[Xbox One] 3.8.1e Patch Notes

Us six people on this thread are the only six playing xbox right now. lolz. I have a rare ring with T6 resist and T3 life for 3ex on the board.
Not sure about this patch update really. Is it 1E, or is it 1C?

Because when I updated my Xbox today or yesterday now, I was reading 3.8.1C in lower right corner. Not E.
Well, it stinks when you've exhausted time and resources to be defeated an unoptimized game.

When we click the tower we also reveal all hidden loot briefly – this absolutely breaks the blight map when it's already a fps struggle. I've done 5 maps, all under tier 5, and have completed one. There have been towers that don't allow you to select anything. Some monsters have more hp than shaper and some that revive on death about 10 times (even worse with the rare version). We have to stand almost directly on the tower to click, which most likely means to get into the thick of it. Why do portals open right next to the pump? I know there is a dynamic aspect but why not write conditional statements that don't allow portals to spawn within x radius.

So no more blight maps for me.

Eh, I like the oils but just not the method to achieve them. Would've rather had synthesis back with oils.

Regardless of the rant, I hope things improve.
tendency2burn wrote:
"Fixed a client crash during Blight encounters"

I wasn't experiencing game crashes during Blights, it's the huge lag spikes/framerate drops/de-sync that causes it to be unplayable. Has this at least been improved on or are we just SOL on console again this league?

It was the same during last league so i play standard this league lol
Well, patch or no patch. I am still having on my Xbox 3.8.1C. NOT 3.8.1E as stated here. So, when is this "PATCH" you are talking about be updated?

EDIT: And now it is corrected. Or was corrected all the time. I could play all time so guess it was an error in reading perhaps.
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