prioritize getting this bow with the 6-link ASAP. Xoph's grants us a level 20 Ignite Prolif support which means 39% more burning damage and our pack clear is stronger!

If you need a budget option to work into Nurture, I would suggest Xoph's Inception early on then Infractem or Silverbough for mapping. If you drop a decently rolled rare bow in the later chapters, then that may a cheaper option for you. Increased Physical%, added fire, added lightning and increased DoT mods are ideal.

Drillneck is currently best in slot since it helps clear with its Arrows Pierce an additional Target mod.

Blackgleam and the upgraded version The Signal Fire are the best budget options for this build so far. If you happen to get a corrupted version of Signal Fire with . If you need a rare to tide you over, look for a piercing quiver. That should help with clear early on.

Starkonja's Head is our best budget item to increase our overall stats. A rare helmet works pretty well here if you are lacking resistances. I would suggest the "Wave of Conviction's Exposure applies -6% Elemental Resistance" enchant. Note that you can link Combustion to your WoC setup and drop Flammability for a more effective resistance debuff on monsters.

After some testing in 3.9 lategame and metamorph encounters, Asenath's Chant seems to be the best head gear for overall survivability and utility. Since it allows us to place an additional curse on the build, we can double up on defensive curses, offensive curses or choose a mix of the two. My current and recommended setup is Temp Chains corrupted implicit on gloves and Enfeeble in your chant.

Additional Crown of the tyrant info:
I have decided to omit Crown of the tyrant from this build due to its very limited gem capabilities. It is worth mentioning that CotT paired with the Mantra of Flames jewel gives us a decent amount of burning damage. The build does enough burning damage that it's much more worth spending the ex on an Asenath's.

Body Armor:
Kaom's Heart. Gives us Fire damage and a great amount of HP. Nice choice on a budget after it;s popularity went down. Note: the recent rise in use of bow builds has increased the price of Kaom's on league start. Use a Belly of The Beast or some similar life increase chest piece until you can afford Kaom's.

Additional rare body armour info:

We could run a piece of rare body armour with life, armour and resists. Best case scenario is triple resist, + max life, +% max life Astral Plate. I've had a hard time finding a rare chest piece to compete with Kaom's in terms of budget pricing and raw HP. I would suggest avoiding this route of super expensive rare Elder gear even more so now that the Elder/Shaper content is harder to access.

A well rolled pair of rare gloves will do here. Something to hopefully help fill out resists and max life. Ideally we want Shaped gloves with "+16% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier" (needs ILvl 80) and the Corrupted implicit "Curse Enemies with Level 11 Elemental Weakness OR Temporal Chains on Hit" mod. Hunter influence can also roll the Fire damage over time mod. If you happen to get a pair of Hunter gloves, it may be easier rolling those rather than buying a pair of shaper gloves.

However... you could run Tombfist as a budget option. I don't suggest Tombfist for your lategame setup, but if you want to try it out your Abyss jewels should be "Searching" with added fire/lightning to attacks and added fire/lightning to bow attacks.

A pair of rare boots is ideal so far. All resist, life and move speed. If possible, try to get the "Added Lightning Damage to Attacks if You Haven't Killed Recently" lab enchant on your boots:

You can choose to use unique boots here if you wish, but the resists, DEX, life and move speed you could get from rare boots is personally much more valuable. Lioneye's Paws, Abberath's Hooves and Wake of Destruction are a few of the best choices.

A good rare amulet is our budget option. Increase ele dmg, increase Fire dmg and added Fire damage are possible great mods. For the most damage, you'll need to pickup a Shaped Amulet with "+13-16% to Fire Damage over Time Multiplier". This requires the ILvl to be at least 80.

Something I actually didn't expect... Ngamahu Tiki gives us quite a bit of burn damage on a budget, but I suspect that the price of this will go up in 3.9. I spent about 10c on a mid roll version in standard. This item is not going to make or break our build, but it is worth looking at if the price is right.

Stormfire gives us a lot of extra damage and some nice resists. Budget options are of course rare rings with whatever resists or stats you need at the moment.

Our secondary ring should be a rare Opal Ring with:
+ Maximum Life
Added Fire/lightning To Attacks
+#% Cold Resistance
+#% lightning Resistance

Dyadian Dawn is cheap and will allow us to kill faster. Definitely best in slot.



You'll need a Tempered Mind to make your hit chance 100%. This jewel is usually around 10-15c early on in the league.

Rare Jewels with Max Life, +#% Fire Multiplier and Burning Damage

Searching abyssal jewels can work for small damage, health and resistance increases, but will usually be less value compared to a regular jewel. If you have A LOT of currency to invest later on, i've added a very unrealistic perfect roll abyssal jewel to the PoB just to show you what abyss jewels are capable of.


Here are my recommended Burning Arrow setups for you to look at. Elemental Damage with Attacks is essential. The new Awakened EDwA gem is going to be nice stretch goal for late game.

[Clear Setup]
Vaal Burning Arrow > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Deadly Ailments > Burning Damage > Combustion > Greater Multiple Projectiles(Plus) OR Greater Volley depending on your projectile spread preference. Personally, Greater Volley feels a lot better since we have Ignite prolif helping out when clearing wider packs.

[Single Target DPS]
Vaal Burning Arrow > Elemental Damage with Attacks > Deadly Ailments > Burning Damage > Swift Affliction > Combustion

Single Target Notes: I've tried using a single target and clear bow "hot swap". It doesn't feel as smooth as I'd like and so I don't currently recommend it. A more veteran player may be fine running this setup tho. I currently run the clear setup on my 6L and can clear bosses no problem. It's also worth noting that in our "shoot and move" playstyle, using volley or GMP improves our ability to quickly strafe and shoot targets off screen.

