3.8 KING OF ALL SUMMONERS. Zombiemancer & Spectres on STEROIDS | Best clear, DPS & Tankiness in POE!

7 Nov 2019: Shaper deathless FULLY NAKED with NO GEAR: https://youtu.be/84ld8EmviZw

6 Nov 2019: T16 Guardians deathless FULLY NAKED with NO GEAR: https://youtu.be/JlIJXx3PB3g

24 Oct 2019: NEW RECORD: FASTEST UBER ELDER KILL IN HISTORY (1min 34secs) USING ONE-HAND ONLY https://youtu.be/mn7exUyqf48

22 Oct 2019: SHAPER KILL USING JUST ONE ZOMBIE: https://youtu.be/vKuCvl4VjgA

17 Oct 2019: Here's some comparison videos for you guys with different setups:

1) Using Headhunter and Speed Boots + Flesh Offering: https://youtu.be/gnTVEEoHhos

2) Using Speed Belt and Speed Boots + Flesh Offering: https://youtu.be/LPy4RWfnD88

3) Using Headhunter and Speed Boots + Spirit Offering in DELVE: https://youtu.be/AwV9XbdlC8U





26 Sep 2019: FASTEST UBER ELDER KILL IN THE HISTORY OF POE (1min 40sec): https://youtu.be/I2uQVxdQzoc

Not only do we have the fastest clear in the game, we have the fastest boss killer too.



Welcome to the FASTEST, the STRONGEST, the TANKIEST (and one of the CHEAPEAST) summoners in the history of POE!

This build OUTPERFORMS every dedicated Spectre build there is (and we are not even a dedicated spectre build). Example: https://youtu.be/ldZZ_FmDLCs

This build OUTPERFORMS every dedicate Zombie build there is (faster, cheaper, and matches DPS). Example: https://youtu.be/mn7exUyqf48

This build OUTPERFORMS every dedicated Golem build there is (and we are not even a dedicated golem build) Example: https://youtu.be/MEImsLQKbMg

This build is the FASTEST SUMMONER in the history of POE. We reach over 200% MOVEMENT SPEED consistently and can get over 300% movement speed if you want to go all out on speed. Example: https://youtu.be/WA046CFs7Mk

This build is EXTREMELY VERSATILE to suit any playstyle. See Alternate Setups for some fun suggestions.

This build is INSANELY SIMPLE & EFFECTIVE. There is no crazy crafting required or massive 10+ exalt gear like other builds. It's built around uniques that everyone can easily access and replicate. You can do all content without clicking any buttons. Examples:
- Minotaur run using just a quicksilver flask: https://youtu.be/DE3Kcx_jfGM

Every flask, every skill you use, ever golem, every aura, every curse are OPTIONAL. We do all content WITHOUT THEM so you can put in whatever you like to suit your playstyle.

Here's the FASTEST UBER ELDER KILL IN HISTORY PLAYING WITH ONE HAND (no flasks, no skill bar, and no chest armour to show you are super tanky even if you were to use nothing or a tabula):


And here is Shaper killed using NO GEAR WHATSOEVER... yes that's right... WE DON'T NEED ANY GEAR to complete end-game content:


Don't let the OP'ness of this build put you off. Yes, it can be your LEAGUE STARTER as unlike other build guides that require a crazy piece of gear, all items are relatively cheap and can be upgraded along the way.

When you kill Uber Elder, hit up the comments and I will add you to the Hall of Fame at the bottom of this post.


Pro's and Con's

The Greatest Summoner Build in the History of POE
Fast clear
Fast farming
Easy Shaper
Easy Uber Elder
Easy all content
90 minions doing everything for you
Minimal buttons
Can play POE while watching Netflix
Can play POE with one hand (mouse only)
Feels as smooth as butter
Versatile, can go more offensive or defensive with easy gem/gear swap to suit any playstyle
All map mods (except Phys reflect)
Cheap (can do T15 on a few chaos... 6-10ex fully decked out)
Extremely high damage (Fastest Uber Elder kill in the history of POE)
Tanky (7000+ life, overcapped resistances, physical mitigation, leech, defensive minions, fortify, meat shield, and more.. and of course, extremely fast)... just watch me absorb a Shaper Beam in the Uber Elder gif at the top.
With late game TANK setup you will reach over 14,000 eHP!!
Never die

People will get jealous of how you can farm three times as much currency as them and take down all content so easily on such a cheap build without pressing buttons



Even more insane? This was done PLAYING WITH ONE-HAND... USING NO FLASKS, NO SKILL BAR, AND NO CHEST ARMOUR for the giggles:


Not only do we have the fastest clear in the game, we have the fastest boss killer too. And we are tanky enough to not even wear a chest armour or boots with defensive stats on them.

Using nothing but a quicksilver flask:
60 Second T16 Minotaur clear (using only a quicksilver flask): https://youtu.be/DE3Kcx_jfGM

Shaper Kill (using only a quicksilver flask): https://youtu.be/ODM3ZRsQByQ

Uber Elder done deathless (using only a quicksilver flask): https://youtu.be/4shwf57qF5Q

Regular (Speed) Setup:
75 second T16 Phoenix Clear: https://youtu.be/NKxRWk8msEY

60 second T15 Canyon Clear: https://youtu.be/WA046CFs7Mk

Ranged Spectre setup (Flame Sentinals, Frost Sentinals, Solar Guard):
90 second Minotaur clear: https://youtu.be/ldZZ_FmDLCs

Notice we don't even gem swap from GMP because we do so much damage.

T15 Coves using combination of Frost Sentinals, Flame Sentinals, & Solar Guards: https://youtu.be/LkEQvbFid0E
T15 Coves using Frost Sentinals: https://youtu.be/In8BPYbEbo8
T15 Coves using Flame Sentinals: https://youtu.be/8mAwkjRt9KM
T15 Coves using Solar Guards: https://youtu.be/DaD0_TsQRyM

Warning: Your PC will go crazy with above setup as you can see my PC could only just handle it :P

TANKY (LATE END GAME) Setup (This is for when you have $$ and are starting to reach Delve Depth 400+ or just want to be IMMORTAL and NEVER DIE!)
T15 Canyon Clear bringing some CYCLONE action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LYR9ZfA6p3w

T15 BLIGHTED Map (Canyon): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iZ-xBx-lNI

DPS setup (optional to shave a sec off boss kills, and it uses a funky belt!):
T16 Minotaur Kill and Shaper Kill (30 sec vid): https://youtu.be/r9k-W15E3ZA

Minotaur full run using combo Flame Sentinals and Carnage Chieftans... all I did was run.. no flasks, no nothing... just tanked everything and minions did their stuff. Just popped flasks at boss: https://youtu.be/PI3NtPUyxcw

Combination Setup (optional belt swap at boss):
T16 Phoenix Clear with belt swap at boss... tank everything without flasks. Pop flasks at boss: https://youtu.be/PG8gkGrpN18

Personally, I just run with my speed gear as the 1 sec extra to kill the boss is faster than the 2 sec gem swap :P but it's a fun setup to play around with as you try instagib bosses :)


The only requirement for this build is a 6L Zombie setup. We actually don't need ANY other gear.

Eg: Here is Shaper killed deathless using NO GEAR: https://youtu.be/84ld8EmviZw

Eg: Here are all T16 guardians killed using NO GEAR: https://youtu.be/JlIJXx3PB3g

So note that every piece of gear in the section below is OPTIONAL and will only make you INSANELY OVERPOWERED.

End-Game Overview:

You will have over 15,000 HP/ES for INSANE defence, you will have over 180% constant movement speed for the FASTEST clearspeed in the game, and you can kill Uber Elder in 1min 34 seconds with the BIGGEST DPS in the game WHILE PRESSING NO BUTTONS.. (literally, see video below):


Note that in the video above I have lower ES purely because I decided to do the run without chest amour (for the lolz!)

Budget/Starter Overview:

Gear Detailed:


Just great for zombies and all minion builds in general...