Steroid / Exposure / Curse / Defense
- I curently run Wave of Conviction > Blood Rage > Steelskin > Enfeeble OR curse of your choice in Asenath's Chant. My favorite thing about this setup is that Blink arrow can curse or Steelskin if you accidentally blink into a pack of enemies. Plus, the Steelskin cast starts as soon as you cast Blink Arrow, which can save you in a pinch if you need to get out of a sticky situation.

Alternatively, you can swap Blood Rage for Ice Golem. The auto-cast golem will ensure that you are always accurate against evasive enemies and keeps your EO up with a higher crit rate. The only draw back of this option is how summoning the golem so rapidly reduces it's ability to pull aggro for you. I personally prefer self-casting the golem, but you can switch things around to how you feel fit. It's also important to remember to not link less duration to Blood Rage if you swap those gems around.

Mobility / Golem
- Blink Arrow > Faster Attacks > Less Duration > Ice Golem

Alternatively, you can socket Cast When Damage Taken and Steelskin instead of Duration and Faster Attacks if you prefer CWDT on your defense gem. Note that level 11 CwDT and Level 16 Steelskin provides 1317 damage blocked after taking 1485 damage. You can opt to level up to a lvl 20 CwDT and lvl 20 Steelskin, but just know that you need to take 3272 damage to trigger your Steelskin which will only block 2204 damage.

Aura Setup
- Anger > Herald Of Ash > Precision lvl 9 > Enlighten (Level 2 can make things work if you're on a tight budget)



[1] Ramako
[2] Tasalio
[3] Hinekora
[4] Tawhoa


Kill all.


Major: Lunaris is my pref but you can also run Solaris
Minor: Gruthkul

---------AMULET ANOINT-----------

Now that Blight is going core, we should expect to add some sort of anointment into our build. Growth And Decay on our Ngamahu Tiki gives us around 100k additional dps with lategame gear. You will need a Clear, Golden and Teal oil for this.

Allocates Growth And Decay

---------LEVELING GUIDE-----------
This is a work in progress. I've disabled commenting temporarily since some users were making the doc unreadable for others.

----------POB LINK-------------

(Newest) 3.9 Live Ver 1.0: https://pastebin.com/8EgUh7ES

Old PoB Files:
Test Ver 0.8.1: https://pastebin.com/3bSKHEJJ
(PoB is not recognizing the +125 accuracy mod on tempered mind for some reason. Please ignore the lowered hit chance temporarily)

Test Ver 0.8: https://pastebin.com/Hvqr38wD

Test Ver 0.7: https://pastebin.com/ZgNd3NG7

Test Ver 0.6: https://pastebin.com/EUfrFWPP

Test Ver 0.5: https://pastebin.com/6B6ZeVM8

Experimental 0.4 Revisions
*Test Ver 0.4.2: https://pastebin.com/ysJMXMeu (This version runs Impresence and the full Flammability kit. The only issue with this build is the absence of movement skills. Opting to keep this out of the main build line, but wanted to make the option present to the community.)

*Test Ver 0.4.1: https://pastebin.com/LRufZaUw (This version of the build has problems meeting our DEX requirement and requires some better than average rares. Not my recommended direction to build so far)

Test Ver 0.3: https://pastebin.com/sM2LfHG6

Test Ver 0.2: https://pastebin.com/tgCtDCEZ

Test Ver 0.1: https://pastebin.com/9aKbxE4a

----------CREDIT FOR INSPIRATION-------------

NATHAN WALKER'S BA ASCENDANT: Nathan Walker posted a helpful video explaining current item choices for BA and a pretty nice tree/item setup for ascendant. Please consider checking out his content as it has certainly helped me decide how I want to tackle BA Chieftain in 3.9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=va2xdqjeivc

JAY'S [3.3] Burning Arrow Trickster: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2166593

----------MY OTHER BUILDS-------------

This is an adaptation of one of my builds from 3.7 (Legion) which can be found here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2596590/page/1 (This build is pretty out of date so all the information there will need to be updated. Trickster is definitely a viable option over Marauder if you prefer playing Shadow)

[3.7] Facebreaker Cyclone Berserker
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was looking to go ignite something, this looks pretty nice but i have one question, why are you taking the totem node (ascendancy 3 in your list), i dont see any totem setup?!
What do you think about the new Xoph's Nurture? That 39% ignite damage looks lit
clericmax wrote:
was looking to go ignite something, this looks pretty nice but i have one question, why are you taking the totem node (ascendancy 3 in your list), i dont see any totem setup?!

Thanks for asking about that ascendancy choice! I was actually considering using the new Ensnaring Arrow skill with the Ballista Totem Support + curse on hit and enfeeble/flammability. After realizing that curse on hit does not affect totems... I've sadly had to rethink that part of the build. I'm considering a flammability curse ring at the moment, but I'm not sold on it since it's a drop only mod from Delve content, and I really want this to be a budget league start. Hopefully, with the new changes to Burning arrow, this concept can be realized. It looks like we'll have to wait a week or so before we get gem information unfortunately. I'll be sure to update the PoB as things change of course! :)
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NieRBit wrote:
What do you think about the new Xoph's Nurture? That 39% ignite damage looks lit

I'm actually strongly considering putting it in the build over Lioneye's Glare now. That lvl 20 Ignite Prolif support is juicy. I'm playing around with numbers in PoB now. Will throw up a new PoB probably tonight or tomorrow evening.
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