Best in slot when coupled with Geofri's Sanctuary chest.


Budget item to get +100 strength to help us get to 1000 strength for Baron leech bonus


Because we want speed.

If you are struggling for resistances or strength, use rare boots with 30+ movement speed and fill any strength or resistance gaps.

If you don't care about speed and just want to be even more tanky, just use rare boots with strength, life, resistances. This is a slot you can do anything you like with!!. As you can see my boots are nothing but speed.

See Alternate Setups further below in the guide for some other options you may want to consider.


Best in slot giving strength, and, well, headhunter!


Because we want speed

If you don't care about speed and just want to be even more tanky and do even more damage, just use a rare belt with strength, life, resistances, increased damage during flask effect, abyssal jewel... pick your poison! This is a slot you can do anything you like with!!. As you can see my belt is nothing but speed.

See Alternate Setups further below in the guide for some other options you may want to consider.


Best in slot giving level 30 Raise Zombie giving an extra zombie AND a shitload of extra damage.

Mace Crafting Guide inside

Easy part:
1) Buy any Shaper mace item level 75-81.
2) Scour the mace.
3) Use Perfect Fossils to craft 28%+ quality.
4) At bench, craft 15-18% additional quality
5) 6 Link the mace.

Hard part:
6) Alt spam until you hit +1 to Socketed Gems AND Level 18/20 Maim on Hit.
7) Buy a Craicic Chimeral beast and beast craft a magic imprint of the weapon.
8) Regal the weapon and annul the regaled mod off.

Easy part:
9) At bench, craft “Can craft multiple mods”
10) At bench, craft “+2 to Socketed Support Gems”
11) At bench, craft “Minions deal X% Increased Damage” and “Minions Have X% Increased Maximum Life”
12) At bench, craft “Minions Have X% Increased Attack Speed” and “Minions Have X% Increased Cast Speed”

The above will cost you anywhere from as cheap as 5ex if you’re super lucky to about 15ex if you are unlucky. Perhaps about 12ex on average.


It's cheap and gives great bonuses:
- Minion Life? Check
- Minion Damage? Check
- Minion Speed? Check
- +1 Zombie? Check
- +1 Spectre? Check
- +1 Skellie? Check

Because we run so fast, the minion speed is important so that they can keep up while still killing things!

Other Zombie builds (known for caring only about DPS) go all out on stacking as many zombies and as much damage as possible. You don't need more damage as you can see by the videos. Extra damage is a waste of currency, waste of passive points and a waste of time because you go slower. In fact, we clock up faster Uber Elder runs with our simple gear :) We, instead, get to an optimal level of zombies (14-15) without need for restrictive gear and then prioritise speed and defence (we reach over 15,000 Life/ES in late-game compared with 8-10k regular zombie builds)

Can also use a Chaber Cairn, Femurs Fur, or rare mace.


Best in slot providing a tonne of ES when coupled with Shaper's Touch Gloves.


Life, strength, resists... bonus with the minion modifiers.

If you want to use ranged spectres, just swap in a Tabula or get any BBBGGR chestpiece. See Spectres section for more details on this setup. Alternatively you can put ranged spectres into gloves on a 4L (which is what I now do).


We want strength for Baron bonuses. Also helps with dex/int stats for gems such as Haste.

- Anoint Death Attunement or Ravenous Horde


Strength, life, resists.



Helmet: Raise Spectre, Meat Shield, Animate Guardian, Blood Magic

Weapon: Raise Zombie, Feeding Frenzy, Brutality, Melee Physical Damage, Multistrike, Empower

Chest: Vaal Summon Skeletons, Minion Damage, Feeding Frenzy, Melee Physical Damage, Melee Splash... and Dread Banner in off socket

Gloves: Enlighten, Vaal Haste, Blasphemy and your choice of curse. Use either Enfeeble (defensive) or Vulnerability (offensive).

Flame Dash, Phase Run, and your choice of any other 2 skills such as Flesh Offering, Convocation, Desecrete, or Vaal Molten Shell.

Ring: Summon Chaos Golem

Movement Speed Note: Simply popping a quicksilver flask gets us to 180% movement speed. AWESOME!

Popping Phase run gets us to 230%. It's a very nice boost!

Add Flesh offering to get an extra 22% movespeed (if you do this you have to swap Commander of Darkness ascendancy to Mistress of Sacrifice)

Popping Vaal Haste gets us an extra 23% movespeed.

Using these above additions (+ pantheon bonuses) you can reach over 280% movespeed. CRAZY.

If you want to go all out on speed, there is also a +15% movespeed chest you can wear, and also some nearby passives you can pick up to get you over 300%... I haven't tried it yet... but I will purely for the shits and giggles :)

Spectres and Animated Guardian

Mandatory: 2x Carnage Chieftans to give frenzy charges to all of your minions (Act 7 Ashen Fields)

Then pick your personal preference from one or a combination of below:

Defensive Option 1: 2x Ruins Hellions for taunting enemies giving extra damage and less damage taken (Act 8 The Quay), and 1x Diabolist for cursing enemies with Enfeeble (Act 1 Upper Prison).

Defensive Option 2: 3x Undying Evangelists for proximity shields and defending the army (Act 3 The Sceptre of God).

Offensive Option: 3x Slave Drivers for helping clear and boss DPS (Act 5 Control Blocks). Offensive spectres not recommended as the damage is minimal.

Ranged Options

See Alternate Setups section below for how to set these up properly.
- Flame Sentinals (Act 8 Solaris Temple)
- Solar Guards (Act 8 Solaris Temple)
- Goatman Fire-Raiser (Act 6 Prisoner's Gate)
- Frost Sentinel (act 8 Lunaris Concourse)

Note that ranged options don't give as much DPS but they can still do all content. See Alternate Setups below for some video examples. Will post an Uber Kill shortly using GMP and no gem swaps. They are a lot of fun but be prepared for your PC to meltdown! Mix it around as you play so you never get bored!

Animated Guardian:
Weapon: Kingmaker
Helmet: Mask of the Stitched Demon
Chest: Crafted chest with "Gain 10% of Maximum Life as Extra Maximum Energy Shield"
Gloves: Southbound
Boots: Victarios Flight

The above setup will make your Animated Guardian IMMORTAL!!! The above AMAZING combo is thanks to rolandojuantamad who came up with the idea... genius! See his post here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2642810/page/96#p22498986

How does it work? Mask of the Stiched Demon gives 1% regen per 500 es. Your AG has 50k life+, you craft a chest with gain 10% of life as ES so he has 5k ES now, then give stitched, so he has 10% regen. Elder chest can get 2% regen too, so he can have 12% regen.

If you can't afford above setup use Leer Cast as helmet and for chest use either Belly of the Beast or Bloodbond or Ambush Charge or Gruthkels Pelt

If you can't afford Kingmaker, you can use Dying Breath as a budget version. But Kingmaker is so awesome (Fortify + Culling Strike) I would definitely try get it.

WARNING: if your Animated Guardian dies you also lose all the gear you equipped on him. To prevent this I would recommend not using him until your gem level is 19 (more HP). AG is not essential, you can kill everything in the game without him, but it's a very nice quality of life.

Someone did mention their AG died in the Hall of Grandmasters, so perhaps turn him off for that map.

Bandits & Ascendency & Pantheon

Bandits: Kill All

Ascendancy order: Mindless Aggression - Unnatural Strength - Bone Barrier - Commander of Darkness. (If you want to get an extra 22% movement speed swap Commander of Darkness ascendancy to Mistress of Sacrifice and use Flesh Offering skill).

Pantheon: Major: Soul of Lunaris. Minor: Soul of Garukhan


Levelling is a total breeze.. start with Summon Raging Spirits... Transition into Summon Skeletons and Raise Zombies. Support those main skills with minion life, minion damage, feeding frenzy, melee physical damage, melee splash... (or any other minion gem you come across). Focus on gems in final build and start leveling them.

Gear doesn't really matter as your minions do the damage and they are based on gem level.

When you reach Act 6 just make sure you are resistance capped.

Leveling Tree:
Start by going up the top.
- Heart and Soul
- Lord of the Dead
- Cruel Preparation

Go left.
- Quick Recovery
- Retribution
- Discipline and Training
- Sanctity

Back up top.
- Death Attunement

- Gravepact

- Sacrifice
- Spiritual Command
- Purity of Flesh
- Righteous Army
- Redemption

- Born to Fight
- Heart of Warrior
- Warriors Blood
- Barbariism
- Juggernaut
- Bloodless
- Soul of Steel
- Utmost Might

Life Wheel.
- Constitution

Minion Resistances.
- Indominable Army (only needed if you pick Mistress of Sacrifice ascendency)

All remaining passives take your pick of whatever you want. By this stage you have already won the game.

POB Code and Skill Tree


If you don't have POB, here is an image of the skilltree: https://imgur.com/NkRgnjx

Above Pastebin is for a level 95 character.

If you allocate Death Attunement on your amulet (which I don't have because my character is on Standard) you will free up 7 PASSIVES. Insane!

That's 7 extra defensive or offensive nodes to make your character even better. Take your pick!

****Alternate Setups (to mix things up and have some fun!)****

Note: You can do ALL content with the original build. These are simply options if you prefer a different playstyle. Each setup can do ALL content (with exception of Delving 400+ when TANK setup is recommended).

RICH GUYS END-GAME AND TANKY SETUP: Once You have $$ (Become IMMORTAL with ~15,000 eHP and best option for DEEP DELVING)

You can reach 15,000+ eHP with this tank setup. In otherwords... nothing is going to touch you unless you are doing Deep Delves where things get crazy.

Thanks to ArisFuser for originating the idea of this late-game setup.. see his original post here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2642810/page/66#p22478623.

Craft or buy a +3 Gems Mace with Maim... ensure your Raise Zombie is level 21 and have an Empower level 4 gem. This will get your Raise Zombie to level 30 giving you an extra Zombie and a shit-tonne more DPS.

Use Geofri's Sanctuary chest and Shaper's Touch gloves to give massive Energy Shield.

Use a Watcher's Eye with "Gain 18% of Maximum Mana as Extra Maximum Energy Shield" for even more ES.

Chest Setup: There are multiple options here... we remove Vaal Skeletons because our Zombies ow do so much DPS that skeletons become irrelevant.

My personal favourite is option 1 below because of it's versatility.

Option 1 (auras/curses): Enlighten, and your choice of auras and/or curses such as:

Blasphemy + Vulnerability (offensive)
Haste (offensive)
Hatred (offensive)
Precision (offensive)
Pride (offensive)
War Banner (offensive)

Blasphemy + Enfeeble (defensive)
Blasphemy + Temporal Chains (defensive)
Flesh and Stone (defensive)
Grace (defensive)
Discipline (defensive)
Dread Banner (defensive)

Option 2 (ranged spectres): Raise Spectre, Spell Echo, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Faster Projectiles, Minion Damage, Feeding Frenzy.

Option 3 (defence):

Cyclone, Cast While Channeling, Desecrete, Spirit Offering, and then your skill of choice such as:
- Infused Channeling (defence)
- Increased Duration (longer duration of Spirit Offering)
- Vaal Skeletons (to get some funky Skeleton action + act as a meatshield)
- Fortify (defence)
- Temporal Chains, Enfeeble, Vulnerability (for cursing)

OPTIONAL: Swap Ascendency from Commander of Darkness to Mistress of Sacrifice to take advantage of extra ES (explained below):

Put Cyclone + Cast While Channeling + Desecrete + Spirit Offering in your gloves or boots (or chest as above). This setup combined with Mistress of Sacrifice ascendancy makes your minions AND YOU very very tanky because you get ~ 22% extra resistances and a stack off ES when you have Spirit Offering.

If you're like me and like running with Ranged Spectres because they look awesome, put them in your gloves using Raise Spectre, Spell Echo, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Faster Projectiles.

This enables us to run with Zombies, Skeletons (if in chest), AND Ranged Spectres all in one (win!). For maximum fun, keep using Queen's Escape where you get 5 spectres instead of 4... it's AWESOME! If using regular Carnage Chieftans etc then just keep your normal helmet/glove setup.

Other gems:
Clarity (level 1 so it reserves less mana) to make use of the Watcher's Eye.
Discipline (for even MORE ES)
Vaal Grace (for evasion)

Use a Headhunter because it's awesome fun... and you can get CRAZY speed, DPS, and defences with it... plus it has Strength on it which helps us hit 1000 strength.


Good luck Exiles!

For Bossing and Delving:

You will probably want to prioritise defence over speed when bossing and delving.

Swap your speed belt and boots for rare items that give strength, life, resistances, and anything else you want or need. This is what I currently use (I care mostly for life):

You can use these to try get another zombie too if you hit 1200 strength, but I prefer life, resistances, and the extra movement speed because we do so much damage already:

Ranged Spectre Setup (really fun setup and it looks awesome!):

Swap in any 6L Chest that has BBBBGG such as (aim to keep your resistances capped and strength over 1000 if you can.. that's all that matters to ensure you don't lose defence):

Gems: Raise Spectre, Spell Echo, Minion Damage, Feeding Frenzy GMP, Faster Projectiles/Pierce/Chain,

For Bossing you could swap GMP with Slower Projectiles for even more damage... but I can never be bothered and our damage with GMP is so good anyway :)

I currently run with the standard 5 Spectres, but if you like this setup and want to take it even further and get 6 Spectres, you can get a "+1 to Maximum Number of Spectres" on your boots! And if you REALLY like it you can get "+1 to Maximum Spectres" on your chest at the cost of a zombie and a skeleton... and that would look so EPIC! If you do it, please let me know :)

Some good ranged spectre options include:
- Flame Sentinals (Act 8 Solaris Temple)
- Solar Guards (Act 8 Solaris Temple)
- Goatman Fire-Raiser (Act 6 Prisoner's Gate)
- Frost Sentinel (act 8 Lunaris Concourse)

Video examples:
90sec T16 Minotaur Clear using combination of Flame Sentinals, Frost Sentinals, and Solar Guard. No need for single target gem swap at boss like all other spectre builds do!: https://youtu.be/ldZZ_FmDLCs

T15 Coves using combination of Frost Sentinals, Flame Sentinals, & Solar Guards: https://youtu.be/LkEQvbFid0E
T15 Coves using Frost Sentinals: https://youtu.be/In8BPYbEbo8
T15 Coves using Flame Sentinals: https://youtu.be/8mAwkjRt9KM
T15 Coves using Solar Guards: https://youtu.be/DaD0_TsQRyM

Golem Setup (Awesome DPS and Single Target Damage)

Ok guys so you wanna go big boy DPS while keeping speed and playing with some funky golems?
I got your back!

Check this out for ANOTHER alternate setup we can have some fun with using this build... this time we use GOLEMS!!

And mannn, the single target is the BEST OUT OF THE LOT!!! But it comes at the sacrifice of life.

Check out this 60 second Minotaur clear and the super fast single target.. and check me just take that Minotaur slam like a badass!:


So what you gotta do?

Get these bad boys!

Then spec into some jewel sockets, and spec into Golem Commander (respec out of some life).

Swap in Carrion Golem instead of Brutality in Zombie setup so they both become 5 links.

You will have 15 Zombies, 5 Spectres, and 4 BIG AND BADASS GOLEMS kicking some butt... oh and don't forget the 50 or so Skellies that you can pop because they want in on the action too...

Here is my POB with Golems setup + ranged spectre setup (this setup is REALLLYY fun... High DPS, great clear, and looks epic... it does have a bit less life though). But you will instakill Shaper, Uber Elder, Uber Atziri, and all end-game bosses with this setup. Note that if you use the normal melee spectres you will get even MORE dps because your zombies will have frenzy charges:

Massive DPS Boost to Minions (fun for instagibbing bosses):

Swap in this belt that gives all your flasks to your minions:

Then load your flask bar with offensive flasks like these... and simply pop them on bosses to annihilate them! Note you will have to swap your Brutality gem in Zombie setup for Fortify otherwise you won't get the elemental damage benefits.

Video example:
Minotaur and Shaper boss kill: https://youtu.be/r9k-W15E3ZA
Full Minotaur run: https://youtu.be/PI3NtPUyxcw

Dual-Curse Setup:

Refund 3 passive points from life wheel (or any other passives you don't need).

Allocate Whispers of Doom passive (top left corner).

Swap out Haste for your curse of choice!

Other fun items to play with:

Rampage belt:

Soul Tether life leech:


For anyone who is having issues with minions dying, try these strategies:

1) Make sure you are running an aura of some kind (eg Haste). Your minions get +20% resistance when you run an aura, due to Commander of Darkness ascendency.

Still dying?

2) Get "Minions Leech x% of Dmage as Life" on a jewel, or pickup "Minion Life leech" next to Sacrifice passive node (1 passive point).

Still dying?

3)Spec into Indominable Army.

This will probably be the best build you ever play. Just putting it out there.

The great thing is it is so versatile... we already do all game content very easy.

You can easily just run with a quicksilver flash and go fast and in fact this is what I do most of the time because it's just so chill. The fewer the buttons the better.

Quartz flask is also great because we get phasing and so you don't get blocked. Popping a Phase Run is incredibly fun... it's like a rocket booster that gets you to 230% movement speed.

If you don't care too much about speed or you're struggling to get life, resistances, or strength, chuck on a rare set of boots with all the stats you need. With 30% movement speed boots you will still hit 160% movespeed by popping just a quicksilver flask. Same thing for the belt.. it's basically an open slot you can do anything you want with. Have some fun with it and mix things up!

If you want to spice things up, swap out your Undying Evangelist spectres and go for something funky like some cool ranged fireball spectres (they'll do jack shit because your zombies will kill enemies before their projectiles get there, but it's a free MTX!)

See Alternate Setups above for some fun, unique, and different ways of playing this build with a couple quick item swaps!

Uber Elder Hall of Fame

Congrats to the below players who have killed Uber Elder with this build already:

Update: Ok so I had to stop here after about a week because everyone is taking down Uber Elder and this list will just become stupidly long if I mentioned everyone :)

DjPapaz: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2642810/page/6#p22413448

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viperakais: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2642810/page/11#p22420228

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rolandojuantamad: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2642810/page/16#p22423876

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Alderion: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2642810/page/27#p22431915

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looks nice!
PoB link or talentree link?:)
Eliasdk wrote:
looks nice!
PoB link or talentree link?:)

Done! just added
Also just added a Shaper fight where I used absolutely nothing... no flasks, no active skills.. no buttons whatsoever.

I accidentally did it with a 5L without knowing.. and 20% movement speed boots instead of 50%.
Have edited the build for even more movespeed.

We now do 160% movement speed and it feels amazing to play.

Also updated vids.
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Heya, thinking of starting this build today. Never played summoner before so any general tips and tricks are welcome. Also what about lab? bandits? What spells should I use while leveling? Aand what is the hatred for in your POB?
Hatred was just temporary before I coloured correctly. Swap it out for Convocation.

Kill all for bandits.

Ascendency take Mindless Aggression - Unnatural Strength - Bone Barrier - Commander of Darkness.

Levelling is a total breeze.. start with Summon Raging Spirits... Transition into Summon Skeletons and Raise Zombies. Support those main skills with minion life, minion damage, feeding frenzy, melee physical damage, melee splash... (or any other minion gem you come across). Focus on gems in final build and start leveling them.

Gear doesn't really matter as your minions do the damage and they are based on gem level.

When you reach Act 6 just make sure you are resistance capped.

This was also my first summoner... I was pleasantly surprised.
What Spectres are you using?
Tahotai wrote:
What Spectres are you using?

2x Host Chieftans for frenzy charges
3x Undying Evangelists for proximity shields and defending the army.

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